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Women's Roundup for July 29, 2003
By Becky Leidy
Date: 7/29/2003
Women's Roundup for July 29, 2003
The International Kicks off in Altoona as Jeanson takes an early lead

The International Kicks off in Altoona as Jeanson takes an early lead

July 28, 2003 (Claysburg, PA) - The International Stage Race kicked off outside of Altoona today.  At one time called the Tour de 'Toona, the International draws the top teams from North America. It has been billed as the longest and toughest race in the country for both the pro men and women, and is the only race to have men and women tackle the same distances, the same courses for the same prize money. It is an equal opportunity event, willing to challenge the best of the best with two 100 mile stages throughout the seven days of racing and total miles raced of 446.  The week of racing takes the pro ranks in and around the communities of Blair County and into the steep hillsides rich with mining and steel working tradition.  This event is a favorite with the locals, who look forward to the sites of these pro athletes struggling to get up the same mountains they ride and drive up everyday. 

The first stage was just an appetizer to the week's main entrees with a 3.5 mile or 5.67 kilometer uphill time trial around the famous Horseshoe Bend.  The morning broke with hot and muggy conditions, and the whispering trees forecasted thunderstorms in the evening.  However, the riders were fortunate with only sprinkles falling late in the women's race and temperatures falling back into the bearable range.

Genevieve Jeanson claimed a strong victory over her fellow countrywoman Lyne Bessette by nearly thirty seconds. Jeanson rocketed up the 5.6 kilometers like a freight train, nearly catching Bessette at the line.  Bessette's Saturn teammate, Jessica Phillips had a very strong showing finishing third.  In fifth was Ina Teutenberg, indicating the German powerhouse in on good form and ready to rip things up before the mountains on Saturday.  Although the upcoming terrain certainly suits Jeanson's strength as a climber, she and her Rona team will have their hands full with three Saturn riders well placed in the overall classification. - Report courtesy of Giana Roberge of Saturn Cycling

Canadian cyclist Geneviève Jeanson of Team RONA/Esker has taken the yellow jersey on the first stage of the International Tour de ‘Toona.  She comnpleted the 5.67 kilometres of the times trial in 9 minutes 16.27 seconds, at an average speed of 36.69 km /h, 25 seconds faster than her fellow Canadian Lyne Bessette of Team Saturn and 36 seconds before Jessica Phillips, also of Saturn.

“It was my first competition on this course.  When I won here two years ago the first stage was different”, said Jeanson who cut almost a minute off the course record set last year by her former teammate Manon Jutras.  “It’s tough.  It’s deceiving, there are only a couple of real pitches, but it climbs non-stop and there is no space to recuperate.  But I felt good and I was real hungry for a time trial win.” - Report courtesy of Daniel Larouche of team RONA/Esker

International Tour de ‘Toona

Stage 1 :  Individual Time Trial

Stage standings and general classification


Name (team)



Geneviève Jeanson (CAN, RONA/Esker)

Les 5,67 km en 9’ 16,27” (36,69 km/h)


Lyne Bessette  (CAN, Saturn)



Jessica Phillips (USA, Saturn)



Susan Palmer-Komar (CAN, Genesis Scuba/FFCC)



Lynn Gaggioli (USA, Velo Bella)



Ina Teutenberg (GER, Saturn)



Karen Bockel (GER, RONA/Esker)



Cybil DiGuistini (CAN, Diet Rite)



Christine Thorburn (USA, Team Basis)



Tina  Mayolo-Pic (UA, Diet Rite)


The inside scoop on NORBA NCS #4 in Schweitzer, Idaho from Melanie McQuaid of Team Ford Outfitter

Some weekends are so beautiful, and yet, so disappointing.

We arrived in Schweitzer pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the venue is. Despite the fact it was somewhat remote, the area is very developed for tourism. A nice little chateau style ski village, with a fun course and lots of beautiful views, Schweitzer is definitely worth visiting.

Saturday: The Cross Country

This was a challenging, dusty, technical and fast race. The course was so dusty and rough that the attrition was remarkably high. The percentage of our team that was eliminated was 75% which was really disappointing for all of us. Mechanical and biomechanical errors were the culprits. Melanie finished in 21st, having slipped out of the top ten at the end of the first lap. Accumulated fatigue over the last few weeks catching up means she is set for a recharge week to remedy that. Chrissy Redden (Subaru Gary Fisher) was top rider of the day, with Jimena Florit (RLX) charging in for second place and Shonny Vanlandinham (Luna chix) in third.

Sunday: The Short Track

While the rest of the team was preparing for a super fast race in the middle of the village, Lisa was flying overhead on her way to Tour of Altoona.

When the gun went off, start position instantly became key. A huge pileup in the first corner spread out the group, and it was a yoyo race the entire time. Tiffany had a beautiful start and was working at the front with Suzy Pryde and some other hotshots, and around the third lap Melanie bridged up.

The race was very challenging, as loose cornering meant all speed was lost in the corners and each straight away was a mad sprint. At the end of the race Melanie ended up 16th and Tiffany in 26th. The race was won by Alison Sydor (Trek-VW), followed closely by Chrissy Redden (Subaru-Gary Fisher) and Sue Haywood (Trek-VW).

Now the team diverges for awhile, with Melanie focussing on the Xterra races upcoming - Xterra Canada and the US Championships, and the rest of the team is keying in on the NORBA finals in Durango.

Thanks to our sponsors: Ford Motor Company, K2 Bicycles, Sundog Eyewear, Deuter, Giro, Gaerne, 661, Intense Tires and to the Ritchey team for being such amazing supporters.Full results can be seen here. - Courtesy of Melanie McQuaid of Team Ford Outfitter

More News from Idaho - Pruitt Prevails in Downhill

Sandpoint, Idaho (July 27, 2003) – Kathy Pruitt, (Berkeley, CA; Luna Chix) closed out the weekend with a victory in the downhill event at the fourth round of the NORBA National Championship Mountain Bike Series at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Team Luna Chix have become used to the idea of having the top step on the downhill podium in recent times, usually compliments of Marla Streb, (Los Osos, CA), but today, it was Streb’s teammate, Pruitt, who clocked the fastest time down the mountain with a 5’23.58”.  Pruitt, seeded 13th after the qualifying run had a rough start with mechanical difficulty early in the run, as she explained after the race.  “I hit a rock with my front wheel in the first 30 seconds and broke a spoke.  I was flustered at first, but then I just settled into my pace because I knew it was a long run down.”  Pruitt is peaking at the right time with one more NORBA NCMBS left before the World Championships.  “I felt great”, she added.  “I felt really fast, so I must be training right.”

Jimena Florit (ARG; RLX-Ralph Lauren) leads the cross country while Sue Haywood, (Davis, WV; Trek-Volkswagen) leads the short track.  Jill Kintner (San Jose, CA; Fox Shox) keeps her stronghold in the Mountain Cross category and Streb leads the downhill.

The final round of the NORBA NCMBS takes place in Durango, CO, August 14-17.

Be sure to check out photos of today’s action here!

The NORBA National Championships Mountain Bike Series is North America's premier off-road cycling series. The series crowns USA Cycling's Mountain Bike Champions. USA Cycling is the national governing body for cycle sport. GaleForce Sports Marketing is the series management and promotions company, and is recognized as the USA's leading cycling and events management group. - Courtesy of USA Cycling's Andy Lee

T-Mobile Thuringen Final Results - Bruckner Wins Final Stage

Zuelenroda, Germany (July 28, 2003) -- Kimberly Bruckner, (Boulder, CO) led Team T-Mobile team Sunday with a win in the final stage of the Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen Stage race in Germany. Bruckner used a solo attack to finish 31 seconds ahead of second place finisher, Katia Longhin (ITA) in the 112km stage from Gera to Zuelenroda.

Bruckner's win capped off a succesful race for the T-Mobile squad with three riders claiming spots in the top 10 overall. Bruckner finished 6th, while teammate Dede Demet-Barry (Boulder, CO) finished in 7th, also claiming a podium spot with a second place finish in Saturday's time trial. Kristin Armstrong (Colorado Springs, CO) finished 9th overall. - Courtesy of USA Cycling's Kelly Walker

Top Olympic Riders Take PA/NJ Open Championships at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome

(Lehigh Valley, PA) - On a beautiful evening in Trexlertown, PA riders from around the world competed for the honor of becoming the first PA/NJ Open Champion and for state residents their respective state's champion. The evening, marred with crashes, proved that top local talent is prepared for the World Championships that lie ahead.

In the junior girls 10 -12 events Colleen Gulick and Shelbe Eck battled all night with Eck edging out Gulick in the final race to win the omnium and the PA state championship.

The keirin proved itself as one of the most dangerous events on the track with crashes in the qualifying heats. In the Women's keirin final Becky Conzelman narrowly deafeated Team T-Mobile's Sarah Hammer to take home her first PA state championship. The

In the women's points race final Graciella Martinez of Victory Brewing took the win but with Conzelman, Ashley Kimmet and surprise contender Laurnen Shirock following closely behind. "The women's field is so strong, Graciella put in an excellent performance tonight, and watching Lauren (Shirock) progress and perform so well against these top women is very exciting for the future," said Pat McDonough, Velodrome Director.

PA/NJ State Championships

July 25, 2003


Junior Women 3-Lap Final

Final: 1st Colleen Gulick - Future Champions

2nd Shelbe Eck - Unattached

3rd Hannah Hayduk - Unattached


Women Keirin Heats

Heat 1: 1st Sarah Hammer - T-Mobile

2nd Becky Conzelman - Frisco Cycling Club

3rd Jamie Pettinato - Gotham Cyclists


Heat 2: 1st Ashley Kimmet - Colavita-Bolla

2nd Graciela Martinez - Victory Brewing

3rd Cindy Lakatosh - Tri-State Velo


Junior Women 5-Lap Final

Final: 1st Shelbe Eck - Unattached

2nd Colleen Gulick - Future Champions

3rd Hannah Hayduk - Unattached


Women Keirin Final

Final: 1st Becky Conzelman - Frisco Cycling Club

2nd Sarah Hammer - T-Mobile

3rd Graciela Martinez - Victory Brewing


Junior Women 500m Final

Final: 1st Shelbe Eck - Unattached

2nd Colleen Gulick - Future Champions

3rd Hannah Hayduk - Unattached


Junior Women Omnium

Final: 1st Shelbe Eck - Unattached

2nd Colleen Gulick - Future Champions

3rd Hannah Hayduk - Unattached


Women 30-Lap Points Race Final

Final: 1st Graciela Martinez - Victory Brewing

2nd Becky Conzelman - Frisco Cycling Club

3rd Ashley Kimmet - Colavita-Bolla

About the Lehigh Valley Velodrome

The Lehigh Valley Velodrome, the East Coast's only professional track cycling venue, is located in Trexlertown, PA at the intersection of Routes 222 and 100, less than one hour from most Philadelphia suburbs. Experience international racing Friday nights from May 30, 2003 through August 29, 2003. Gates open at 6:00pm and race action starts at 7:00pm. Also coming in 2003 - USCF Track National Cycling Championships, August 26-30. For more information on racing, volunteering, VIP entertaining or corporate sponsorship, visit our website or call 610.967.7587. - Courtesy of Jacob Burns of the Lehigh Valley Velodrome

"You might be a cyclist if..........." (I got this from a friend of mine, but I don't know who originally wrote it.)

1. You tell a family of 5 in a crowded mall to "hold their line."

2. Your spouse says "If you buy another bike I'm going to leave you" and you think "I guess I'm going to miss him/her."

3. You have more water bottles than you have drinking glasses.

4. You have more cycling jerseys than work shirts.

5. Your cycling jersey IS your work shirt.

6. Your legs are smoother than your wifes.

7. The nicest pair of shoes you own have cleats in the soles.

8. You have defined the 8 stages of roadkill decomposition through daily observation.

9. You are walking along a street and you signal left.

10.You go to your local store on a bike.

11.You sulk when in cars, on hot days.

12.You sulk when in cars, on cold, windy, snowy days.

13.You get withdrawal symptoms if off the bike for more than a day.

14.When anybody mentions distance you immediately think of how long it would take to cycle it.

15.You point at pot holes, but you are driving in your car alone.

16.While driving your car you yell at your passenger "Car back" as a vehicle approaches from behind.

17.Your bike is worth more than your car and the 2 tires on your bike cost you more than the 4 tires on your car.

18.You put more miles on your bike than your car.

19.Your hands have a strange tan that looks remarkably similar to the pattern on your cycling gloves.

20.Weather forecasts can be broken down into 2 categories: good biking weather, bad biking weather.

21.You put your bicycle in your car, and the value of the total package increases by a factor of 4 (or better).

22.As you are driving down the road in your car, you find yourself 'sprinting' for city limit signs and taking note of them so that on the next group ride, you will be one up on everyone else.

23.You spend 2X the money on cycling wear that you do work clothes.

24. You can tell your partner with a straight face that it's too hot to mow the lawn , then bike off for a century.

25.You dream of winning the lottery and the first thing you think of is how many/which bikes can I buy?

26.You buy a car based on whether or not a bike will fit in the trunk/back, with the rear seat folded down.

27.You open your car window and yell out "On your left" when passing cars on the freeway.

28.You have not one, not two, but three permanent chain ring scars on your right calf.

29.Your bike sleeps with you in the living or bedroom.

30.You wear a heart rate monitor during sex.

31.You check out all other guys/girls legs to see if they are better than yours.

32.Your spouse can't take it anymore and takes up cycling.

33.You wonder why a $500 bike has 24 gear ratios, while a $20,000 car or truck only has 4.

34.You crash...and insist on getting to the bike shop to have your bike checked out BEFORE going to the hospital.

35.You can't seem to get to work before 8:30am, but you don't have a problem meeting your buddies at 5:30am for a ride.

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Nature Valley Grand Prix to Air on OLN

A program chronicling the Nature Valley Grand Prix is set to air on the Outdoor Life Network at 5:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, August 2nd.

The Nature Valley Grand Prix, which is part of the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival, is a National Racing Calendar stage race that took place on June 12 – 15 in Minnesota.  Men’s teams included Saturn, Navigators, Schroeder Iron, 7UP, Jelly Belly and the US Postal Service.  Women’s teams included Saturn, Equipe Nurnberger, DietRite, Equipe Rona, T Mobile, Basis, TDS and Red 5 Racing.

The men’s race saw the lead change after every stage, with Saturn’s Trent Klasna emerging as the surprise winner after the brutal Stillwater Criterium.  The women’s race, which included some of the most aggressive racing of  the year, was “Saturn against the World”, with Katie Mercier finishing as the winner.

The program was produced by Kent Gordis Productions, the leading producer of bicycle racing coverage in the United States.  Gordis, winner of 5 national Emmys, has a list of credits that includes cycling at the Sydney Olmpics, cross country skiing at the Salt Lake City Olympics (both for NBC) and the Bob Roll TV commercials.  Roll and Bob Papa provided the commentary for the Nature Valley Grand Prix program. - Courtesy of David LaPorte

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