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1st Fabio's Fantasy Tour League. Playoff Schedule
By Fabio
Date: 7/26/2003
1st Fabio's Fantasy Tour League. Playoff Schedule


On the last day of competition, ten different one-one-one matches will determine the Winner of the 1st "Fabio’s Fantasy Tour League", as well as the podium and all other places from 4th to 20th. The matches to be played on Sunday, July 27th, are as follows:

1st Fabio's Fantasy Tour League - Final:
Jan Dijkstra - Sprints by Spurts - The Netherlands
Andrew Titman - MayoNazon - UK

3rd Place Playoff:
Tim Turnquist - tailortim - USA
Greggor Hall - GRANNY GEAR GRINDERS - Ireland

5th Place Playoff:
Manny Samaniego - Manny's Poursuvaints - USA/Panama
Doug Bennett - A Big Bag O' Hammers - Scotland

7th Place Playoff:
Patrick Shipley - .45 all americian - USA
Abraham Martínez González - Nunca máis team - Galicia (Spain)

9th Place Playoff:
Phil Miano - GS Damiano Miano - Italy/USA
Gavin Linnett - Khumbaya - South Africa

11th Place Playoff:
Jonathan Podmore - Raiders De la Montaña - USA
Niko Hinz - The Flying Nickmans - Germany

13th Place Playoff:
Andrea Grandi - team grandi - Italy
Aurélien Delaurent - Hautacam - France

15th Place Playoff:
Amber McFarlane - Hairy carpet - USA
Jim Klepper - TeamOscar - USA

17th Place Playoff:
Troels Bjerregaard - Brilliant Mistake - Denmark
Lexi Tejeda - Ginger Snaps - USA

19th Place Playoff:
Jim Parsons - HighHook - USA
Nigel Ravenhill - Velos in the Vines - USA

Titman and Dijkstra like Armstrong and Ullrich. Lance and Jan stole the show in the real Tour de France. And Andrew and ... Jan did the same in both of the DP's Fantasy Tour competitions. They are sitting in the Top 2 places in the 3rd "Fabio's Fantasy Tour Game", leading by a broad margin the other challengers, and they reached the final of the 1st "Fabio's Fantasy Tour League".

But whereas Titman has a a comfortable lead over Dijkstra in the Fantasy Tour Game, and it will be very difficult for the Dutch player as well as any other contender to throw him out of the top spot in the final week-end, things are different in the League. In this competition doing better than your rival in Sunday's stage will be enough to claim the title, and Dijkstra has got a small advantge: "Sprints by Spurts" was registered before "MayoNazon", such that in case both guys got the same score, thanks to same picks, the "who posts earlier wins" rule would award the title to Jan.

Not a remote possibility, as Titman and Dijkstra have got many riders (Armstrong, Cooke, Vinokourov, Mayo) and both Trade Teams (USPS, in common. So just the all-French quartet made up of Moncoutié, Damien Nazon, Flickinger and Vogondy could make the gap forTitman, while Jan Dijkstra might get a help from Laurent Brochard, Christophe Edaleine and Kelme's Javier Pascual Llorente. The fastest among the above mentioned riders should be Damien Nazon, such that the outcome of the "Fantasy Tour League" might depend on this man's result at the Champs. Should the Frenchman sprint to a Top 10 place in the stage and provide Titman with points, the Brit might make history, and become the first double-winner in the DP's Fantasy Games, even taking two competitions at once.

But Sunday will not be the "Titman vs. Dijkstra" day only. Nine other matches are scheduled to run, all of them to determine the final positions of the Virtual Teams involved. American Tim Turnquist and Irishman Greggor Hall will battle it out for a podium placing, and one of the DP's T-shirts as relative prize. Turnquist's "tailortim" will be fielding Armstrong, Mayo, Noé, Cooke, Andriotto, Zandio, USPS and Alessio. "GRANNY GEAR GRINDERS" will respond with Armstrong, O'Grady, Vinokourov, Moncoutié, Zberg, Cooke, Turpin, Vogondy, USPS and Cofidis. With a bigger number of sprinters in roster, Hall is the red hot favorite to take the podium spot, but we'll know only tomorrow ...

Manny Samaniego and Doug Bennett could seal their excellent League with a very honorable fifth spot instead. 7 more one-on-one challenges will take place, including a reiteration of the Round 1 match between Phil Miano and Gavin Linnett (the South African won, but victory tomorrow will have much more significance) and the "Italy vs. France" challenge between Andrea Grandi and Aurélien Delaurent for 13th place.

All Playoff Results and the Fantasy League Final Standings will be online tomorrow after the end of Stage 20.

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