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*Ride like the Pros* Bike Fit Giveaway! Just a Few Days Left
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/24/2003
*Ride like the Pros* Bike Fit Giveaway! Just a Few Days Left

Would you like your bike to be an absolute continuation of you, the cyclist? Do you want the best performance? How about being able to ride your bike longer, faster, and more comfortably than you ever thought possible?

If the answer's yes, then you still have a few days to participate in our Wobble-naught-Daily Peloton "Ride Like the Pros" giveaway! We're giving away nearly $14,000.00 worth of bike fits and equipment during this 100th Edition of the Tour de France!

Here's how it works: Each Tour stage day we hold a random drawing from emails you send to us that day - our daily live coverage has instructions on what and where to mail. Each day we give away:

  • Ten custom road bike fits from Wobble-naught Bike Fit Systems.

Every body is unique and Wobble-naught knows this. In order to have a perfect fit, you have to work with the genetic "cards" you have been dealt - for example, two people the same height can have very different leg lengths, and two people with the same length legs can have different lengths above and below the knee. The Wobble-naught system directs you through exact anatomical measurements of your body, taking into consideration the size, angle and joint depth of the foot, legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and arms, and then using a quantitative scientific method, calculates the perfect fit to your bike.

You receive specific instructions on how to adjust your bike to fit you. This is THE most precision bike fit you can get - some Wobble-naught customers have gone from "riders" to "winners" right after their fit. And if you knew which pros were riding with a Wobble-naught fit, it would not surprise you (but some of these guys won't give away their trade secret...)

But that's not all! Two of these ten daily winners will also receive:

  • A Thomson Road road bike stem (26.0 mm only) and seatpost to accompany your bike fit.

Thomson provides the stems and posts for Litespeed's North American Mavic support bikes, and they are rock solid - machined of 7000 series aluminum. Both the steerer clamp and the handlebar clamp are specifically designed to work with carbon fiber. Both ends of Thomson stems clamp without concentrating too much force in too small an area. The Thomson stem is 25% stiffer torsionally than any other stem they have tested. Torsional stiffness means maximum control and minimal energy loss sprinting or climbing, which answer two of the main concerns of cyclists: Is it strong and safe, and will it make me faster?

Thomson seatposts are lightweight, about 188 grams depending on size, and are over 40% stronger on ultimate strength test than the strongest production seatposts on the market. They also have over double the fatigue life of any other production models they tested. Since adjusting your bike to fit you is what allows you the perfect fit, Thomson will supply the proper stem and/or seatpost for your Wobble-naught fit.

  • A pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds. 

Cycling shoe insoles are your first point of contact between your feet and your bike, but every foot is also unique. Nothing is more repetitive than cycling, and your biking shoes absorb the shock of thousands upon thousands of pedal cranks. Most insoles come pre-molded from the factory and are designed to fit feet like yours, but not designed to fit your feet. SOLE Custom Footbeds are the only dynamic molding system that take on the shape of your foot and molds to your unique pedal style. SOLE combines the leading shock absorbing material Poron with technology to conform the orthotic to your feet, and a moisture wicking layer to reduce slippage.

By supporting and aligning your feet properly, your body works more efficiently. There is a better interface, less excess movement and less stress. You are more stable and less likely to sustain an injury because the muscles in your knees and back are no longer forced to work against each other to pull your body into alignment. This reduces the risk of pulled or torn muscles. This is the ultimate in making your bike the extension of you, the motor!

The Wobble-naught bike fits we are giving away will put you way ahead of the competition (even if that's just yourself) and the two special winners per day will literally receive a complete custom fit - they will get their fit first, then they will know which stem and seatpost they need, and finally, the custom footbeds will complete their bike fitting - we call this "total bike insurance!"


  • The Wobble-naught fitting is done via the Internet, and if you win the complete system, the insoles, stem and seatpost will be shipped to you, so anyone in the world can enter our contest!

  • You can enter once per day, and you can enter every day til you win, but you can only win once, and the fitting is for one road bike only.

  • Instructions are posted each day in our Tour Stage Live Coverage (only a few stages left!).

  • The random drawing is held at 6:00PM Pacific Time, so get your entry submitted by then.

Good luck!

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