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Freccia dei Vini (1.6) Photo Essay
By Fabio
Date: 7/24/2003
Freccia dei Vini (1.6) Photo Essay

The 32nd edition of the UCI-1.6 sanctioned "Freccia dei Vini", organized by GS Viris Eurothermo Vigevano, and reserved for Under 23 and Elite-2 Riders, took place over 183 km. on Sunday, July the 6th, with an international field attending, and Antonio D'Aniello, National Road Champion in the Elite-2 Category, at the startline too.

The Daily Peloton followed the bunch from Vigevano to Oltrepů Pavese (an area well-known in Italy for its winemaking, for which the competition is named) climbs, and is glad to offer readers a special Photo Gallery of the race, won by Russian Dmitri Dementiev, that took the silver at his country's Nationals just one week before.

Complete results and report (plus a few more pics) of the race are available here.

The "Freccia dei Vini" got underway in the picturesque scenery of Vigevano's Piazza Ducale ("Ducal Square"), one of Italy's best-known piazzas, whose building works started in the year 1492.

Another image of "Piazza Ducale", this time featuring Vigevano's Cathedral ("Duomo").

Riders at the startline. The guys in the pic are TRUE "amateurs", belonging to a Sicilian squad (Bocca di Falco-Team Sicilia Palermo) that can boast riders around or above the age of 40, who neverthless often compete against the Young Guns. The oldest competitor in the race, Team Sicilia's Ernesto Riboldi, will be 48 in October.

The peloton takes the start in "Piazza Ducale".

Riders on the short (1 km.) but very steep "Muro di Donelasco". After a first ride on the flat roads of Southwestern Lombardy, the bunch hit the hills of Oltrepů Pavese...

... and the boys kept struggling on their bikes. The race was so demanding that, out of 92 starters, only 20 actually finished.

... but at the end of a mountain, there's always (well, often...) a descent.

The green landscapes of Oltrepů Pavese.

Future winner Dmitri Dementiev of Russia (L) and runner-up Aleesandro Del Fatti (R) cross the line for the first time, at the beginning of the first of three laps of a final circuit around the hamlet of Corvino San Quirico.

Blue and Orange-clad Paolo Bailetti (Ceramiche Pagnoncelli), Bottoli-Artoni's Aristide Ratti and Italy's Elite-2 National Road Champion Antonio D'Aniello (wearing the "Tricolore" Jersey), plus a couple more riders follow.

23-year-old Austrian Johann Jauk (Team Stilneon)

Dementiev crosses the line for the last time, his arms raised in triumph.

And an exhausted Alessandro Del Fatti came in second ...

Another rider exhausted after getting to the line: sixth place finisher Paolo Bailetti.

Russian winner Dmitri Dementiev (Italfine-Podenzano) gets a well-deserved prize (better, two) for his efforts...

... and wears the Red Jersey traditionally reserved for the champion of this UCI-1.6 sanctioned race.

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