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1st Fabio's Fantasy Tour League - Round 3: Group A3
By Fabio
Date: 7/22/2003
1st Fabio's Fantasy Tour League - Round 3: Group A3


Each team plays a different rival in a one-on-one match in each TdF leg, from Stage 15 (Monday, July 21st, 2003) to Stage 19 (Saturday, July 26th, 2003).

At the end of Stage 19 (Saturday, July 26th) WINNERS of the "A3" and "3B" Groups qualify for the FINAL MATCH, to be disputed the next day, in the TdF ultimate stage into Paris. Also all other "A3" and "B3" Group Virtual Teams, plus the Top 4 Virtual Teams in the "C" and "D" Groups, will be playing a different one-on-one match, a different final to be disputed on Sunday, July 27th. See full details below.

Fantasy Tour League Final:
"A3" Group winner vs. "B3" Group winner

3rd Place Playoff:
"A3" Group second placed team vs. "B3" Group second placed team

5th Place Playoff:
"A3" Group third placed team vs. "B3" Group third placed team

7th Place Playoff:
"A3" Group fourth placed team vs. "B3" Group fourth placed team

9th Place Playoff:
A3" Group fifth placed team vs. "B3" Group fifth placed team

11th Place Playoff:
"A3" Group sixth placed team vs. "B3" Group sixth placed team

Points per Victory: Winners of each one-on-one match are awarded:

* 2 POINTS in Stages 16 & 17

* 3 POINTS in Stages 15 & 18

* 4 POINTS in Stage 19

In case any match ends in a draw, both teams will earn 1 point.

This page will be updated after every stage from 15 to 19.

Stage 15
Phil Miano vs. Jonathan Podmore - 72-52
Tim Turnquist vs. Patrick Shipley - 79-65
Manny Samaniego vs. Jan Dijkstra - 59-85

Stage 16
Phil Miano vs. Tim Turnquist - 21-21
Jonathan Podmore vs. Manny Samaniego - 17-17
Patrick Shipley vs. Jan Dijkstra - 23-23

Stage 17
Phil Miano vs. Manny Samaniego - 17-17
Jonathan Podmore vs. Patrick Shipley - 17-23
Tim Turnquist vs. Jan Dijkstra - 21-23

Stage 18
Phil Miano vs. Patrick Shipley - 17-28
Jonathan Podmore vs. Jan Dijkstra - 14-28
Tim Turnquist vs. Manny Samaniego - 18-17

Stage 19
Phil Miano vs. Jan Dijkstra - 33-36
Jonathan Podmore vs. Tim Turnquist - 30-34
Patrick Shipley vs. Manny Samaniego - 36-71

Final Overall Standings

(Ranking - Player - Team - Score - W-T-L - Cumulative Score)

1. Jan Dijkstra - Sprints by Spurts - The Netherlands - 13 points (4-1-0) (195)

2. Tim Turnquist - tailortim - USA - 11 points (3-1-1) (173)

3. Manny Samaniego - Manny's Poursuvaints - USA/Panama - 6 points (1-2-2) (181)

4. Patrick Shipley - .45 all americian - USA - 6 points (2-1-2) (175)

5. Phil Miano - GS Damiano Miano - Italy/USA - 5 points (1-2-2) (160)

6. Jonathan Podmore - Raiders De la Montaņa - USA - 1 point (0-1-4) (130)

* Thanks to three, fundamental points from Points Classification Runner-up Baden Cooke, Holland's Jan Dijkstra edged past Italo-American opponent Phil Miano and won the Group. He will be playing for the title in Sunday's final Stage, in a one-on-one match against the "B3" Group winner. As for the other ones:

* Tim Turnquist will play the 3rd place final in Sunday's final stage, and still has the chance to get a podium spot;

* Manny Samaniego will play the 5th place playoff in the final stage; (1)

* Patrick Shipley will play the 7th place playoff in the final stage; (1)

* Phil Miano will play the 9th place playoff in the final stage;

* Jonathan Podmore will play the 11th place playoff in the final stage

(1) = Manny Samaniego snatched a better placing than Patrick Shipley because of the tie-breaking rules, as "Manny's Poursuivants" won the one-on-one match over ".45 all americian" in this round's ultimate stage.

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