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Fantasy Games: the Best Team Name Award!
By Fabio
Date: 7/21/2003
Fantasy Games: the Best Team Name Award!

Many of the DP's Fantasy Game veterans already know what it's all about. As for the other ones, here is a brief explanation: the "Best Team Name Award" is a fundamental part of Fabio's Games "tradition": since their debut in July 2001, we have been paying tribute to the players creativity, setting a up a special contest for the funniest and most original Virtual Team names. And the 2003 Tour de France was no exception to the rule. Even this time the selected DP Jury cast its vote,a nd chose the best team names in the bunch.

The best team name selection process was divided in two halves. In the first one, the DP jury voted to choose the "finalists", and in the second they picked the winning name amongst them Below are the Top 10 results of the contest. Continuing the "Best team Names Award" tradition, we start from 10th place and go on until the winner that, as a prize for his/her creativity, is awarded one of the Daily Peloton's very own T-shirts.

10. Crouching Riders and Hidden Bicycles (Tim Oh - USA)

9. Spear Legweak's Parcel Service (Jens Stichnote - Germany)

8. VELO ESCARGOT (Janna Trevisanut - USA)

7. BuckyReus 02 (Jaume Buqueras - Spain)

6. David Canada is no Canadian eh! (Paul Blatter - Canada)


4. Pommes de Couch (Walt Armstrong - USA)

To the podium places now ...

3. Lance Armstrong and the Order of the Grand Boucle (Martin Kristensen - Denmark)

But for the first time since the opening edition of the "Award" back in the Summer of 2001, we have two different winners: indeed after the DP's Jury cast their final vote we had two contenders on the same score. And as there are no tie-breaking rules in this contest, we decided to declare winners of the "Best team Name Award " for the 2003 Tour de France both ...

1. TEAM CIPPOPOTAMUS (Arild Reidarsen - Norway)

and ...

1. ONCE in a lifetime (Francesco Grandi - Italy)

We opted for paying tribute to two funny puns, linked to the nickname of one of the most popular sprinters, and to the name of a legendary cycling team. Congratulations to both winners, who are going to be awarded one of the Daily Peloton's T-shirts, and all other Podium and Top 10 Virtual Teams.

And a special mention also to all following teams, that got votes from the Jury:

* Barenaked Leggies (Amanda Mar - USA)
* Belgian cycling services presented by Mark VdB (Mark Vandenbergh - Belgium)
* centenary heroes (Edwin Nijsen - Holland)
* col slayer (Brannon Amtower - USA)
* Fatter, faster, farther (David Reed - USA)
* foie gras (David McCormick - USA)
* Go Dance, MountainLance! (Kaspar Kristiansen - Denmark)
* Hairy Carpet (Amber McFarlane - USA)
* Lee's Boys of Summer (Lee Vega - Philippines)
* MAYO-NNAISE (Jeff Sloop - USA)
* new daddy needs some yellow (Chad Gagnier - USA)
* Pepto Bismal/Quick Step (Cary Whaley - USA)
* PopCycle (Patrick Cowan - USA)
* Revolancion (Thomas Zimmermann - Germany)
* TAILORTIM (Tim Turnquist - USA)
* Team de Torment (Tim Polack- USA)
* Texans Eat Frog Legs (Sharon Sharp - USA)

Besides all these names, there were many other funny and original ones, but unfortunately the Jury had a limited number of choices at disposal, and with more 360 teams attending some of them was forcibly left out.

Thanks to all participants, and see you in the next Fantasy Game. In the meantime, just keep exercising your creativity !!!

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