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Superweek: McCauley Is Too Strong At Schlitz Park
By Staff
Date: 7/19/2003
Superweek: McCauley Is Too Strong At Schlitz Park

Press Release from Andy Garrison

Milwaukee, WI - July 18, 2003 – Gordon McCauley has put on an incredible display of strength during the past two days of the International Cycling Classic.  After pulling the field along for 40 miles last night at Humboldt Park to ensure the win for his teammates, McCauley jumped into not one, but two breakaways at today's American Airlines Schlitz Park Challenge to win against a very strong field.

Many riders arrived in Milwaukee for this race which features over $10,000 available in primes and the King of the Hill competition.  Attacks were launched immediately and a large breakaway formed on the 15th of 90 laps.  The lead climbed to as high as 30 seconds, but the field began chasing and the gap began to shrink.  On lap 30, McCauley and Americans Paul Martin and John Lieswyn attacked the break and struck off on their own.  Their earlier breakaway companions were eventually reabsorbed by the field, but the three leaders gained a lap just past the midway point of the race.

Another strong break of eight riders materialized just 15 laps later, including McCauley and overall race leader Viktor Rapinski.  This group would shed two riders but remained away to escort McCauley to the win.  Igor Abakoumov won the King of the Hill prize for his climbing ability on the steep Brewers Hill ascent.  Viktor Rapinski retained the yellow jersey and Frank Pipp remains in possession of the red sprinters jersey.


1. Gordon McCauley (New Zealand) - Schroeder Iron
2. Paul Martin (USA) - West Virginia Pro Cycling
3. John Lieswyn (USA) - 7Up/Maxxis
4. Harm Jansen (Holland)
5. Viktor Rapinski (Belarus) – Saturn
6. Julien Smink (Holland) – VHG
7. Emile Abraham - Aerospace Engineering
8. Cameron Hughes (Australia) - Lemond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap
9. Ivan Dominguez (Cuba) – Saturn
10. Jurgen Van Loocke (Belgium) - St. Martinuss Cycling Team

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