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Liège - A few facts

By Podofdonny
Date: 4/20/2002

Liège - A few facts


Liège - Bastogne - Liège -

Liège - Bastogne - Liège , known as La Doyenne , is the oldest of all the one day Classics . It was first held in 1892 ,and was first run as a professional race two years later (although run between Liège - Bastogne - Spa ) Belgium rider Léon Houa won the first three editions of the race . The race was run again for amateurs from 1909 to 1911 , and from 1924 to 1930 . Since then it has remained a profesional race .

The race can be the victim of foul weather - in 1957 snow and hail forced half the field to retire at the halfway mark at Bastogne.Of those remaining the Belgium Germain Derycke reached the line about three minutes ahead of Frans Schouben, but had crawled under a level crossing gate to achieve his lead.Derycke should have been disqualified but the sporting Schouben refused to contest the result .Out of respect to his rival Derycke asked that the race should be called a dead heat in order to be fair to both riders.

Conditions were equally bad in 1980 when 21 riders finished out of 174 starters as snow fell throughout the entire race .Bernard Hinault had almost retired at the halfway stage - but out of sheer stubborness kept going . He rode the last 80 kilometres and 8 climbs on his own - "I kept telling myself that the riders behind must be in the same state and if they could stand it, so could I",- he won by 9 minutes 24 seconds . It took three weeks before his index and middle fingers recovered, and ever after, he was always amongst the first in the peloton to don gloves in cold weather.

In 1988 , due to poor marshalling , the entire 200 man peloton raced into Houffalize where they hit roadworks which brought down more than fifty riders . Amongst those injured was “the Proffesor” ,Lauurent Fignon - who was off racing for two weeks and threatened legal proceedings against the race organisers . Despite the accident ,race winner Adri van der Poel of Holland set what was until 1995 a record average speed of 38.801 kmh .

The narrow roads , often in poor condition , cause all sorts of problems for the riders .In 1985 a motorbike carrying the TV cameraman fell while filming the leaders on the Redoute , bringing down Austrailian Phil Anderson and blocking the road . Moreno Argentin got past with a small group and went on to win .

” Mr Ardennes” - is one of the many nicknames given to Eddy Merckx - he won the race three times in a row in 1971 , 1972 (when he also won the Fleche Wallonne to take the double ) and 1973 . Combined with his victories in 1969 and 1975 gives Merckx an unrivalled five victories in the event .

Stan Ockers At the summit of the Côte des Forges there is a monument to the Belgium cyclist Stan Ockers who achieved the Ardennes double in 1955 by winning Liege and the Fleche Wallonne .

Jacques ANQUETIL On the 2nd May 1966 , five times Tour de France winner Jaques Anquetil decided to use his awesome time trialing abilities to add “La Doyenne “ to his palmares .Attacking from 40 kilometres out he won the race nearly 5 minutes ahead of Victor Van Schil .It was to be "maître Jacques" last season in the peloton .;

British riders Best British Performances · 3rd: Barry Hoban, 1969; Robert Millar, 1988 , · 5th: Michael Wright, 1965; Robert Millar, 1987; Max Sciandri 1997 · 7th: Max Sciandri, 1994 · 8th: Alan Ramsbottom, 1963 · 9th: Robert Millar, 1991 · 10th: Fred Krebs, 1955; Tom Simpson, 1965; Barry Hoban, 1968

previous wins: In the 87 editions raced 61 wins have gone to Belgium, 9 to Italy, 6 for Switzerland and 5 to France.

Liège - Bastogne - Liège

Year 1, 2, 3---- -------

2001 Oscar Camenzind (SWI) ,Davide Rebellin (ITA),David Etxebarria (SPA)

2000 Paolo Bettini (ITA), David Etxebarria (SPA), Davide Rebellin (ITA)

1999 Frank Vandenbroucke (BEL), Michael Boogerd (NET), Maarten den Bakker (NET)

1998 Michele Bartoli (ITA), Laurent Jalabert (FRA), Rodolfo Massi (ITA)

1997 Michele Bartoli (ITA), Laurent Jalabert (FRA), Gabriele Colombo (ITA)

1996 Pascal Richard (SWI), Lance Armstrong (USA), Mauro Gianetti (SWI)

1995 Mauro Gianetti (SWI), Gianni Bugno (ITA), Michele Bartoli (ITA)

1994 Evgeni Berzin (RUS), Lance Armstrong (USA), Giorgio Furlan (ITA)

1993 Rolf Sørensen (DEN), Tony Rominger (SWI), Maurizio Fondriest (ITA)

1992 Dirk de Wolf (BEL), Steven Rooks (NET), Jean-François Bernard (FRA)

1991 Moreno Argentin (ITA), Claude Criquielion (BEL), Rolf Sørensen (DEN)

1990 Eric Van Lancker (BEL), Jean-Claude Leclercq (FRA), Steven Rooks (NET)

1989 Sean Kelly (IRL), Fabrice Philipot (FRA), Phil Anderson (AUS)

1988 Adri van der Poel (NET), Michel Dernies (BEL), Robert Millar (GBR)

1987 Moreno Argentin (ITA), Stephen Roche (IRL), Claude Criquielion (BEL)

1986 Moreno Argentin (ITA), Adri van der Poel (NET), Dag Erik Pedersen (DEN)

1985 Moreno Argentin (ITA), Claude Criquielion (BEL), Stephen Roche (IRL)

1984 Sean Kelly (IRL), Phil Anderson (AUS), Greg Lemond (USA)

1983 Steven Rooks (NET), Giuseppe Saronni (ITA), Pascal Jules (FRA)

1982 Silvano Contini (ITA), Fons de Wolf (BEL), Stefan Mutter (SWI)

1981 Josef Fuchs (SWI), Stefan Mutter (SWI), Ludo Peeters (BEL)

1980 Bernard Hinault (FRA), Hennie Kuiper (NET), Ronny Claes (BEL)

1979 Didi Thurau (GER), Bernard Hinault (FRA), Daniel Willems (BEL)

1978 Joseph Bruyère (BEL), Didi Thurau (GER), Francesco Moser (ITA)

1977 Bernard Hinault (FRA), André Dierckx (BEL), Didi Thurau (GER)

1976 Joseph Bruyère (BEL), Freddy Maertens (BEL), Frans Verbeeck (BEL)

1975 Eddy Merckx (BEL), Bernard Thévenet (FRA), Walter Godefroot (BEL)

1974 Georges Pintens (BEL), Walter Planckaert (BEL), --

1973 Eddy Merckx (BEL), Frans Verbeeck (BEL), Walter Godefroot (BEL)

1972 Eddy Merckx (BEL), Wim Schepers (NET), Herman Vanspringel (BEL)

1971 Eddy Merckx (BEL), Georges Pintens (BEL), Frans Verbeeck (BEL)

1970 Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL), Frans Verbeeck (BEL), Eddy Merckx (BEL)

1969 Eddy Merckx (BEL), Vic van Schil (BEL), Barry Hoban (GBR)

1968 Valeer van Sweevelt (BEL), Walter Godefroot (BEL), Raymond Poulidor (FRA)

1967 Walter Godefroot (BEL), Eddy Merckx (BEL), Willy Monty (BEL)

1966 Jacques Anquetil (FRA), Vic van Schil (BEL), Willy in 't Ven (BEL)

1965 Carmine Preziosi (ITA), Vittorio Adorni (ITA), Marten Vandenbossche (BEL)

1964 Willy Bocklandt (BEL), Georges Van Coningsloo (BEL), Vittorio Adorni (ITA)

1963 Frans Melckenbeeck (BEL), Pino Ceramo (BEL), Vittorio Adorni (ITA)

1962 Jos Planckaert (BEL), Rolf Wolfshohl (GER), Claude Colette (FRA)

1961 Rik van Looy (BEL), Marcel Rohrbach (FRA), Armand Desmet (BEL)

1960 Ab Geldermans (NET), Pierre Everaert (FRA), Jos Planckaert (BEL)

1959 Fred de Bruyne (BEL), Frans Schoubben (BEL), Frans de Mulder (BEL)

1958 Fred de Bruyne (BEL), Jozef Zagers (BEL), J. Theuns (BEL)

1957 Frans Schoubben (BEL), Germain Derycke (BEL), Marcel Buys (BEL)

1956 Fred de Bruyne (BEL), Richard van Genechten (BEL), Alex Close (BEL)

1955 Stan Ockers (BEL), Raymond Impanis (BEL), Jean Branckaert (BEL)

1954 Marcel Ernzer (LUX), Raymond Impanis (BEL), Ferdi Kübler (SWI)

1953 Alois de Hertog (BEL), Maurits Diot (FRA), Raoul Remy (FRA)

1952 Ferdi Kübler (SWI), Henri Van Kerkhove (BEL), Jean Robic (FRA)

1951 Ferdi Kübler (SWI), Germain Derycke (BEL), Wout Wagtmans (NET)

1950 Prosper Depredomme (BEL), Jean Bogaerts (BEL), Edward van Dyck (BEL)

1949 Camille Danguillaume (FRA), Adolf Verschueren (BEL), Roger Gyselinck (BEL)

1948 Maurice Mollin (BEL), Raymond Impanis (BEL), Louis Caput (FRA)

1947 Richard Depoorter (BEL), Raymond Impanis (BEL), F. Mathieu (BEL)

1946 Prosper Depredomme (BEL), Albert Hendrickxs (BEL), T. Verstraeten (BEL)

1945 Jean Engels (BEL), Edward Van Dyck (BEL), Jos Moerenhout (BEL)

1943 Richard Depoorter (BEL), Jos Didden (BEL), Stan Ockers (BEL)

1939 Albert Ritserveldt (BEL), Cyriel van Overberghe (BEL), E. Vissers (BEL)

1938 Alfons Deloor (BEL), Marcel Kint (BEL), Felicien Vervaecke (BEL)

1937 Eloi Meulenbergh (BEL), Gustaaf Deloor (BEL), J. Heirnaert (BEL)

1936 Albert Beckaert (BEL), Gilbert Levae (BEL), K. Horemans (BEL)

1935 Alfons Schepers (BEL), Frans Bonduel (BEL), Louis Hardiquest (BEL)

1934 Theo Heckenrath (BEL), M. Cardinaels (BEL), Jos Moerenhout (BEL)

1933 François Gardier (FRA), R. Dewolf (BEL), A. Bolly (BEL)

1932 Marcel Hoyoux (BEL), Leopold Roosemont (BEL), G. Lambrechts (BEL)

1931 Alfons Schepers (BEL), Marcel Hoyoux (BEL), J. Deschepper (BEL)

1930 Herman Buse (GER), Georges Laloup (BEL), François Gardier (FRA)

1929 Alfons Schepers (BEL)1928 Ernest Mottard (BEL)

1927 M. Raes (BEL)

1926 D. Smets (BEL)

1925 Georges Ronsse (BEL)

1924 René Vermandel (BEL)

1923 René Vermandel (BEL)

1922 Louis Mottiat (BEL)

1921 Louis Mottiat (BEL)

1920 Léon Scieur (BEL)

1919 Léon Devos (BEL)

1913 M. Moritz (BEL)

1912 Omer Verschoore (BEL)

1911 Joseph van Daele (BEL)

1909 Victor Fastre (BEL)

1908 A. Trousselier (FRA)

1894 Léon Houa (BEL)

1893 Léon Houa (BEL)

1892 Léon Houa (BEL)

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