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Tour de France Stage 9 Live Coverage
By Locutus
Date: 7/14/2003
Tour de France Stage 9 Live Coverage

Welcome to live coverage of the Tour de France!

Today starts off with two brutal climbs. From the gun, the riders will face the Cat 1 Col du Lautaret This isn't that steep of a climb, with an average gradient of only 3.8 %, but it goes on for 34.3 kilometers (the top of the climb is at the 38.5 km mark).

That's not a nice way to start the day… hope the boys all had their coffee. After the descent of the Lautaret, the riders immediately hit the Hors Categorie monster known as the Col d'Izoard. The Izoard is a 19.4 km climb with a 5.9 % gradient.

The top of the Col d'Izoard comes at 88.5 kilometer point, and the riders will then have a long descent and flat roll until they get to the 147km mark, where they face the short and steep climb of the Cat 2 cote de Saint-Apollinaire.

The Saint-Apollinaire goes on for only 6.7 km but has a gradient of 7.4 %. The final climb of the day hits at the 171 km mark where the riders must go over the Cat 3 Cote de La Rochette, a 4.0 km climb with a 7.4% gradient.

From there the riders have an 8 km descent and roll into the city of Gap. If the big guns attack on the first climbs, it will be a long day for everyone. If the peloton stays together or a group of riders low on the GC get away, it will be a hard but manageable day that will likely see the big guns test each other a bit over the final two climbs.

Today is Bastille Day, and the French riders are going to be looking to do something special their national day. Perhaps Didier Rous (Brioches la Boulangere), the French Champion, with have another go at stage glory. He attacked yesterday on the descent of the Galibier, but was swallowed up by the attacks of US Postal and Joseba Beloki (ONCE-Eroski) on the Alpe d'Huez.

As we start our coverage, a 14-man breakaway has a lead of 2' 30" on the early slopes of the Col d'Izoard. Jorg Jaksche (ONCE-Eroski) is the highest placed man in the group, in 10th on GC at 3' 19" behind Armstrong.

The break also includes Andrea Peron (CSC), David Moncoutie (Cofidis), Juan Antonio Flecha and Pablo Lastras (, Danilo Di Luca (Saeco), Brad McGee (, Ivan Parra (Kelme-Costa Blanca), Angel Casero and Aitor Garmendia (Bianchi), Inigo Chaurreau (AG2r Prevoyance), Steve Zampieri (Vini Caldirola), Alberto Lopez de Munain (Euskaltel-Euskadi), and Franco Pellizzoti (Alessio).

5:00 am PDT, 106km left. The fourteen leaders continue to slog up the Izoard with a lead of about 2' 30".

The attacks came right away. DiLuca won the climb of the Col du Lautaret. US Postal, of course, is setting the pace on the front of the group. There are seven Posties on the front, led by former Yellow Jersey wearer the Notorious VHP, Victor Hugo Peña. The BlueBerry Boys don't look particularly anxious to nail back the break on the climb. There is a very long descent and flat section after the Izoard.

Polka-Dot Jersey wearer Richard Virenque (Quickstep-Davitamon) is sitting in the pack, having missed out on the attack today. He has been getting all kinds of press in his home Tour after his stint in Yellow yesterday. He'd have loved to hold Yellow until Bastille day, but the ferocious attacks on the Alpe d'Huez yesterday were too much for him.

5:06 PDT, 102km left. There are seven men still together on the climb, about 5km from the summit. Jaksche is in that lead group. They have a lead of 4"20' on the peloton. DiLuca is there, as is Parra, Casero, Lopez de Munain, Pellizotti, and Garmendia.

Now an iBanesto rider is attacking from the peloton. It is Juan Miguel Mercado, their young rider who is hot to attack for the King of the Mountains competition. He isn't a GC threat, and Postal will let him go.

In the peloton, little groups are being split off the back from the pace set by Peña. These men will have to catch back on quickly on the descent, or it will be a long day that could end outside the time cut.

Aussie Champion O'Grady is one off the back, but he is a demon descender who should have no problem reintegrating on the other side. Zabel now tails off as the peloton hits the 5km to go mark on the Izoard.

Mercado is really hammering up this incredibly long, steady climb. On the front, Jaksche is really laboring. Now Garmendia pulls through. They look half dead, but they are nearing the summit.

Victor Hugo Peña pulls off the front. He has dropped to the back of the peloton, but is hanging tough there. He will come back to the front to help chase after they crest the ascent. The pace in the pack is now set by "The Pensioner," Viatcheslav Ekimov.

Zabel is just off the back still. He's in the cars, along with O'Grady. Both are hanging tough in sight of the pack.

Garmendia has attacked the break, and is accelerating up the climb. That has exploded the 7-man leading group! Jaksche is solo, riding in 2nd place. Garmendia nears the top and will take maximum points on the Izoard.

"The Pensioner" is out of the saddle, leading his boss Armstrong in Yellow and four other Posties. Jaksche is accelerating over the top now, trying to catch Garmendia. Parra is 3rd over the top.

Garmendia is flying into the long, sweeping corners on the descent. He is hanging it all out, but will likely sit up and wait for the others at the bottom.

The pink jerseys of the ONCE men are mixing up with the Posties near the front. Floyd Landis and Eki are still setting the tempo. Landis was dropped over the first climb, but looks solid here.

5:34 PDT. 94km left. Mancebo is attacking the peloton. Virenque counterattacks, trying to get some mountain points over the top. Virenque wins the little battle. There weren't many mountain points left. The break has a gap of 5' 16" right now. Jaksche is the Yellow Jersey on the road.

The peloton strings out into a long single file on the stark, scary, sweeping descent down the barren rock face of the Izoard. No mistakes please, as the cliffs are steep. Mancebo and Virenque get reabsorbed by the Posties on the descent.

Botero (Telekom) is off the back again on that climb. He's now on the descent in the cars, trying to catch back on.

Garmendia (Bianchi) is still off the front solo... he hasn't been caught by the other breakaways yet.

Yesterday, Armstrong noticed on the ascent up the Galibier that his legs weren't that good. On the descent of the Galibier, he realized that his back brakes had been rubbing against the wheel, probably for 200km. Fortunately, he discovered this before the Alpe d'Huez.

5:46 PDT. 81km left. Jaksche still has about 5' 30" on the peloton. The peloton is through with the descent, and are now entering the long flats that go on for the next 45 km. Garmendia is still solo off the front. Not sure what he's thinking with so much to go still.

Garmendia has a 1' 20" lead on a six-man group of chasers that includes Jaksche, Parra, and DiLuca. The Posties don't seem that concerned, as "The Pensioner" Ekimov leads them on this long, downsloping section.

Tyler Hamilton (CSC) continues to amaze. He attacked Armstrong and Beloki several times yesterday. He said that he was feeling great and was very happy with his ride. His attacks were in part to keep the pace up...slowing down hurt his collarbone, as he had to get out of the saddle. When the pace was higher, he could stay in the seat and hammer, he said.

5:55 PDT. 75km left. "Pensioner" Ekimov still sets the pace in the peloton. That grand old man can hammer!!

This morning, Jorg Jaksche said, "It's important to have self confidence and know everything is going well overall. It's better to have two persons in front instead of one." His attack here is clearly a part of ONCE's master plan.

5:58 PDT. 71km left. The US Postal squad is in full force at the front of the peloton. Garmendia is still of the front solo for Bianchi. He is taking on water from the team car. He'll need it. He only has 30" over the six-man chase group that includes Jorg Jaksche, the virtual Yellow Jersey.

Peron and Charreau get swept up by the field. They got dropped over the climb by the other breakaways. Garmendia has about 6' 30" on the peloton.

All the big GC names are safely in the peloton. Ullrich is getting a free ride today with two teammates up the road.

6:10 PDT. 65km left. Landis now sets the tempo in the front of the peloton. Garmendia is still solo, with a group of six riders chasing. DiLuca, Jaksche, Parra, Pellizotti, and Casero are in that chase group.

Aitor Garmendia is caught with 39 miles to race...

Hamilton says that he feels the fractures are starting to heal. He said his attacks yesterday felt pretty feeble because he couldn't pull full power into them...he has to stay seated, and not put pressure on his upper body. He was stiff and sore this morning, but said every day he loosens up and feels better.

On his website, Tyler said he is riding with 36 and 52 tooth front rings instead of the standard 39 and 53. He said this allows him to keep an easier and higher pedal cadence on the climbs.

6:17 PDT. 62.5km left. The riders pass through the feed zone. The seven leaders have a gap of 6' 15" to the peloton. There is a second group of four with over 3' on the peloton. The peloton couldn't care less right now, as they are freakin' hungry.

Pellozotti (Alessio) leads the breakaway of seven men who are over 6' in front of the peloton. Mercado and Moncoutie are both sitting up waiting to be caught by the peloton. In the pack, the men fly down the road single file while stuffing their faces and squirreling away goodies for later.

Pavel Padrnos leads the peloton, lending his awesome power on the climb.

Now there is an attack in the break! Lopez de Munain (Euskaltel-Euskadi) launches the attack, and is joined by Jaksche and one other. The gap is down to under 6' now.

Postal leads the chase - setting a good tempo, looking calm and in control.

Now the seven men regroup in the break, but they look knackered. They aren't working well together.

Now a man from Quickstep joins the Posties on the front of the group to lead the chase. Virenque must be trying to defend his lead in the King of the Mountains competition. The riders are approaching the final two climbs.

It seems like Postal made a friend when they didn't chase Virenque very hard two days ago. Despite the ongoing war between these two teams over their signing of each other's young prospects, they seem to have a truce on the road.

6:34 PDT. 49km left. Coast still has the advantage with two men in the break. The men are all pulling through, working well together again.

Floyd Landis is on the front for Postal. He looks like he's working hard, but there's no quit in him.

6:42 PDT. 42km left. The Posties have all nine men at the front of the peloton. A Quickstep rider is mixed in lending a hand. The peloton is about 4' 30" behind the lead group of seven. Interesting that there are no French riders in the front's Bastille Day! Come on, Allez!

If it were to come down to a seven man sprint, Di Luca looks to be the strongest although the Bianchis, with greater numbers, may be able to outfox the rest. The group will likely split up a bit on the climbs, however.

Armstrong has some harsh words for Giro champ Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) and Vuelta champ Aitor Gonzalez (Fassa Bortolo). He said that coming into the Tour, they were both running their mouths the most, and that now they've learned that the Tour de France is tougher than the other grand tours.

DiLuca appears to be recovered from his early health problems with this great ride today.

It would be rather ironic for Jaksche - a diligent ONCE domestique - to get the maillot jaune several stages after the TTT. However, that is looking more and more unlikely as the Posties turn on the speed. The gap is now 3'41".

6:50 PDT. 37km left. The Posties are closing it down now. They are still getting some help from Quickstep. The men out front look to be running out of gas. Postal might not close it all the way down, but rather just enough to keep Jaksche in check.

Maybe Virenque wants a few more polka-dot points to add to his growing tally? Or maybe even they want to set up Bettini or Paolini in a sprint? That's unlikely, he's trying to get more Polka-Dot points.

The gap's down to 3'15" now - it's starting to come down quite quickly.

The leaders are attacking one another. Jaksche has attacked, and DiLuca is in trouble. Garmendia is gone. The breakaway is going to pieces.

They are climbing up the Cat 2 Cote de St. Apollinaire. Jaksche is going for the stage win now that he is out of Yellow on the road. Rubiera sets the pace in the peloton. Millar is attacking from the field! The Cofidis rider is trying to get away for some time and maybe a stage win!

Jorg Jaksche hammers on, he's cracked three of his breakaway companions.

"The Punisher" Rubiera just stays focused on this steep little climb, putting the hammer down steadily to keep reeling in the breaks. Jaksche is off the front with Casero and Lopez de Munain. The three are leading the race up the St. Apollinaire.

The gap is down to 2'15" - the peloton is flying!!! There will be some sore legs tonight in Gap.

Allez David! At least it's a rider from a French team! Millar must be feeling quite strong today, having already had an early attempt thwarted on the Col du Lautaret.

7:00 am PDT. 34km left. Jaksche now gets some help from Casero setting the pace. He gets some water from a service motorbike.

Now the Big Rig, George Hincapie is putting the hammer down, powered by his Oakleys, at the front of the peloton.

The peloton has swept up 'Old Man' Garmendia. Millar is still off the front of the peloton on the attack. Beloki and Basso are right next to Armstrong in the front part of the peloton.

Danilo Di Luca - after a great effort today - has been reeled in by the peloton. Also, young Michael Rogers, who towed a faltering Virenque up Alpe d'Huez yesterday, is also in trouble. Now Jaksche has attacked again on the steeper part of the climb to get a small gap. It gets really steep up near the top.

Franco Pellizotti, with that wild, bushy blonde hair of his, has caught the leading group. Lopez de Munain manages to grap the wheel of Jaksche. Millar is now struggling on the steep part of the climb, as he has closed the gap to 1' between himself and the leaders.

In the peloton, men are hitting the wall left and right!!

The savage mountain smurfs of US Postal lead their man in Yellow up the climb. Beloki attacks! Lance counters! He's on him like ugly on a troll! Now Mayo counters as well to bridge up.

It's all happening as the riders enter the hostile town of Steepsville.

Beloki leads Armstrong, who sits on his rival. Mayo is third wheel in that little attack group. Still, Jaksche and Lopez de Munain go over the top of the climb. Armstrong was on that without a minute's hesitation.

If the trio get a gap, surely Postal won't chase down their leader. So now who will keep the pace up?

Ullrich is now with that Armstrong/Beloki group, as is Tyler Hamilton!!

Tyler was worried about this climb because he has to get out of the saddle, hurting his injured collarbone. Still he looks strong today.

Millar goes over the top about 1' down on the two leaders. The group of Armstrong and Beloki crest not long afterwards.

Christophe Moreau slips back to a group with Botero, who has somehow clawed his way back up near the front...The peloton has exploded in several little groups over that climb. There will be some regrouping on the descent, no doubt.

Basso and Mancebo have bridged up to the group of contenders! Christophe Moreau, doing it for the French possibly, is a few hundred metres back in a group of four with Botero.

Jaksche and Parra hit the downhill at the head of the race. Excellent tactics by Millar and Cofidis who attacked before all the fireworks went off. Angel Casero has bridged to Parra and Jaksche.

When we were referring to Lopez de Munain earlier, we should have been saying Parra. Apologies!

Pellizotti has made it to the leading trio now.

7:22 PDT. 20km left. There is a big regrouping on the descent with one climb left. Lance is near the front with a couple of his BlueBerry Boys setting the pace in the pack. Second intermediate - very close.... Casero, Jaksche, Parra. Chechu Rubiera rejoins the peloton and goes straight to the front to get to work.

Millar is still riding alone in no-man's-land chasing the break. Fortunately, Millar has a skill or two when it comes to riding alone.

Jaksche, Parra, Casero, and Pellozotti are in the lead.

David Millar is down in TT postion hammering towards the break, he's is 1'02" down on the leading quartet and 51" ahead of the peloton. Beltran is chasing hard on the front of the pack.

Millar is making small gains, now 56" behind as the leaders have 17km to go. He'll need to get grinding away on those pedals to catch them though.

7:25 PDT. 16km left. The peloton is swelling, and is only 1' 35" down on the leaders. Millar struggles on... he can see the leaders ahead of him. He's really putting in the effort - I fear the pack will catch him on the final climb though.

The leaders are losing momentum, not working as well together. Millar is 20 seconds back from the leaders.

Parra sets the pace, but the leaders look to have lost their impetus. The wind is making the peloton stretch across the road.

Pellizotti attacks hard at the 15km mark. They're Casero accelerates! What are they doing? The concept of rhythm is clearly lost on these guys!

The leaders are all attacking - now Parra attacks. Euskaltel are working with Postal on the front of the pack...

Parra is countered. These four are going to ruin their chances for victory. They still have one climb left. But as the front men pass through the town ofLa Batie-Nevue, they're all together again! These tactics are rather worrying, considering they're only about 12km from the finish.

Millar is still time trialing up. Parra attacks again, and gets a gap!! Parra attacks, and no one in the break responds. What are they doing? What are they doing....

The little man from the Kermits of Kelme has put in a great attack to finally free himself from his breakaway companions. Yes, he has a fair gap with about 3.8km to go till the summit of this final climb!

Parra is now on the final climb of the Cote de la Rochette. The break has been at an inefficient game of cat and mouse, and Parra has taken advantage. Jaksche now attacks and has a go. He is trying to chase down Parra.

Talk about Colombian delight this Tour! If Parra were to win here, he'd be another Colombian with a milestone! The field is charging hard - Millar is caught by the peloton!

7:32 PDT. 11km left. This is going to be a tight one. Parra is in front, Jaksche is chasing Parra.

David Etxebarria (Euskaltel Euskadi) attacks the peloton. Postal won't care, he's way behind in GC. The tiny Basque playboy has worked a bit of a gap too. The gap is 40" to Parra from the peloton - it's going to be damn close.

Etxebarria is being hunted down by Postal's might mountain smurfs, who lead the peloton.

Millar has been dropped!!! Now Vinokourov attacks! He gets a good gap! Postal won't like that at all! Casero is passed by Vinokurov.

 Jorg Jaksche catches up to Parra! He's only 1' 11" behind Yellow, Vinokourov. Lance will chase him. Vino is on his way to eat them up, though!  Deja-vu to Alpe d'Huez yesterday? 'Vino' really has explosive acceleration. David Rebellin (Gerolsteiner) is dropped by the peloton.

Vinokourov has reached the two leaders! He won Paris-Nice, he won Amstel Gold, and now he's attacking once again, for the third day in a row, in the Tour.

The Armstrong group has split! Moreau and Rous hang on for French hopes at the back - it looks like all the contenders are there though  Armstrong and Heras are driving it hard. Beloki is waiting for his chance to attack right behind the maillot jaune!

Vinokourov goes it alone! Vino drops Jaksche!  Parra is about to get swallowed by the Postal chase.  Parra is caught by the chasing group headed by Lance Armstrong!

Vinokourov said he'd challenge for the podium this year - I didn't believe him - but look at him go! Beloki is on his wheel, Ullrich is on his! Armstrong flies past Jaksche. Mayo is there as well. 15 seconds!!!!

Now they are all over the top, with only 15" to Vino. They will fly on the descent over the final 8km. Beloki and Armstrong are ahead in the downhill! WOW!

 7:42 PDT. 7km left. They are really hammering after Vino! The man from Telekom is now a marked man, recognized as a serious threat by the other big leaders. Armstrong comes ahead of Beloki to chase - they're dropping like stones downhill! This will be a hard last 5km down the mountain! The gap is 13".

The roads are looking sketchy...the heat has melted the roads a bit. Beloki crashes!! Armstrong has gone wide with him!!!! Armstrong goes into the bushes! He is back on the road! Beloki has had a SERIOUS crash! Mayo stopped too. Beloki's back wheel skidded on melted tar. Beloki is badly hurt and screaming on the roadside!

As he rode through, Hamilton checked with Lance to see if the Texan was okay. Lance is in the lead group. Beloki's tire failed in the corner! He was skidding on metal, and couldn't keep it up, it looks like. He fell bang on his side - I think his back tire just exploded.

Tyler, Mayo, Ullrich, Lance are all working together.

ONCE teammates are waiting for Beloki. Austrian champion Totschnig is there with Lance. Vinokourov now has a 30" gap. The other challengers, Mayo and Hamilton and Zubeldia, are helping Lance chase. What a dark, horrible day for the brilliant Spaniard Beloki!!

Vinokourov has 1km to go! Vinokourov will win the stage, easily. It's just a matter of how many seconds he will take out of his rivals. But what of poor Joseba Beloki?

Armstrong's group is under the Flamme Rouge. Vinokourov takes it, Vinokourov rocks his arms for his baby as he crosses the line in victory. Bettini takes the sprint for 2nd. 3rd place looks like Mayo.

But what a horrible day... A horrible crash has marred the end of this wonderful stage. Beloki's back wheel just exploded, and he was skidding sideways trying to stay upright on the metal rims at over 60kph!! He lost it and his his left side hard, very hard. Armstrong saw what was happening, braked, and rode his bike straight off the road into the field of yellow grass. Last year in the Giro, Hamilton's big crash came on a descent when his rear wheel came apart. Mechanical failure like that is a sad part of the sport. Beloki is being put in the ambulance.

Lance still has yellow. Manolo Saiz has gone with Beloki into the ambulance. He has severe injuries to his elbow.

I can't believe Lance kept it upright there. That was some serious bike handling. Armstrong rode his bike straight across a field to get across the corner...he totally cyclocrossed through that field, got off his bike, then got back on...he cut through the freakin' corner!

This terrible crash will diminish what was a brilliant attack and a great victory for Vinokourov, and Lance will be sorry to lose Beloki in the competiton.

Vinokourov: "This is my first victory in the Tour. I'm very happy." Vinokourov says that he didn't feel good on the penultimate climb, but on the last climb he felt great, so he attacked. He also said that the roads were dangerous.

Beloki might have locked up his rear brake. It might have been a blown tire or a rear brake lockup that caused the crash. His rear wheel skidded out.

Post-stage interview with Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong — On Beloki's crash: "Well, Vino attacked, and so we were going after him. Beloki was hungry to take him back, so we were bombing the descent. It was hot as hell and the pavement was melting, and he just locked 'em up in one corner, and the back tire got a little loose. [He] ended up rolling the tire, then blowing the tire, and he couldn't control it and went over the bike."

On his cross-country escapade: "The only way I had to go was in this field. So I got about ten meters into it, and I said 'I can't turn around now, I gotta' just keep going.' And I looked ahead, and I said 'I think I can make this.' Hell, it's some guy's field, he probably has corn in there normally, and there's nothing in there, just dirt, so I just rode it, waiting for the tire to blow. Then I got to the end and thought, 'Oh no, I see a dropoff coming.' So then I jumped off the bike, and jumped down. I knew there was another switchback coming, so I thought 'This is great, I'll just cut the corner.'

On his form today: "Today was a hard day, long and a lot of attacks, and hard on our team, very hard on the team, and they did a good job hanging in there, not panicking. But, **phew** [shaking his head] yesterday was a bad day, and for those technical reasons I described yesterday I paid the price." [Lance said yesterday that his back brake was rubbing against the wheel for about 200km. He discovered this only on the descent of the Galibier].

On today's tactics in chasing Jaksche: "We were prepared to give up two more minutes and keep two more guys. We knew, we'd done this stage in training, we know the course, we know it comes back on the big road, most likely going to be a big headwind. It's better to have a whole team there to roll."

Stage 9 Results

1 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ TEL 5h 02' 00"
2 BETTINI Paolo ITA QSD 00' 36"
3 MAYO Iban ESP EUS 00' 36"
4 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP 00' 36"
5 ULLRICH Jan GER TBI 00' 36"
6 BASSO Ivan ITA FAS 00' 36"
7 TOTSCHNIG Georg AUT GST 00' 36"
8 MANCEBO Francisco ESP BAN 00' 36"
9 ZUBELDIA Haimar ESP EUS 00' 36"
10 HAMILTON Tyler USA CSC 00' 36"
11 LAISEKA Roberto ESP EUS 00' 36"
12 ROUS Didier FRA BLB 00' 52"
13 MENCHOV Denis RUS BAN 00' 52"
14 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A 01' 06"
15 HERAS Roberto ESP USP 01' 06"
16 PLAZA David ESP TBI 01' 06"
17 SASTRE Carlos ESP CSC 01' 06"
18 PARRA Ivan COL KEL 01' 06"
19 PAOLINI Luca ITA QSD 01' 47"
20 LELLI Massimiliano ITA COF 01' 47"
21 BROCHARD Laurent FRA A2R 01' 47"
22 DUFAUX Laurent SUI ALS 01' 47"
23 LEFEVRE Laurent FRA DEL 01' 47"
24 BOOGERD Michael NED RAB 01' 47"
25 BOTERO Santiago COL TEL 01' 47"
28 MILLAR David GBR COF 01' 47"
29 ETXEBARRIA David ESP EUS 01' 47"
30 GUERINI Giuseppe ITA TEL 01' 47"
31 GARCIA CASAS Félix ESP TBI 01' 47"
32 GOUBERT Stephane FRA DEL 01' 47"
33 CHAVANEL Sylvain FRA BLB 01' 47"
34 BELTRAN Manuel ESP USP 01' 47"
35 BOTCHAROV Alexandre RUS A2R 01' 47"
36 VIRENQUE Richard FRA QSD 01' 47"
37 REBELLIN Davide ITA GST 01' 47"
38 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALS 01' 47"
39 NIERMANN Grischa GER RAB 02' 00"
40 MERCKX Axel BEL LOT 02' 00"
41 PETROV Evgeni RUS BAN 02' 04"
42 CASERO Angel ESP TBI 03' 30"
43 AZEVEDO José POR ONE 04' 26"
44 JAKSCHE Jorg GER ONE 04' 26"
45 MIHOLJEVIC Vladimir CRO ALS 05' 45"
46 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA ALS 05' 45"
47 RUBIERA José Luis ESP USP 06' 40"
48 LUDEWIG Jorg GER SAE 07' 19"
49 MERCADO Juan Miguel ESP BAN 07' 19"
50 KESSLER Matthias GER TEL 07' 19"
51 ARTETXE Mikel ESP EUS 07' 19"
52 TURPIN Ludovic FRA A2R 07' 19"
53 NARDELLO Daniele ITA TEL 07' 19"
54 GUTIERREZ José Enrique ESP KEL 07' 19"
55 SACCHI Fabio ITA SAE 07' 19"
56 CHAURREAU Inigo ESP A2R 11' 07"
57 ASTARLOZA Mikel ESP A2R 11' 07"
58 LASTRAS Pablo ESP BAN 11' 07"
59 BÖLTS Udo GER GST 11' 07"
60 BERTAGNOLLI Leonardo ITA SAE 11' 33"
61 PRADERA Mikel ESP ONE 11' 33"
62 KARPETS Vladimir RUS BAN 11' 33"
63 ZANDIO Xabier ESP BAN 11' 33"
64 TRENTIN Guido ITA COF 11' 33"
65 VASSEUR Cédric FRA COF 11' 33"
66 SERRANO Marcos ESP ONE 11' 33"
67 NOZAL Isidro ESP ONE 11' 33"
68 LOPEZ MUNAIN Alberto ESP EUS 11' 33"
69 ETXEBARRIA Unai VEN EUS 11' 33"
70 COMMESSO Salvatore ITA SAE 11' 33"
71 FLICKINGER Andy FRA A2R 15' 38"
72 POILVET Benoit FRA C.A 15' 38"
73 NOE Andrea ITA ALS 15' 38"
74 ANDRLE René CZE ONE 15' 38"
75 VAN DE WOUWER Kurt BEL QSD 15' 38"
76 VOIGT Jens GER C.A 15' 38"
77 ALDAG Rolf GER TEL 15' 38"
78 ROGERS Michael AUS QSD 15' 38"
79 CIONI Dario  ITA FAS 15' 38"
80 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA FAS 15' 38"
81 HINCAPIE George USA USP 15' 38"
82 GARMENDIA Aitor ESP TBI 15' 38"
83 HARY Maryan FRA BLB 15' 38"
84 DI LUCA Danilo ITA SAE 15' 38"
85 ZABEL Erik GER TEL 19' 18"
86 PORTAL Nicolas FRA A2R 19' 18"
87 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR DEL 19' 18"
88 PIIL Jakob DEN CSC 19' 18"
89 ZAMPIERI Steve SUI CAL 19' 18"
90 CHRISTENSEN Bekim DEN CSC 19' 18"
91 BLAUDZUN Michaël DEN CSC 19' 18"
92 EKIMOV Vjatceslav RUS USP 19' 18"
94 EDALEINE Christophe FRA DEL 19' 18"
95 MOERENHOUT Koos NED LOT 19' 18"
96 PINEAU Jérôme FRA BLB 19' 18"
97 MC GEE Bradley AUS FDJ 19' 18"
98 PERON Andrea ITA CSC 19' 18"
99 PADRNOS Pavel CZE USP 19' 18"
100 ZBERG Marcus SUI GST 19' 18"
101 O'GRADY Stuart AUS C.A 19' 18"
102 VOGONDY Nicolas FRA FDJ 19' 18"
103 STEINHAUSER Tobias GER TBI 19' 18"
104 HUSHOVD Thor NOR C.A 19' 18"
105 BAGUET Serge BEL LOT 19' 18"
106 GUIDI Fabrizio ITA TBI 19' 18"
107 SORENSEN Nicki DEN CSC 19' 18"
108 AERTS Mario BEL TEL 19' 18"
109 MONCOUTIE David FRA COF 19' 18"
110 FRITSCH Nicolas FRA FDJ 19' 18"
111 LATASA David ESP KEL 19' 18"
112 LANDALUZE Inigo ESP EUS 19' 18"
113 FINOT Frédéric FRA DEL 19' 18"
114 RODRIGUEZ Fred USA CAL 19' 18"
115 FLECHA Juan Antonio ESP BAN 21' 13"
116 KNAVEN Servais NED QSD 21' 13"
117 PENA Victor Hugo COL USP 23' 45"
118 LANDIS Floyd USA USP 23' 45"
119 BECKE Daniel GER TBI 32' 43"
120 AUGE Stéphane FRA C.A 32' 43"
121 MENGIN Christophe FRA FDJ 32' 43"
122 HAUPTMAN Andrej SLO CAL 32' 43"
123 DE GROOT Bram NED RAB 32' 43"
124 HINAULT Sébastien FRA C.A 32' 43"
125 GESLIN Anthony FRA BLB 32' 43"
126 HALGAND Patrice FRA DEL 32' 43"
127 CLAIN Médéric FRA COF 32' 43"
128 GAUMONT Philippe FRA COF 32' 43"
129 DUMOULIN Samuel FRA DEL 32' 43"
130 BENETEAU Walter FRA BLB 32' 43"
131 BRANDT Christophe BEL LOT 32' 43"
132 LIESE Thomas GER TBI 32' 43"
134 MUNOZ David ESP KEL 32' 43"
135 ANDRIOTTO Dario ITA CAL 32' 43"
136 DE CLERCQ Hans BEL LOT 32' 43"
137 HUNTER Robert RSA RAB 32' 43"
138 GARCIA ACOSTA Vicente ESP BAN 32' 43"
139 CANADA David ESP QSD 32' 43"
140 RENIER Franck FRA BLB 32' 43"
141 NAZON Jean-Patrick FRA DEL 32' 43"
142 USANO Julian ESP KEL 32' 43"
143 GARZELLI Stefano ITA CAL 32' 43"
144 BOSSONI Paolo ITA CAL 32' 43"
145 DA CRUZ Carlos FRA FDJ 32' 43"
146 WILSON Matthew AUS FDJ 32' 43"
147 COOKE Baden AUS FDJ 32' 43"
148 VOECKLER Thomas FRA BLB 32' 43"
149 PESCHEL Uwe GER GST 32' 43"
150 WIELINGA Remmert NED RAB 32' 43"
151 HASELBACHER Rene AUT GST 32' 43"
152 CUESTA Inigo ESP COF 32' 43"
153 FREIRE Oscar ESP RAB 32' 43"
154 WAUTERS Marc BEL RAB 32' 43"
155 FERRARA Raffaele ITA ALS 32' 43"
156 BODROGI Laszlo HUN QSD 32' 43"
157 BRAMATI Davide ITA QSD 32' 43"
158 JALABERT Nicolas FRA CSC 32' 43"
159 ORIOL Christophe FRA A2R 32' 43"
160 BERTOLINI Alessandro ITA ALS 32' 43"
161 FORNACIARI Paolo ITA SAE 32' 43"
162 SIMONI Gilberto ITA SAE 32' 43"
163 GLOMSER Gerrit AUT SAE 32' 43"
164 SCHMIDT Torsten GER GST 32' 43"
165 NAZON Damien FRA BLB 32' 43"
166 MILESI Marco ITA CAL 32' 43"
167 VAINSTEINS Romans LAT CAL 32' 43"
168 FEDRIGO Pierrick FRA C.A 38' 43"
169 GATES Nick AUS LOT 39' 31"
170 MC EWEN Robbie AUS LOT 39' 31"
171 VAN BON Leon NED LOT 39' 31"
172 CASAR Sandy FRA FDJ 42' 43"
  JEGOU Lilian FRA C.A Abandon
  CASPER Jimmy FRA FDJ Abandon
  ZANINI Stefano ITA SAE Abandon
  KLÖDEN Andréas GER TEL Abandon
  FURLAN Angelo ITA ALS Abandon
  BELOKI Joseba ESP ONE Abandon

General Classification after Stage 9

1 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP 40h 15' 26"
2 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ TEL 00' 21"
3 MAYO Iban ESP EUS 01' 02"
4 MANCEBO Francisco ESP BAN 01' 37"
5 HAMILTON Tyler USA CSC 01' 52"
6 ULLRICH Jan GER TBI 02' 10"
7 BASSO Ivan ITA FAS 02' 25"
8 HERAS Roberto ESP USP 02' 28"
9 ZUBELDIA Haimar ESP EUS 03' 25"
10 MENCHOV Denis RUS BAN 03' 45"
11 LAISEKA Roberto ESP EUS 04' 03"
12 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A 04' 04"
13 BELTRAN Manuel ESP USP 04' 31"
14 TOTSCHNIG Georg AUT GST 04' 58"
15 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALS 05' 17"
16 VIRENQUE Richard FRA QSD 05' 59"
17 SASTRE Carlos ESP CSC 05' 59"
18 JAKSCHE Jorg GER ONE 07' 05"
19 MILLAR David GBR COF 07' 15"
21 PLAZA David ESP TBI 08' 29"
22 ROUS Didier FRA BLB 08' 45"
23 BOOGERD Michael NED RAB 08' 53"
24 CHAVANEL Sylvain FRA BLB 09' 44"
25 PARRA Ivan COL KEL 09' 46"
26 DUFAUX Laurent SUI ALS 10' 28"
27 GARCIA CASAS Félix ESP TBI 10' 52"
28 RUBIERA José Luis ESP USP 12' 08"
29 AZEVEDO José POR ONE 12' 15"
30 PETROV Evgeni RUS BAN 13' 26"
31 NIERMANN Grischa GER RAB 13' 34"
32 LELLI Massimiliano ITA COF 14' 45"
33 BOTCHAROV Alexandre RUS A2R 15' 15"
34 MERCADO Juan Miguel ESP BAN 15' 31"
35 ASTARLOZA Mikel ESP A2R 16' 14"
36 ETXEBARRIA David ESP EUS 17' 16"
37 LEFEVRE Laurent FRA DEL 18' 03"
38 SERRANO Marcos ESP ONE 20' 27"
40 NARDELLO Daniele ITA TEL 23' 08"
41 ROGERS Michael AUS QSD 23' 53"
42 MONCOUTIE David FRA COF 26' 06"
43 GUERINI Giuseppe ITA TEL 26' 23"
44 GOUBERT Stephane FRA DEL 28' 12"
45 TRENTIN Guido ITA COF 30' 03"
46 BROCHARD Laurent FRA A2R 30' 41"
47 CHAURREAU Inigo ESP A2R 32' 52"
48 REBELLIN Davide ITA GST 34' 36"
49 GARZELLI Stefano ITA CAL 36' 51"
50 BETTINI Paolo ITA QSD 37' 06"
51 CASERO Angel ESP TBI 37' 48"
52 HINCAPIE George USA USP 42' 31"
53 PINEAU Jérôme FRA BLB 42' 40"
54 BÖLTS Udo GER GST 43' 38"
55 LUDEWIG Jorg GER SAE 43' 42"
56 KESSLER Matthias GER TEL 44' 47"
57 NOZAL Isidro ESP ONE 45' 49"
58 KARPETS Vladimir RUS BAN 46' 16"
59 VAN DE WOUWER Kurt BEL QSD 46' 23"
60 ZANDIO Xabier ESP BAN 47' 02"
61 GUTIERREZ José Enrique ESP KEL 47' 04"
62 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA ALS 47' 48"
63 BLAUDZUN Michaël DEN CSC 48' 11"
64 BOTERO Santiago COL TEL 49' 13"
65 SACCHI Fabio ITA SAE 50' 17"
66 GLOMSER Gerrit AUT SAE 50' 44"
67 LOPEZ MUNAIN Alberto ESP EUS 51' 29"
68 NOE Andrea ITA ALS 51' 54"
69 PRADERA Mikel ESP ONE 51' 57"
70 SIMONI Gilberto ITA SAE 52' 08"
71 PAOLINI Luca ITA QSD 52' 35"
72 FRITSCH Nicolas FRA FDJ 53' 49"
73 BERTAGNOLLI Leonardo ITA SAE 54' 22"
74 GARMENDIA Aitor ESP TBI 54' 23"
75 SORENSEN Nicki DEN CSC 54' 51"
76 MIHOLJEVIC Vladimir CRO ALS 54' 51"
77 STEINHAUSER Tobias GER TBI 54' 51"
78 ALDAG Rolf GER TEL 55' 28"
79 HALGAND Patrice FRA DEL 55' 59"
80 FLICKINGER Andy FRA A2R 56' 09"
81 LATASA David ESP KEL 57' 11"
82 LASTRAS Pablo ESP BAN 58' 24"
83 POILVET Benoit FRA C.A 59' 36"
84 ANDRLE René CZE ONE 1h 01' 14"
85 LANDIS Floyd USA USP 1h 01' 25"
86 TURPIN Ludovic FRA A2R 1h 02' 19"
87 MERCKX Axel BEL LOT 1h 02' 31"
88 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR DEL 1h 02' 45"
89 ARTETXE Mikel ESP EUS 1h 02' 47"
90 COMMESSO Salvatore ITA SAE 1h 03' 07"
91 CANADA David ESP QSD 1h 03' 20"
92 VERBRUGGHE Rik BEL LOT 1h 03' 50"
93 LANDALUZE Inigo ESP EUS 1h 04' 13"
94 ZBERG Marcus SUI GST 1h 04' 13"
95 VOGONDY Nicolas FRA FDJ 1h 04' 23"
96 ZAMPIERI Steve SUI CAL 1h 06' 04"
97 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA FAS 1h 07' 45"
98 PERON Andrea ITA CSC 1h 08' 11"
99 EKIMOV Vjatceslav RUS USP 1h 09' 13"
100 PADRNOS Pavel CZE USP 1h 09' 35"
101 ETXEBARRIA Unai VEN EUS 1h 09' 35"
102 AERTS Mario BEL TEL 1h 11' 19"
103 CHRISTENSEN Bekim DEN CSC 1h 11' 31"
104 PORTAL Nicolas FRA A2R 1h 12' 54"
105 VASSEUR Cédric FRA COF 1h 13' 01"
106 PENA Victor Hugo COL USP 1h 13' 35"
107 FREIRE Oscar ESP RAB 1h 14' 54"
108 VOIGT Jens GER C.A 1h 15' 54"
109 DA CRUZ Carlos FRA FDJ 1h 16' 06"
110 BAGUET Serge BEL LOT 1h 16' 13"
111 RENIER Franck FRA BLB 1h 17' 19"
112 BRANDT Christophe BEL LOT 1h 17' 36"
113 CASAR Sandy FRA FDJ 1h 19' 38"
114 BENETEAU Walter FRA BLB 1h 19' 47"
115 FLECHA Juan Antonio ESP BAN 1h 21' 19"
116 HUSHOVD Thor NOR C.A 1h 21' 21"
117 O'GRADY Stuart AUS C.A 1h 21' 24"
118 RODRIGUEZ Fred USA CAL 1h 21' 37"
119 JALABERT Nicolas FRA CSC 1h 22' 40"
120 ORIOL Christophe FRA A2R 1h 22' 44"
121 HARY Maryan FRA BLB 1h 22' 51"
122 KNAVEN Servais NED QSD 1h 23' 21"
123 EDALEINE Christophe FRA DEL 1h 23' 47"
124 BODROGI Laszlo HUN QSD 1h 23' 59"
125 VOECKLER Thomas FRA BLB 1h 25' 49"
126 CLAIN Médéric FRA COF 1h 25' 50"
127 MOERENHOUT Koos NED LOT 1h 25' 51"
128 VAINSTEINS Romans LAT CAL 1h 27' 41"
129 ZABEL Erik GER TEL 1h 28' 44"
130 GESLIN Anthony FRA BLB 1h 28' 53"
131 MC GEE Bradley AUS FDJ 1h 30' 32"
132 FEDRIGO Pierrick FRA C.A 1h 31' 03"
133 PIIL Jakob DEN CSC 1h 34' 04"
134 BOSSONI Paolo ITA CAL 1h 35' 14"
135 GAUMONT Philippe FRA COF 1h 35' 29"
136 VAN BON Leon NED LOT 1h 35' 31"
137 HINAULT Sébastien FRA C.A 1h 35' 53"
138 COOKE Baden AUS FDJ 1h 36' 12"
139 DE GROOT Bram NED RAB 1h 36' 15"
140 WAUTERS Marc BEL RAB 1h 36' 22"
141 BRAMATI Davide ITA QSD 1h 36' 24"
142 HUNTER Robert RSA RAB 1h 36' 53"
143 CIONI Dario  ITA FAS 1h 37' 09"
144 NAZON Damien FRA BLB 1h 37' 19"
145 FINOT Frédéric FRA DEL 1h 37' 26"
146 NAZON Jean-Patrick FRA DEL 1h 37' 30"
147 MUNOZ David ESP KEL 1h 37' 34"
148 MENGIN Christophe FRA FDJ 1h 37' 36"
149 DI LUCA Danilo ITA SAE 1h 37' 37"
150 CUESTA Inigo ESP COF 1h 38' 57"
151 USANO Julian ESP KEL 1h 39' 00"
152 GUIDI Fabrizio ITA TBI 1h 39' 05"
153 GONZALEZ GALDEANO Alvaro ESP ONE 1h 39' 55"
154 GARCIA ACOSTA Vicente ESP BAN 1h 40' 39"
155 PESCHEL Uwe GER GST 1h 40' 58"
156 AUGE Stéphane FRA C.A 1h 40' 59"
157 LIESE Thomas GER TBI 1h 41' 18"
158 HAUPTMAN Andrej SLO CAL 1h 41' 23"
159 DUMOULIN Samuel FRA DEL 1h 41' 50"
160 WIELINGA Remmert NED RAB 1h 43' 42"
161 BECKE Daniel GER TBI 1h 43' 47"
162 HASELBACHER Rene AUT GST 1h 45' 47"
163 MC EWEN Robbie AUS LOT 1h 49' 11"
164 ANDRIOTTO Dario ITA CAL 1h 49' 44"
165 MILESI Marco ITA CAL 1h 51' 02"
166 SCHMIDT Torsten GER GST 1h 51' 17"
167 FORNACIARI Paolo ITA SAE 1h 52' 06"
168 BERTOLINI Alessandro ITA ALS 1h 56' 15"
169 WILSON Matthew AUS FDJ 1h 56' 23"
170 GATES Nick AUS LOT 1h 57' 49"
171 FERRARA Raffaele ITA ALS 2h 01' 27"
172 DE CLERCQ Hans BEL LOT 2h 18' 12"

Points after Stage 9

1 COOKE Baden AUS FDJ 120 pts
2 MC EWEN Robbie AUS LOT 110 pts
3 HUSHOVD Thor NOR C.A 104 pts
4 ZABEL Erik GER TEL 98 pts
5 NAZON Jean-Patrick FRA DEL 88 pts
6 PAOLINI Luca ITA QSD 87 pts
7 O'GRADY Stuart AUS C.A 86 pts
8 FREIRE Oscar ESP RAB 83 pts
9 VAINSTEINS Romans LAT CAL 81 pts
10 BETTINI Paolo ITA QSD 72 pts
11 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ TEL 51 pts
12 RODRIGUEZ Fred USA CAL 47 pts
13 MC GEE Bradley AUS FDJ 46 pts
14 GUIDI Fabrizio ITA TBI 45 pts
15 GLOMSER Gerrit AUT SAE 44 pts
16 ULLRICH Jan GER TBI 43 pts
17 COMMESSO Salvatore ITA SAE 43 pts
18 NAZON Damien FRA BLB 42 pts
19 MAYO Iban ESP EUS 35 pts
20 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP 33 pts
21 ZUBELDIA Haimar ESP EUS 30 pts
22 HINAULT Sébastien FRA C.A 30 pts
23 BOTCHAROV Alexandre RUS A2R 28 pts
24 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR DEL 25 pts
25 VIRENQUE Richard FRA QSD 22 pts
26 GESLIN Anthony FRA BLB 22 pts
27 TOTSCHNIG Georg AUT GST 22 pts
28 MANCEBO Francisco ESP BAN 21 pts
29 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A 21 pts
30 BROCHARD Laurent FRA A2R 21 pts
31 ALDAG Rolf GER TEL 21 pts
32 HAMILTON Tyler USA CSC 20 pts
33 MILLAR David GBR COF 20 pts
34 VOIGT Jens GER C.A 20 pts
35 ROGERS Michael AUS QSD 19 pts
36 BODROGI Laszlo HUN QSD 18 pts
37 FINOT Frédéric FRA DEL 18 pts
38 BASSO Ivan ITA FAS 18 pts
39 HUNTER Robert RSA RAB 18 pts
40 ARTETXE Mikel ESP EUS 16 pts
41 CHAVANEL Sylvain FRA BLB 15 pts
43 LASTRAS Pablo ESP BAN 14 pts
44 GARZELLI Stefano ITA CAL 13 pts
45 PRADERA Mikel ESP ONE 13 pts
46 CASERO Angel ESP TBI 12 pts
47 FLICKINGER Andy FRA A2R 12 pts
48 LAISEKA Roberto ESP EUS 12 pts
49 RENIER Franck FRA BLB 12 pts
50 BOSSONI Paolo ITA CAL 12 pts
51 DUFAUX Laurent SUI ALS 9 pts
53 DA CRUZ Carlos FRA FDJ 9 pts
54 MENGIN Christophe FRA FDJ 8 pts
55 MENCHOV Denis RUS BAN 7 pts
56 CLAIN Médéric FRA COF 7 pts
57 MERCKX Axel BEL LOT 6 pts
58 PORTAL Nicolas FRA A2R 6 pts
59 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALS 6 pts
60 PINEAU Jérôme FRA BLB 6 pts
61 PENA Victor Hugo COL USP 6 pts
62 BENETEAU Walter FRA BLB 6 pts
63 JALABERT Nicolas FRA CSC 6 pts
64 HERAS Roberto ESP USP 5 pts
65 ASTARLOZA Mikel ESP A2R 5 pts
66 JAKSCHE Jorg GER ONE 4 pts
67 ROUS Didier FRA BLB 4 pts
68 FEDRIGO Pierrick FRA C.A 4 pts
70 BOTERO Santiago COL TEL 2 pts
71 LOPEZ MUNAIN Alberto ESP EUS 2 pts
72 POILVET Benoit FRA C.A 2 pts
73 TURPIN Ludovic FRA A2R 2 pts
74 LANDALUZE Inigo ESP EUS 2 pts
75 BAGUET Serge BEL LOT 2 pts
76 GAUMONT Philippe FRA COF 2 pts
77 PERON Andrea ITA CSC 1 pts
78 EKIMOV Vjatceslav RUS USP 1 pts
79 DI LUCA Danilo ITA SAE -1 pts
80 NIERMANN Grischa GER RAB -2 pts
81 GUTIERREZ José Enrique ESP KEL -2 pts
82 PARRA Ivan COL KEL -3 pts
83 BOOGERD Michael NED RAB -5 pts
84 KESSLER Matthias GER TEL -5 pts
85 ZAMPIERI Steve SUI CAL -5 pts
86 TRENTIN Guido ITA COF -6 pts
87 SCHMIDT Torsten GER GST -10 pts

KOM after Stage 9

1 VIRENQUE Richard FRA QSD 135 pts
2 JAKSCHE Jorg GER ONE 75 pts
3 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP 74 pts
4 PARRA Ivan COL KEL 71 pts
5 GARMENDIA Aitor ESP TBI 62 pts
6 MANCEBO Francisco ESP BAN 61 pts
7 ALDAG Rolf GER TEL 61 pts
8 DI LUCA Danilo ITA SAE 56 pts
9 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A 54 pts
10 MAYO Iban ESP EUS 53 pts
11 POILVET Benoit FRA C.A 51 pts
12 BETTINI Paolo ITA QSD 50 pts
13 ZUBELDIA Haimar ESP EUS 49 pts
14 GARZELLI Stefano ITA CAL 49 pts
15 CASERO Angel ESP TBI 47 pts
16 VINOKOUROV Alexandre KAZ TEL 47 pts
17 MERCADO Juan Miguel ESP BAN 37 pts
18 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA ALS 36 pts
19 LOPEZ MUNAIN Alberto ESP EUS 33 pts
20 HERAS Roberto ESP USP 24 pts
21 ULLRICH Jan GER TBI 21 pts
22 BENETEAU Walter FRA BLB 21 pts
23 HAMILTON Tyler USA CSC 20 pts
24 FEDRIGO Pierrick FRA C.A 20 pts
25 MENGIN Christophe FRA FDJ 20 pts
26 CLAIN Médéric FRA COF 19 pts
27 DUFAUX Laurent SUI ALS 18 pts
28 MONCOUTIE David FRA COF 18 pts
29 FINOT Frédéric FRA DEL 18 pts
30 GLOMSER Gerrit AUT SAE 15 pts
31 HALGAND Patrice FRA DEL 15 pts
32 GESLIN Anthony FRA BLB 15 pts
33 BASSO Ivan ITA FAS 14 pts
34 BELTRAN Manuel ESP USP 14 pts
35 ZAMPIERI Steve SUI CAL 14 pts
36 LAISEKA Roberto ESP EUS 12 pts
37 RUBIERA José Luis ESP USP 12 pts
38 RENIER Franck FRA BLB 12 pts
39 FLECHA Juan Antonio ESP BAN 12 pts
40 MC GEE Bradley AUS FDJ 12 pts
41 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALS 10 pts
42 O'GRADY Stuart AUS C.A 10 pts
43 MILLAR David GBR COF 8 pts
44 HINCAPIE George USA USP 7 pts
45 PERON Andrea ITA CSC 7 pts
46 FLICKINGER Andy FRA A2R 5 pts
47 CHAURREAU Inigo ESP A2R 4 pts
48 LANDIS Floyd USA USP 4 pts
49 PADRNOS Pavel CZE USP 4 pts
50 BODROGI Laszlo HUN QSD 4 pts
51 BRAMATI Davide ITA QSD 4 pts
52 PRADERA Mikel ESP ONE 3 pts
53 EKIMOV Vjatceslav RUS USP 3 pts
55 VOIGT Jens GER C.A 3 pts
56 CASAR Sandy FRA FDJ 3 pts
57 MENCHOV Denis RUS BAN 2 pts
58 LASTRAS Pablo ESP BAN 2 pts
59 GUERINI Giuseppe ITA TEL 1 pts
60 GOUBERT Stephane FRA DEL 1 pts
61 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA FAS 1 pts
62 JALABERT Nicolas FRA CSC 1 pts

Youth Classification after Stage 9

1 MENCHOV Denis RUS BAN 40h 19' 11"
2 CHAVANEL Sylvain FRA BLB 05' 59"
3 PETROV Evgeni RUS BAN 09' 41"
4 MERCADO Juan Miguel ESP BAN 11' 46"
5 ASTARLOZA Mikel ESP A2R 12' 29"
6 ROGERS Michael AUS QSD 20' 08"
7 PINEAU Jérôme FRA BLB 38' 55"
8 KESSLER Matthias GER TEL 41' 02"
9 KARPETS Vladimir RUS BAN 42' 31"
10 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA ALS 44' 03"
11 FRITSCH Nicolas FRA FDJ 50' 04"
12 BERTAGNOLLI Leonardo ITA SAE 50' 37"
13 FLICKINGER Andy FRA A2R 52' 24"
14 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR DEL 59' 00"
15 PORTAL Nicolas FRA A2R 1h 09' 09"
16 CASAR Sandy FRA FDJ 1h 15' 53"
17 HUSHOVD Thor NOR C.A 1h 17' 36"
18 HARY Maryan FRA BLB 1h 19' 06"
19 EDALEINE Christophe FRA DEL 1h 20' 02"
20 VOECKLER Thomas FRA BLB 1h 22' 04"
21 GESLIN Anthony FRA BLB 1h 25' 08"
22 FEDRIGO Pierrick FRA C.A 1h 27' 18"
23 COOKE Baden AUS FDJ 1h 32' 27"
24 MUNOZ David ESP KEL 1h 33' 49"
25 DUMOULIN Samuel FRA DEL 1h 38' 05"
26 WIELINGA Remmert NED RAB 1h 39' 57"
27 BECKE Daniel GER TBI 1h 40' 02"

Teams Classification after Stage 9

1 EUSKALTEL - EUSKADI  EUS 118h 11' 19"
4 TEAM CSC  CSC 10' 14"
7 ONCE - EROSKI  ONE 27' 49"
10 AG2R PREVOYANCE  A2R 45' 34"
13 ALESSIO  ALS 51' 27"
14 GEROLSTEINER  GST 1h 09' 34"
16 JEAN DELATOUR  DEL 1h 19' 11"
17 RABOBANK  RAB 1h 29' 35"
18 FASSA BORTOLO  FAS 1h 48' 18"
19 CREDIT AGRICOLE  C.A 2h 03' 48"
20 CALDIROLA - SO.DI  CAL 2h 30' 19"
21 LOTTO - DOMO  LOT 2h 30' 40"
22 FDJEUX.COM  FDJ 2h 34' 17"

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