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The Wobble-naught Ride Like the Pros Giveaway
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/12/2003
The Wobble-naught Ride Like the Pros Giveaway

Here are our ten daily winners - eight entrants have won a Wobble-naught Bike Fit, and two entrants have won the bike fit plus a pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds, plus a Thomson road stem and seatpost!

We will be contacting you via email with instructions on receiving your prize or prizes. Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope to see the rest of your names here soon!

Want to play??? Didn't win today??? Read this:

Announcing the *Ride like the Pros* Bike Fit Giveaway!

Day Four Winners
  1. Benjamin Lyon
  2. Milagros M. Font
  3. Jeff Downing
  4. Tim Tilden
  5. Kathryn Becker
  6. JoAnn Ellero
  7. David Parsons
  8. Bill Kish
Day Four Special Winners
  1. Patrick D. Stein
  2. Gary Leslie
Day Three Winners
  1. Michael Gotthelf
  2. Howard Parr
  3. Rick Beuttel
  4. Jonathan Podmore
  5. Ken Kochi
  6. Tony Tullio
  7. Ladson Boyle
  8. David Reed
Day Three Special Winners
  1. John Bentley
  2. Jack Tolbert
Day Two Winners
  1. Glenn Wright
  2. Jonathan M. Siegel
  3. Marc Urbanski
  4. Michael Roy
  5. Gary Edwards
  6. Michael Hayes 
  7. Marc Bailey
  8. Mike Kelly


Day Two Special Winners
  1. Thomas H. Martyn
  2. Dave Meyer


Day One Winners
  1. Mike Roe
  2. Ken Hamilton
  3. Bert Mabel
  4. Marianne O'Brien
  5. Micah Roberts
  6. Andy Pasternak
  7. Warren Naugler
  8. Kevin Schaeffer
Day One Special Winners
  1. Alonso Tejeda
  2. Brian Ratliff

"For twenty years I rode the same position which was set up by the top coaches in Italy. Recently I changed to the Wobble-naught position and I have noticed a big difference in my speed and power. I wish I rode this position my whole career.
It's great!" - Roberto Gaggioli



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