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Tour de France - Newsroundup
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/10/2003
Tour de France - Newsroundup

Official Medical Communication

Vicioso: Fracture of the left wrist. Grazes and bruises. Will not be able to start on Friday (see below).

Voigt: Insect bite on the neck

Zampieri: Stomach problems

Pollack: Pain in the left knee

Angel Vicioso

Angel Vicioso (ONCE Eroski), who fell a few kilometers from the finish of the fifth stage, was transferred to hospital in Nevers. X-Rays determined that he had suffered a complicated fracture of the left wrist.

Due to the nature of the fracture he has been advised by doctors that it would be imprudent to continue in the race.

Claudio Corti - “no change in strategy”

The Saeco team boss Claudio Corti spoke today about Saeco’s performance in yesterdays time trial -

“In spite of the fact that we had good rouleurs in the squad, the fact is we did not do well enough, the team did not fuction very well together. Still it will have no effect on our strategy for the rest of the race. We already knew that Armstrong is a great Champion.

”After his performances over recent years and also this season nobody can say, 'I will definitely beat Armstrong,' Simoni is no different to anyone else in this regard. What makes the Team Time Trial particularly bad for us, is the amount of time Simoni lost to the other contenders whom he can beat Beloki, Ullrich and a few others.

“However the mountains are yet to come and the time gaps are not so enormous. There is no contradiction in going for stage wins and to try for a podium place. By winning major stages in the race naturally you put yourself in a podium position. So in reality the team time trial has made no difference to our strategy."

US Postal versus Lefevere - Chapter Two

Following the great winter soap opera of the Boonen affair between US Postal and Quickstep, round two now seems underway.

Youngster Jurgen Van den Broek, time trial junior world champion of 2001, will leave Quick step to join US Postal. And Quick step team manager Patrick Lefevere is not too impressed: "He did not even bother to let me know." No doubt a lot more on this story as the months roll by.

Laurent Brochard

Following yesterday's team time trial, Laurent Brochard confirmed with L’Equipe that he is struggling to find his best form. Suffering from pains in his rib cage he had to miss his turn at the front of the relays, A great disappointment for him, particularly after he showed such fine form earlier in the season.

On the other hand, generally the AG2R team is doing well and he is just sorry not to be at his best level in the Tour.

Tomorrow's Stage

Weather on Friday: Beautiful weather during the entire stage. Temperatures 27 to 32 degrees

Stage 6 - July 11: Nevers to Lyon, 225 km

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The cat 3 climb of the Côte des Echarmeaux after 159 kilometres and the Cat 4 climb of the Côte de Lozanne just 23 kilometres from the finish may finally give the breakaway boys a chance for stage glory. The big guns will be looking towards the following two stages and will be wanting to save as much energy as possible, and the rolling terrain is not ideally suited to the sprinters' teams.

French teams will be at the forefront of the attacks so expect to see riders like Franck Rénier (Bjr), Sébastien Hinault (C.A), Stéphane Augé (CA), Patrice Halgand (Del), Jérôme Pineau (Bjr) and Carlos Dacruz (FdJ) try and out run the fast mens' teams.

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