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Tour de France - News Roundup Stage One
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/6/2003
Tour de France - News Roundup Stage One

Stage One Roundup

Injury List

Casper (FdJ): Head Injury. Did not lose consciousness - should start tomorrow.

Lotz (Rab): Deep facial injuries especially top lip - withdrawn

Hamilton (CSC): Left shoulder injury, likely collarbone - unlikely to restart.

Baldato (Als): Heavy grazes to both knees and the right hand - doubtful

Leipheimer (Rab): Left hip injury - likely break, withdrawn.

Perez (Cof): Knee injury - uncertain.

Zanini (Saeco) - heavy bruising and grazes - should continue.

Ludewig (Saeco) - an injury not caused by the crash but by that other danger to Tour riders, the amateur photographer - bruised shoulder.

Lance Armstrong - (he finished on Jose Luis Rubiera's bicycle) slight bruising abrasions - "I rode into the other riders (who had fallen). I couldn't avoid them, I was just too close."


The Giro is incomparable

Visibly shaken by the crash he heard but did not see the Italian Alessandro Petacchi’s mind was clearly more on the safety of his team mates than celebration.

His thirteenth victory of the season, and first ever in the Tour was overshadowded by the huge crash which saw the peloton collapse.

"I didn't see the crash because it happened behind me and all the riders who were racing ahead to fight the sprint. Because we go to more than 70 km an hour, are all nervous and want to be well placed, everyone gambles…”

Interviewed while riders were walking up the finishing straight carrying their bikes and with the flashing lights of the ambulances reflecting on the crowd it was easy to see his concern.

Following his tremendous 6 victories in the Giro and his injuries sustained there he has not had a great deal of time to prepare for this race.

“I didn't have much preparation so I have to thank my team-mates for their work. In particular Velo and Loda and to my team in general.”

Ever modest Petacchi refused to be drawn into who is the best sprinter debate.

"Well, it would not be like me if I ever said anything like that. I might think something, but it is for others to talk about. I hope to add my palmarés another stage of the Tour."

On one subject the Silver team flyer was adamant -

To win here is fantastic. If you could wear the yellow jersey it would be exceptional! But no more so than to wear the Rosa. The emotions I felt when a won in Lecce, (1st Stage of Giro 2003) and this victory are not comparable. I am Italian so to win in the Giro is on a higher level.”

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