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After Stage One: Latest News
By Staff
Date: 7/6/2003
After Stage One: Latest News

We at the Daily Peloton send our best wishes to all the riders involved in today's crash, thank them for their great contribution to the sport and hope for speedy recoveries all around.

Just in - The US Postal/Berry Floor website states:
According to spokesman Jogi Müller, Lance Armstrong has a hematoma on the left leg and a little wound on his left arm, which shouldn't endanger the rest of his Tour. George Hincapie fell on his left knee, while Viatcheslav Ekimov has minor abrasions over the entire body. These two as well should be able to continue without too much trouble.

From the CSC website:
As reported earlier, Tyler Hamilton is in the hospital. “It turned out that Tyler has a broken collarbone in his right shoulder. We have to wait for the evaluation from our own doctor but it does not look good”, says Team CSC’s press relations manager Brian Nygaard.

Rabobank reports that Marc Lotz has facial injuries including a torn lip and a cut from his nose to his eye, but these wounds are not as serious as originally thought. He is having a scan of his head, and the team has not decided if he will start Stage Two.

As for Leipheimer, he has a fracture that shows on radiographic pictures, and Rabobank says it is nearly certain he will not start.

Examinations have revealed no fractures or serious injuries for Jimmy Caspar.

A report that Levy Leipheimer has a fracture to his back. More as it becomes available.

Ekimov and Hincapie were also involved in the crash but apparently are none the worse for wear. Armstrong has a bruised leg and an abrasion to his arm, but nothing serious for any of these three riders.

Richard Virenque apparently has some road rash but hopefully is uninjured beyond that.

Just in - Tyler Hamilton has broken his shoulder and has abandoned. What sorry news. We wish all these riders the very best.

Davide Rebellin's bike was apparently demolished, and he suffered a small cut to his shoulder.

Jan Ullrich has gotten off with only a fright, and Armstrong seems to have some scrapes but has the all-clear.

Jimmy Caspar was reported to have been in a neck brace on the road, and may have cervical trauma.

CSC's Tyler Hamilton was transported to the hospital complaining about his left shoulder.

Rabobank's Marc Lotz was riding at a speed of 60km/h and crashed, with injuries to his lip and above his eyebrow. He was transported to the hospital for x-rays. Bram de Groot, Grischa Niermann and Levi Leipheimer were also in the crash.

Telekom's Matthias Kessler and Andreas Kloeden both had to be treated medically. Telekom team doctor Lothar Heinrich said that with Kessler's injuries are mild, but that Kloeden has a face wound and knee injuries. The doctor stated that they will see during the rest of tonight whether he will continue.

Gerolsteiner's Olaf Pollack's wheel was badly damaged in the crash, and he carried his bike over the finish line.

Lance Armstrong was also involved in the crash, he only needed a teammate's bike to make it to the finish.

The Italian Fabio Baldato (Alessio) has injured his knees, but no word on the extent of this. 

More updates as they become available. Thanks to Rabobank, L'Equipe, Velo Club du Net, Telekom, Rad-Sport News.

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