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CBR Nike Vision Criterium
By Becky Leidy
Date: 6/28/2003
CBR Nike Vision Criterium
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- Report courtesy of Casper Casparian

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Women 1-4

Although the weather was cool and overcast, the racing was hot as a smallish field of 15 women lined up for the CBR Nike Vision Criterium on a slightly rolling course in Dominguez Hills, CA.   Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's) stomped her authority all over the course, first escaping on her own shortly after the start, then sustaining a 2-up breakaway with companion Maria Farenholz (South Bay Wheelmen).  Despite the efforts of the women of Team Helen's/Trek-VW to reel her back, Kolb managed to put her head down, drop Farenholz and pick up a few primes along the way. 

Pictures courtesy of Casper Casperian

A heroic day alone was not to be for Kolb, however.  With four laps to go of the one-mile, four-corner circuit, April Henderson-Anderson (Helens/Trek-VW) launched across the diminishing gap between Kolb and the rest of the hard-charging field.  Opportunist Michelle Webster (Red 5/Vaniqa) joined Henderson; the fresh infusion of speed gave the now-three-up breakaway the power it needed to keep putting time on the field.  Henderson's teammate Debbie Durand parked herself at the front of the field at every opportunity, effectively killing any attempts by the larger group to rejoin the escapees. 

Although the field managed to give chase, distance outran time, with Henderson charging ahead of her companions for victory on the final rise to the finish line.  After her long day behind no one, Kolb took second and Red 5's Webster rolled in last of the break.  Farenholz won the field sprint for fourth place.

ELITE WOMEN I-IV, 15 racers,
1. April Henderson-Anderson Helen's/Trek-VW
2. Sandra Kolb Bicycle John's
3. Michelle Webster, Vaniqa/Red 5 Racing
4. Maria Fahrenholz South Bay Wheelmen
5. Lisa Hefferman
6. Sheryl Fauceglia, Cycles Veloce/Edge

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