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The Adventures of Nathan and Veronica: Maplewood, New Jersey
By Staff
Date: 6/17/2003
The Adventures of Nathan and Veronica: Maplewood, New Jersey

11th June, 2003--Lights, camera, ACTION!!!!!! We set off in the weeee hours of the morning - Sebastian, JJ, Roger, Nathan and myself - to a wonderful town called Maplewood, New Jersey. Today, the boys have to do some cameo star-studded public speaking to some of the students at Our Lady of Sorrows Primary School.

As the kids roll into the auditorium you could see their little faces light up with anticipation and a huge question mark above their heads.........WHO were these guys in TIGHTS!!!! I watch as the girls giggle, hands over their mouths......WOW.....And the young lads stroll in with this inquisitive twinkle in their eyes .....the boys stare as they make their way up into the grandstand......all bunched together like one big midget peloton.

John Profaci (Mr. Guru himself) stands before all the lil' adults and begins the spiel of BIKE SAFETY, ROAD AWARENESS and becoming a safe bike rider. As interested as they looked, I think they just wanted to ask their own questions .......Like WHY do you shave your legs? Ah, kids. Ha ha!

Everyone was captivated by Nathan's Aussie accent, he played it up to the boys and girls...YES, Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter was talked about a bit...... And a big "G,day" was said by all.

Juan Jose got on the rollers, while Nathan chatted about the bike, the gears, the special shoes (that make you go faster) plus wearing your helmet........The kids asked questions about doing WHEELIES....and going ROOL fast down hills....Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hands up everywhere like one big Mexican wave, more questions, and the boys had an answer for nearly everyone.....LIKE, how long does it take to become a PRO cyclist?? A few chuckles and grins from Sebastian and Nathan. Either way, the kids really enjoyed being in the company of the Colavita Bolla team....

The team handed out to each class...little goodies of Colavita pasta, olive oil, over mittens and most importantly the rules, road safety brochures to help them understand to ride safer throughout the summer break.

The morning was full of laughs, bucket loads of questions and the word "phoar"! It was a treat for the young kids but I think more of a treat for the bigger boys of Colavita Bolla.

Until next time - stay safe.

Veronica Bates

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