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Nature Valley Grand Prix - Stage 4
By Becky Leidy
Date: 6/15/2003
Nature Valley Grand Prix - Stage 4
- Race report courtesy of James Lockwood, communications director of the Nature Valley Grand Prix.

WINONA, Minn. (June 14, 2003) Ė Katie Mactier did more than just defend the red leaderís jersey Saturday in the Nature Valley Grand Prix.

She put some honor to it.

On a day when she could have sat safe and let her team do the work, Mactier attacked on the hills, and then attacked in the flats of the finishing circuit to win by herself in the Winona Road Race, 23 seconds ahead of her teammate Manon Jutras and more than a minute ahead of her nearest threat in the general classification.

For her part, Jutrasí second place finish and work over the 80 miles for her leader put her in second place on the general classification, giving Saturn a one-two punch heading into the final stage race on Sunday.

"It just shows the depth of our team," she said of her and Jutras, as well as Lyne Bessette, who helped the two in a 5-women break and finished fourth.

It was a point not lost on Rona-Eskerís Karen Bockel, who finished third and moved into third place on the G.C., 1:19 behind Mactier.

"One of their riders is strong; put three of them together, and it is scary," Bockel said.

Saturn was actually quiet for most of the day, sitting in the peloton much of the 80-mile race as two women with no threat to the red leaderís jersey rode up front. Melissa Sandborn of Intermountain Cycling Organization broke away from the group from the start and built a lead of 36 seconds before hitting the hills, where her lead increased to 1:22 on the peloton.

She was joined by VANIQA/Red 5 Racingís Laura Resor 10 miles into the race, and the two worked together to build a lead that reached as high as 4 minutes.

While they ate up much of the significant sprint points, Sarah Ullmer and her TDS squad worked the main pack to grab her third place points in the sprint, securing her sprint leaderís jersey for another day.

"It was actually good for us," she said of the way the day played out. "It wasnít too tough since we did not have to do much of the work today."

That fell to Saturn and Diet Rite, which had Tina Mayolo-Pic sitting second in the overall standings going into Saturdayís race. A missed opportunity to pick up some help from some other teams, though, doomed the Diet Rite ladies and left Mayolo-Pic more than a minute down on the leaders at the finish and dropped her to fourth overall.

"We worked so hard to bring [the break] back," she said. "No one was helping chase."

That winning break occurred about 47 miles into the race when the leaders, still 1:52 ahead of the pack, entered the third and last climb of the day, an ascent that stretched for 9 miles and pitched at 6 percent for a .9-mile section. T-Mobileís Katrina Grove initiated the action, but it was Saturn that found their groove.

"Ina [Teutenberg]] made a good call to set a good tempo up the hill," Mactier said.

With that, Bessette and Jutras attacked, followed by Bockel. Mactier remained close behind with T-Mobileís Dotsie Cowden. The chase swallowed Resor and Sandborn halfway up the hill and then built a 30-second lead, although Mactier and Cowden continued to trail at the crest of the climb.

However, the two were still ahead of the main pack, and when Mactier shook loose of Cowden, she bridged with the help of Bessette and then made it a Saturn-controlled pace.

"We knew we wanted to control the race," Jutras said.

"From that moment on the hill, it was just attack, attack, attack," Mactier said.

And that continued all the way into the finish over the next 20 miles. It left Bockel smiling even after finishing behind two Saturn riders.

"Today, considering the strength that Saturn showed, I am pretty happy," she said.

On the menís side, four Saturn riders, two winners, and a Jelly Belly that tasted disappointment for the first time in the Nature Valley Grand Prix.

The 106-mile Winona Road Race Ė the fourth stage in the Nature Valley Grand Prix Ė brought many unexpected outcomes Saturday, but the only one that seemed to catch no one by surprise was Saturnís Viktor Rapinskiís victory, which put him in the leaderís jersey by 1:03 over 7-Up/Maxxisí John Lieswyn.

"Heís a diesel," said Schroeder Ironís Jakob Erker, who watched in third place as Rapinski powered around Lieswyn for the win.

What caught everyone by surprise was the crash of Jelly Bellyís Adam Bergman 20 miles from the finish which came out of nowhere while the new professional from Minnesota was in the lead group.

"It was so unfortunate. I felt so horrible for him," said Saturnís Tim Johnson, who pulled the second surprise of the day by taking the sprint leaderís jersey from Navigatorís Henk Vogels. "He was riding great."

While riding at the front of the lead group that had more than two minutes on a chase group and three minutes on the peloton, Bergman scraped a curb, throwing him into the grass and off the lead group.

While not hurt, he was not able to get on his bike fast enough to catch back on.

"What am I going to do," a dejected Bergman said after the race, finishing seventh but more than a minute down on the group. "It is my fault. The curbs donít move."

Lieswyn said the group thought about waiting for Bergman, but with a group off five closing the gap, it was a less viable option.

"It would have been difficult for even Lance to chase back on," he said.

Bergman fell to seventh in the standings, and he admitted it probably doomed his chances for the overall victory.

"Iíve had a successful run," he said.

Johnsonís successful run came all in one day. Taking off from the start of the first hill, a 6-percent, 1-mile climb, he built a lead of 20 seconds that kept him in front of the pack Ė at some points at more than 4:15 Ė for the whole day. He gobbled up the sprint points while riding with Broadmark Capitalís Cameron Evans, then finished fifth. The sprinterís jersey was icing on the cake.

"I never thought it would actually work," he said. "I have seen Mapei send rider after rider up the road in such attacks, but I always thought that it was crazy."

"I am so happy it is over," he said with both delight and exhaustion.

Johnson turned out to be both impressive and helpful, as he was joined midway through the race by three of his teammates and Lieswyn, Erker and Bergman. With four Saturn riders in the break, including Rapinski who entered the day second overall, they were able to dictate the pace.

"We had to pull through, we had no choice," Bergman said.

"If we tried to just sit on, Saturn was just going to attack and attack," Erker said.

Instead, the seven that included Tom Danielson and Trent Klasna worked together, and after breaking up the field on the second time up a 9-mile ascent, they built a lead that increased to more than two minutes before anyone from the 45-man chase group tried to chase.

"The attack came much sooner than anyone expected," Lieswyn said. "Everyone had been expecting it for the third time up, but at the second time it just shattered the field. It was a sweet move by Saturn."

It also put Navigatorís Cieran Power out of contention for the keeping the leaderís jersey and possibly getting it back.

"We were trying to keep it together for as long as possible," Power said. "It just didnít work out."

"Weíll just have to go for a stage win tomorrow," he said.

Lieswyn said that could be easier said than done. With a 70-minute criterium that includes a 24-percent grade climb, the race is more about individual effort than team effort, and that could make it anybodyís race.

That doesnít mean that team tactics wonít come into play. But a sly Rapinski refused to give any secrets away when asked what the strategy will be when Saturn defends the jersey in the last stage of the grand prix.

"Weíll see," he said smiling.

Womenís Stage 4 Results

1 Katie Mactier Saturn Cycling Team 3.34'40"
2 Manon Jutras Saturn Cycling Team 23"
3 Karen Bockel Rona-Esker 25"
4 Lyne Bessette Saturn Cycling Team 50"
5 Katrina Grove T-Mobile 57"
6 Sarah Ulmer TDS 1'06"
7 Lara Kroepsca T-Mobile 1'07"
8 Gina Grain Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 1'07"
9 Amy Moore Saturn Cycling Team 1'07"
10 Andrea Hannos Rona-Esker 1'07"
11 Carrie Tuck Rona-Esker 1'07"
12 Megan Long Jamba Juice 1'07"
13 Becky Broeder ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 1'07"
14 Jennifer Eyerman VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 1'07"
15 April Henderson Anderson Helens/Trek/VW 1'07"
16 Rook Campbell Hi Tech Bikes/Harbour Lights 1'07"
17 Sarah Tillotson ABD Cycle Club 1'07"
18 Helen Kelly TDS 1'07"
19 Brooke O'Connor Colavita-Bolla Racing 1'07"
20 Dotsie Cowden T-Mobile 1'07"
21 Tina Mayolo-Pic Diet Rite 1'07"
22 Jennifer Leonard Bianchi/Grand Performance 1'07"
23 Lauren Franges Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 1'07"
24 Catherine Walberg Jamba Juice 1'07"
25 Elizabeth Morse Ford Racing Team/ Orlando Velo 1'07"
26 Staci Peters T-Mobile 1'07"
27 Tania Duff-Miller Diet Rite 1'07"
28 Laura Schmidt Terry Precision 1'07"
29 Brooke Ourada Team Goldy's 1'07"
30 Kori Kelly Diet Rite 1'07"
31 Nicole Freedman Basis 1'07"
32 Jo Kiesanowski Diet Rite 1'07"
33 Kate Sherwin Jamba Juice 1'07"
34 Margaret Hemsley Equipe Nurnberger 1'07"
35 Sarah Konrad Basis 1'07"
36 amanda lawrence CCB 1'07"
37 Anne Samplonius TDS 1'07"
38 Erinne Willock Rona-Esker 1'07"
39 Melissa Holt Rona-Esker 1'07"
40 Kristin Johnson T-Mobile 1'07"
41 Jessica Phillips Saturn Cycling Team 1'07"
42 Ina Teutenberg Saturn Cycling Team 1'07"
43 Petra Rossner Equipe Nurnberger 1'07"
44 Laura Resor VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 1'07"
45 Felicia Greer VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 1'07"
46 Melissa Sandborn ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 1'48"
47 Jennifer Stevens VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 1'49"
48 Laura VanGilder Saturn Cycling Team 1'49"
49 Sophie St. Jacques Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 2'23"
50 Lauren Gaffney Basis 3'04"
51 Madeleine Lindberg Equipe Nurnberger 5'56"
52 Erin Carter TDS 8'02"
53 Erika Schwarz VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 10'36"
54 Kerry Cohen ABD Cycle Club 10'36"
55 Kelly Benjamin ABD Cycle Club 10'36"
56 Shawn Heidgen TDS 10'36"
Riders dropping out
Megan Elliott Saturn Cycling Team
Cybil Diguistini Diet Rite
Crystal Yap Jamba Juice
Lynn Gaggioli
Christina Ruiter T-Mobile

Womenís Overall GC after Stage 4

1 Katie Mactier Saturn Cycling Team 6.52'28"
2 Manon Jutras Saturn Cycling Team 59"
3 Karen Bockel Rona-Esker 1'19"
4 Tina Mayolo-Pic Diet Rite 1'56"
5 Sarah Ulmer TDS 2'10"
6 Dotsie Cowden T-Mobile 2'37"
7 Amy Moore Saturn Cycling Team 2'43"
8 Melissa Holt Rona-Esker 2'50"
9 Margaret Hemsley Equipe Nurnberger 3'07"
10 Erinne Willock Rona-Esker 6'52"
11 Lyne Bessette Saturn Cycling Team 6'56"
12 Jennifer Eyerman VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 7'01"
13 Megan Long Jamba Juice 7'12"
14 Sarah Konrad Basis 7'12"
15 Staci Peters T-Mobile 7'32"
16 Katrina Grove T-Mobile 7'36"
17 Anne Samplonius TDS 7'48"
18 Andrea Hannos Rona-Esker 8'02"
19 Carrie Tuck Rona-Esker 8'02"
20 Jessica Phillips Saturn Cycling Team 8'09"
21 Nicole Freedman Basis 8'22"
22 Kori Kelly Diet Rite 8'30"
23 Helen Kelly TDS 8'34"
24 Ina Teutenberg Saturn Cycling Team 8'44"
25 Laura VanGilder Saturn Cycling Team 8'46"
26 Lara Kroepsca T-Mobile 8'52"
27 Lauren Franges Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 8'57"
28 April Henderson Anderson Helens/Trek/VW 8'58"
29 Brooke Ourada Team Goldy's 8'59"
30 Kristin Johnson T-Mobile 8'59"
31 Brooke O'Connor Colavita-Bolla Racing 9'00"
32 Kate Sherwin Jamba Juice 9'04"
33 Petra Rossner Equipe Nurnberger 9'05"
34 Jennifer Leonard Bianchi/Grand Performance 9'07"
35 Sarah Tillotson ABD Cycle Club 9'09"
36 Jo Kiesanowski Diet Rite 9'09"
37 Laura Schmidt Terry Precision 9'17"
38 amanda lawrence CCB 9'22"
39 Catherine Walberg Jamba Juice 9'24"
40 Tania Duff-Miller Diet Rite 9'40"
41 Felicia Greer VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 9'42"
42 Gina Grain Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 9'48"
43 Melissa Sandborn ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 9'52"
44 Laura Resor VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 10'44"
45 Elizabeth Morse Ford Racing Team/ Orlando Velo 10'56"
46 Lauren Gaffney Basis 11'49"
47 Becky Broeder ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 12'04"
48 Rook Campbell Hi Tech Bikes/Harbour Lights 12'15"
49 Sophie St. Jacques Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 12'19"
50 Jennifer Stevens VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 12'56"
51 Madeleine Lindberg Equipe Nurnberger 14'09"
52 Erin Carter TDS 14'53"
53 Shawn Heidgen TDS 19'15"
54 Kelly Benjamin ABD Cycle Club 19'23"
55 Kerry Cohen ABD Cycle Club 20'14"
56 Erika Schwarz VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 21'14"

Menís Stage 4 Results

1 Viktor Rapinski SAT 8.34'10"
2 John Lieswyn 7-U 1'03"
3 Tom Danielson SAT 1'05"
4 Jacob Erker SCH 1'51"
5 Trent Klasna SAT 1'52"
6 Tim Johnson SAT 2'27"
7 Adam Bergman JEL 2'51"
8 Mark McCormack SAT 4'12"
9 Aaron Olson SCH 4'49"
10 Jason Waddell MAT 6'16"
11 Stuart Gillespie HAR 6'28"
12 Peter Knudsen SCH 7'47"
13 Ciaran Power NAV 7'59"
14 Jason Bausch SCH 8'22"
15 Doug Ollerenshaw BRO 8'35"
16 Steve Cate MAT 8'36"
17 bill stolte HRR 8'51"
18 Steve Tilford BIK 9'59"
19 Siro Camponogara NAV 10'15"
20 Jeremy Sartain BIA 10'20"
21 Craig Wilcox BRO 10'21"
22 Terry Beenken MOR 10'27"
23 Cameron Hughes SCH 10'33"
24 David Sachs ALB 10'39"
25 Oscar Pineda 7-U 10'40"
26 Justin Spinelli NAV 10'47"
27 Cameron Evans BRO 10'48"
28 John (Jack) Seehafer PRO 10'51"
29 Adam Livingston SCH 10'58"
30 Christopher Flood ORB 11'00"
31 Gus Carrillo BIA 11'14"
32 paul ellis BIA 11'23"
33 Matthew Gates NAT 11'35"
34 Pete Hanna BIA 12'07"
35 Frank Dierking ABD 12'39"
36 Bryce Mead BIA 12'41"
37 Dylan Sebel BRO 15'55"
38 Eric Pardyjak FIR 18'41"
39 Barrett Zoltai ORB 19'20"
40 murray carter FLA 21'16"
41 Andrew Powell ORB 22'28"
42 Cabrel Boucher TEA 23'02"
43 Ryan Guay NAV 23'08"
44 Marty Nothstein NAV 23'20"
45 Glen Mitchell NAV 23'24"
46 Ivan Dominguez SAT 24'25"
47 Mike Johnson SPR 26'09"
48 Brian Jensen BIK 26'43"
49 Andrew Minier SHA 29'36"
50 Evan Elken BRO 40'15"
51 Josh Crow HRR 42'24"

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