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Nature Valley Grand Prix Ė Stage 3
By Becky Leidy
Date: 6/14/2003
Nature Valley Grand Prix Ė Stage 3
- Race report courtesy of James Lockwood, communications director of the Nature Valley Grand Prix and Giana Roberge of Saturn Cycling.

MINNEAPOLIS (June 13, 2003) Ė The third stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix was held in downtown Minneapolis. A 1.2 kilometer, pancake flat lap, the setting was a perfect venue for the thousands of spectators lining the streets. With a concert in the background, and a beautiful, clear warm evening, the cafes were packed, and people were ready to party as the cyclists threw their best blows in an effort to claim the Nature Valley Grand Prix title.

With a total of 45 seconds of time bonuses on the line, the overall was far from decided in both the women's and men's races. In the women's standings, Saturn was nicely placed in first and second with Katie Mactier and Manon Jutras, but with sprinter extraordinaires Tina Mayolo and Sarah Ulmer breathing down their respective necks only 32 seconds back, the time bonuses certainly were race deciders.

It was suppose to be a 40-minute race through the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

Saturnís Ina Teutenberg turned it into a 40-minute time trial.

The German took off from the start of the gun in the inaugural Minneapolis Downtown Classic, the third stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix, and never looked back. Joined on two separate occasions by only one other rider, she cruised to a 5-second win over T-Mobileís Stacy Peters, with Saturnís Laura VanGilder winning the sprint to third.

While Teutenberg looked to do all the work, she took little credit for the win.

"We wanted to race aggressively," she said. "We didnít want to give the seconds."

With many sprint bonuses and primes for bonus time on the general classification, Saturn controlled the race from all aspects of the course to deny any bonuses to Diet Riteís Tina Mayolo-Pic and TDS Telecomís Sarah Ullmer, both sitting second and fourth respectively overall.

A sick VanGilder even used all the kick she had to deny Ullmer the third-place bonus time on the finish.

"I gave one for the team today," she said, describing her illness as a cold.

Katie Mactier, who wore the leaderís red jersey after Friday morningís time trial, said the race couldnít have worked more perfectly for her and the team, but also wondered about the strategy of the other teams. The race saw few attempts by Mayolo-Picís Diet Rite to bridge the gap to Teutenberg, who at times had her break up to 20 seconds and never fell below 10 seconds.

TDS made some early attempts but never were able to have a rider hold Teutenbergís wheel.

"There seemed to be a lot of riders racing for themselves this evening," she said.

Rona-Eskerís Karen Bockel thought it was just Saturn, with some help from T-Mobile, shutting down any attempts.

"They were trying to control the race," said Bockel, who dropped from fourth to fifth in the general classification, 29 seconds down to Mactier.

Peters did give credit to her team for allowing her to stay out just less that half the race. She said it was not in her plans at the start.

"I did not feel particularly good at the start of the race," she said. "When I made the jump, it was the first time I had seen the front of the pack all day. It was just good timing, I guess." But the kudos came back to Teutenberg.

"She was just so awesome," Peters said.

In the menís races, there have been three stages, and three different teams winning.

But the red jersey leader in the Nature Valley Grand Prix has a familiar look.

7-Up/Maxxis received a hard-earned win for Dan Schmatz in the inaugural Minneapolis Downtown Classic Ė a 60-minute, .8-mile circuit race that was the third stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix Ė while Navigatorís Cieran Power smartly took back the red leaderís jersey after placing third in the finish.

It turned out to be all about the bonus times at the finish and in sprints that put Power back into red after losing the jersey in Friday morningís time trial.

"This was a perfect race for me," said Power, who won the open stage road race on Thursday and took 55 seconds in bonus time on Friday. "Navigators just did their own race and it worked out for me."

Jelly Bellyís new pro rider Adam Bergman also road his own race, but in the end his results were not so sweet. Wearing the red leaderís jersey after Friday morningís time trial, he finished in the main pack 37 seconds down to the leaders and 44 seconds down to Power in the G.C., third overall.

The results, though, did not seem to worry him too much.

"I had no teammates today, so I had to conserve some of my energy for Saturday and Sunday, " he said. "Iím confident I can give it a go. Iíll definitely be a threat."

Bergmanís strategy was questioned by Saturnís Mark McCormack, who sat second in the G.C. after the time trial and is fourth currently.

"He was glued to my wheel all day," said McCormack, who was in an early break of 12 for the first half of the race but finished in the pack, as well, 38 seconds down.

"You canít just let the guy who is in third ride away with the bonuses," he said, referring to Power. "I was kind of surprised he wasnít willing to stick his neck out more. "

For McCormack, his team has so many guns it did not matter if he stuck his neck out or not. Although in fourth place, second overall now belongs to McCormackís teammate, Viktor Rapinski, who also finished second in the Minneapolis stage.

"My teammates did everything we could today," said Rapinski, who is 32 seconds off the leaderís jersey. "It was difficult to race the time trial and then travel 3 hours to race here this evening."

"I think next time, it will be better," he said with a grin, hoping for something more than second place.

But for this race, the night belonged to Schmatz. The winner of the Athens Twilight Criterium found the race that suited him, and used the power of teammate John Lieswyn to get him to the end. " While Saturn used both riders in an initial break of 12 and the chase group to shut down what looked to be a decisive break with 7-Up, Navigators, Schroeder and Jelly Belly, Lieswyn would have none of it and attacked after the peloton regrouped with 20 minutes to go in the race.

Both Navigators and 7-Up kept the pace high, building a 38-second lead with 4 laps to go. Then Lieswyn took off again on the bell lap, and Schmatz said he thought that was it.

"I thought that the race was over," he said.

But as they entered the final turn into the finishing straight, Schmatz found a different line than the other riders that allowed him to pedal through the turn rather then just leaning into it, as most were doing.

"I came out of the last corner just pedaling," he said. ďI never got out of my 13 [cog]."

The win proved sweet for the 7-Up/Maxxis squad, who only has three riders here but animated most of the race in both breaks.

"We were just rolling the dice," he said.

The Nature Valley Grand Prix continues Saturday in the southern Minnesota city of Winona with a 106-mile road race and then will finish in Stillwater, Minn., outside of the Twin Cities with a 70-minute criterium.

Womenís Results

1 Ina Teutenberg Saturn Cycling Team
2 Stacy Peters T-Mobile 6"
3 Laura VanGilder Saturn Cycling Team 12"
4 Sarah Ulmer TDS 13"
5 Nicole Freedman Basis 13"
6 Andrea Hannos Rona-Esker 13"
7 Gina Grain Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 13"
8 Jennifer Eyerman VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 14"
9 Tina Mayolo-Pic Diet Rite 14"
10 Megan Long Jamba Juice 14"
11 Katrina Grove T-Mobile 14"
12 Petra Rossner Equipe Nurnberger 15"
13 Erin Carter TDS 15"
14 Karen Bockel Rona-Esker 15"
15 Lara Kroepsca T-Mobile 15"
16 Melissa Holt Rona-Esker 15"
17 Tania Duff-Miller Diet Rite 15"
18 Kelly Benjamin ABD Cycle Club 15"
19 Brooke O'Connor Colavita-Bolla Racing 16"
20 Kori Kelly Diet Rite 16"
21 Jo Kiesanowski Diet Rite 16"
22 Lyne Bessette Saturn Cycling Team 16"
23 Catherine Walberg Jamba Juice 16"
24 Katie Mactier Saturn Cycling Team 16"
25 Sarah Tillotson ABD Cycle Club 17"
26 Dotsie Cowden T-Mobile 17"
27 Anne Samplonius TDS 17"
28 Megan Elliott Saturn Cycling Team 17"
29 Margaret Hemsley Equipe Nurnberger 17"
30 Carrie Tuck Rona-Esker 18"
31 Jennifer Leonard Bianchi/Grand Performance 18"
32 Sarah Konrad Basis 18"
33 Helen Kelly TDS 18"
34 Lynn Gaggioli 18"
35 Lauren Franges Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 18"
36 Melissa Sandborn ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 19"
37 Erinne Willock Rona-Esker 19"
38 Amy Moore Saturn Cycling Team 19"
39 Manon Jutras Saturn Cycling Team 21"
40 Kate Sherwin Jamba Juice 21"
41 Shawn Heidgen TDS 21"
42 Jessica Phillips Saturn Cycling Team 21"
43 Amanda Lawrence CCB 23"
44 Elizabeth Morse Ford Racing Team/ Orlando Velo 24"
45 Kristin Johnson T-Mobile 24"
46 April Henderson Anderson Helens/Trek/VW 24"
47 Christina Ruiter T-Mobile 24"
48 Madeleine Lindberg Equipe Nurnberger 26"
49 Felicia Greer VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 27"
50 Cybil Diguistini Diet Rite 27"
51 Sophie St. Jacques Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 28"
52 Brooke Ourada Team Goldy's 32"
53 Laura Schmidt Terry Precision 35"
54 Laura Resor VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 42"
55 Lauren Gaffney Basis 46"
56 Erika Schwarz VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 43'46"
57 Jennifer Stevens VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 44'19"
58 Kerry Cohen ABD Cycle Club 44'19"
59 Crystal Yap Jamba Juice 44'19"
60 Becky Broeder ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 44'24"
61 Rook Hi Tech Bikes/Harbour Lights 44'27"
Riders dropping out
Anne Meyer ABD Cycle Club
Allison Dwyer America's Dairyland
Rachel Eichers America's Dairyland
Rebecca Loney America's Dairyland
Megan Monroe America's Dairyland
Kathleen Jones ICO (intermountain Cycling Org)
Debbie Dust Jamba Juice
Laurel Sundberg MCT/Tonka Cycle
Andrea Mugge Mercy/Cannondale
Lindsay Wetzel Mercy/Cannondale
Anne Grabowski Nature Valley
Kristen Lasasso Rona-Esker
Elisa Gagnon Terry Precision
Michelle Beltran VANIQA/Red 5 Racing
Betsy Bloom VANIQA/Red 5 Racing
Megan McQuaid VANIQA/Red 5 Racing
Cory Page VANIQA/Red 5 Racing

Womenís GC after Stage 3

1 Katie Mactier Saturn Cycling Team 2.37'28"
2 Tina Mayolo-Pic Diet Rite 9"
3 Manon Jutras Saturn Cycling Team 16"
4 Sarah Ulmer TDS 24"
5 Karen Bockel Rona-Esker 29"
6 Dotsie Cowden T-Mobile 50"
7 Amy Moore Saturn Cycling Team 56"
8 Melissa Holt Rona-Esker 1'03"
9 Margaret Hemsley Equipe Nurnberger 1'20"
10 Erinne Willock Rona-Esker 5'05"
11 Jennifer Eyerman VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 5'14"
12 Megan Long Jamba Juice 5'25"
13 Sarah Konrad Basis 5'25"
14 Lyne Bessette Saturn Cycling Team 5'41"
15 Kim Anderson T-Mobile 5'45"
16 Katrina Grove T-Mobile 5'59"
17 Anne Samplonius TDS 6'01"
18 Erin Carter TDS 6'11"
19 Andrea Hannos Rona-Esker 6'15"
20 Carrie Tuck Rona-Esker 6'15"
21 Laura VanGilder Saturn Cycling Team 6'17"
22 Lynn Gaggioli 6'21"
23 Jessica Phillips Saturn Cycling Team 6'22"
24 Nicole Freedman Basis 6'35"
25 Kori Kelly Diet Rite 6'43"
26 Helen Kelly TDS 6'47"
27 Megan Elliott Saturn Cycling Team 6'52"
28 Christina Ruiter T-Mobile 6'54"
29 Ina Teutenberg Saturn Cycling Team 6'57"
30 Lara Kroepsca T-Mobile 7'05"
31 Lauren Franges Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 7'10"
32 April Henderson Anderson Helens/Trek/VW 7'11"
33 Kristin Johnson T-Mobile 7'12"
34 Brooke Ourada Team Goldy's 7'12"
35 Brooke O'Connor Colavita-Bolla Racing 7'13"
36 Kate Sherwin Jamba Juice 7'17"
37 Petra Rossner Equipe Nurnberger 7'18"
38 Jennifer Leonard Bianchi/Grand Performance 7'20"
39 Jo Kiesanowski Diet Rite 7'22"
40 Sarah Tillotson ABD Cycle Club 7'22"
41 Melissa Sandborn ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 7'24"
42 Laura Schmidt Terry Precision 7'30"
43 Madeleine Lindberg Equipe Nurnberger 7'33"
44 Amanda Lawrence CCB 7'35"
45 Catherine Walberg Jamba Juice 7'37"
46 Cybil Diguistini Diet Rite 7'52"
47 Tania Duff-Miller Diet Rite 7'53"
48 Felicia Greer VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 7'55"
49 Shawn Heidgen TDS 7'59"
50 Gina Grain Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 8'01"
51 Lauren Gaffney Basis 8'05"
52 Kelly Benjamin ABD Cycle Club 8'07"
53 Laura Resor VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 8'57"
54 Elizabeth Morse Ford Racing Team/ Orlando Velo 9'09"
55 Sophie St. Jacques Victory Brewing/Amoroso's 9'16"
56 Kerry Cohen ABD Cycle Club 49'58"
57 Erika Schwarz VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 50'58"
58 Becky Broeder ICO (intermountain Cycling Org) 51'17"
59 Jennifer Stevens VANIQA/Red 5 Racing 51'27"
60 Rook Hi Tech Bikes/Harbour Lights 51'28"
61 Crystal Yap Jamba Juice 52'24"

Menís Results

1 Dan Schmatz 7-U .59'45"
2 Viktor Rapinski SAT st
3 Ciaran Power NAV st
4 Aaron Olson SCH st
5 Jacob Erker SCH 1"
6 Trent Klasna SAT 1"
7 Steve Tilford BIK 1"
8 John Lieswyn 7-U 2"
9 Tom Danielson SAT 2"
10 Ryan Guay NAV 2"
11 Siro Camponogara NAV 4"
12 Marty Nothstein NAV 34"
13 Jason Waddell MAT 36"
14 Glen Mitchell NAV 37"
15 Pete Hanna BIA 37"
16 Gus Carrillo BIA 37"
17 Adam Bergman JEL 37"
18 Jason Bausch SCH 37"
19 Roberto Gaggioli 37"
20 Craig Wilcox BRO 38"
21 Evan Elken BRO 38"
22 Doug Ollerenshaw BRO 38"
23 Erik Tomlinson GRO 38"
24 Terry Beenken MOR 38"
25 Rod Raymond FLA 38"
26 John (Jack) Seehafer PRO 38"
27 Mark McMormack SAT 38"
28 Kenny Labbe USP 38"
29 Peter Knudsen SCH 38"
30 Frank Dierking ABD 39"
31 Henk Vogels NAV 39"
32 Michael Olheiser VEL 39"
33 Paul Ellis BIA 39"
34 Justin Spinelli NAV 39"
35 Jeremy Sartain BIA 40"
36 Cameron Hughes SCH 40"
37 Stuart Gillespie HAR 40"
38 Christopher Flood ORB 41"
39 Oscar Pineda 7-UP 41"
40 John Puffer ABD 41"
41 Cameron Evans BRO 41"
42 Adam Livingston SCH 41"
43 Tim Johnson SAT 42"
44 Bill Stolte HRR 42"
45 Steve Cate MAT 42"
46 Ivan Dominguez SAT 51"
47 David Sachs ALB 54"
48 Dale Sedgwick BIA 1'16"
49 Matthew Gates NAT 1'17"
50 Bryce Mead BIA 2'40"
51 Joshua Tack MER 2'40"
52 Andrew Powell ORB 2'40"
53 Mike Johnson SPR 2'40"
54 murray carter FLA 2'40"
55 Dylan Sebel BRO 6'30"
56 Brian Koeneman NAT 8'30"
57 Barrett Zoltai ORB 5'30"
58 Eric Pardyjak FIR 5'30"
59 Andrew Minier SHA 10'35"
60 Cabrel Boucher TEA 12'16"
61 Josh Crow HRR 13'55"
62 Brian Jensen BIK 13'55"
Riders dropping out
Cory Steinbrecher JEL
Mike Eberts ABD
Ryan Nenninger ABD
Frank Pipp ABD
Paul Holm BIA
Daniel Arden BIR
Brent Binkowski BIR
Shawn Brick BIR
Mark Dykes BIR
Peter Maxwell BIR
Calvin Allan BRO
Chris Doig FLA
Timmer Mulrooney FLA
Karl Stover GRO
Ryan Ramos HIG
John Olney MER
aaron rukgaber MER
Lee Venteicher MER
Tone Coughlin MOR
Matt Henry NAT
Aaron Johnson NAT
Banning Ostrow ORB
Jason Snider ORB
David Metza SPR
Fred Feirn ORB
Luke Winger ORB
Andy Malcom RCR
Robbie Ventura USP

Menís GC after Stage 3

1 Ciaran Power NAV 4.19'25"
2 Viktor Rapinski SAT 32"
3 Adam Bergman JEL 44"
4 Mark McMormack SAT 51"
5 Tom Danielson SAT 59"
6 John Lieswyn 7-U 1'12"
7 Trent Klasna SAT 1'19"
8 Aaron Olson SCH 1'24"
9 Jacob Erker SCH 1'49"
10 Dan Schmatz 7-U 1'59"
11 Steve Tilford BIK 2'01"
12 Henk Vogels NAV 2'01"
13 Peter Knudsen SCH 2'02"
14 Tim Johnson SAT 2'11"
15 Ryan Guay NAV 2'12"
16 Siro Camponogara NAV 2'20"
17 Marty Nothstein NAV 2'22"
18 Craig Wilcox BRO 2'26"
19 Jeremy Sartain BIA 2'27"
20 Glen Mitchell NAV 2'29"
21 Terry Beenken MOR 2'32"
22 Jason Bausch SCH 2'36"
23 michael olheiser VEL 2'39"
24 Cameron Hughes SCH 2'40"
25 Oscar Pineda 7-U 2'48"
26 Doug Ollerenshaw BRO 2'50"
27 Jason Waddell MAT 2'53"
28 Justin Spinelli NAV 2'53"
29 Steve Cate MAT 2'55"
30 John (Jack) Seehafer PRO 2'56"
31 Cameron Evans BRO 2'56"
32 rod raymond FLA 2'59"
33 David Sachs ALB 3'00"
34 Adam Livingston SCH 3'06"
35 Christopher Flood ORB 3'08"
36 Stuart Gillespie HAR 3'09"
37 bill stolte HRR 3'10"
38 Erik Tomlinson GRO 3'15"
39 Gus Carrillo BIA 3'18"
40 Dale Sedgwick BIA 3'22"
41 paul ellis BIA 3'29"
42 Matthew Gates NAT 3'37"
43 Ivan Dominguez SAT 3'46"
44 Kenny Labbe USP 3'55"
45 John Puffer ABD 3'58"
46 Pete Hanna BIA 4'11"
47 Roberto Gaggioli 4'39"
48 Bryce Mead BIA 4'42"
49 murray carter FLA 5'04"
50 Mike Johnson SPR 5'11"
51 Joshua Tack MER 5'22"
52 Andrew Powell ORB 6'16"
53 Frank Dierking ABD 6'55"
54 Eric Pardyjak FIR 7'42"
55 Dylan Sebel BRO 7'56"
56 Barrett Zoltai ORB 8'21"
57 Brian Koeneman NAT 10'36"
58 Cabrel Boucher TEA 15'03"
59 Andrew Minier SHA 18'11"
60 Brian Jensen BIK 20'54"
61 Josh Crow HRR 21'26"
62 Evan Elken BRO 36'54"

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