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US PRO Team Previews: US Teams
By Staff
Date: 6/7/2003
US PRO Team Previews: US Teams

This year's US PRO Championship has drawn not only all the American teams, but a fine selection of European team talent as well. But the US PRO would not be complete without all the hotshots among the smaller US teams coming to mix it up on the streets of Philly, and we preview them here!

Team West Virginia

Fielding a team of about half-neopros and half "washed up pros," four members of Team West Virginia have braved the wall, and several of the others have seen it on TV. diarist, superstar and male model, Mike Jones, has gotten all the results; most recently riding to a fantastic 10th place finish in the Tour of Connecticut, while the rest of the team have been riding better in local races than they have against a national field, and hope that in time they will be able to compete against Jones, and the rest of the field as soon as they ride into form, but, says Hamblen, "it was a rough winter, and beer tastes good."

Jones, according to team leader, and Mike's coach, John Hamblen, has never heard of the big race in Philly. He believes the team is "headed for a big crit in Pittsburgh." Hamblen puts up Jones, and Scottie Weiss as their men to watch in the hardman races, while Wes Seigler, Pat O'Donnell, Tim Henry and Paul Martin are motivated to make something happen in Trenton.

Team West Virginia
171 John Hamblen, USA
172 Scottie Weiss, Usa
173 Jacob Fetty, Usa
174 Michael Jones, Usa
175 Wesley Seigler, USA
176 Benjamin Sharp, USA
177 Conor Hurley, USA
178 David Wegner, USA
179 Patrick O' Donnell, USA
D.S. G. Cook

Ofoto/Lombardi Sports

The Team will be led by Captain Erik Saunders in all three events. In Lancaster's tough rolling hills the team will be looking for David O'Loughlin, Tim Larkin, and Andy Bajadali to make a mark. In Trenton's more sprinting-oriented event, Russell Hamby, Keith Horowitz, and Roman Peter are expected to perform. And in Sunday's Championship event, Erik Saunders looks to better his 18th place considerably. The Team also expects Roman Peter, Andy Bajadali, Tim Larkin, and David O'loughlin to go the distance and battle it out to the end.

Team Manager John Durso had this to say about the upcoming races: "Our guys are really motivated, even more so than for Georgia. I expect a few surprises out of them. Everyone is really fit and we hope to find our way into the top-10 in each event. We're here to race, so just like in Georgia, we'll be out there attacking and helping to make the race, looking for opportunities..."

Ofoto/Lombardi Sports
111 Erik Saunders, USA
112 Tim Larkin, USA
113 Andrew Bajadali, USA
114 Peter Roman, USA
115 Russell Hamby, USA
116 David O' Laughlin, IRL
117 Saul Raisin, USA
118 Jackson Stewart, USA
D.S. R. Zellner

Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing

Jelly Belly, based in California, has a couple of strong guys to watch. Australians Brent Dawson and Ben Brooks have been riding well all season, both known for a fast finish. Brent Dawson is a many time Australian National Champion as well as a world champion in the team pursuit on the track, and now turns his attention to the road. Now in his second year racing in the US, he is ready to see results and capable of gaining them. A sprinter with good endurance, he will be one to watch. Ben Brooks is a young veteran of several European road seasons, a former Linda McCartney Professional Cycling Team rider as well as a World Champion in the Team Pursuit as a Junior. Says Brooks: "I have been looking forward to the USPRO Champs since I signed up with the Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing Cycling Team. The climb up the wall in Manayunk suits me, while the 250 km length of the race should produce some carnage in the field as well as sap the strength of the true sprinters." Jelly Belly also features Mariano Friedick, a rider with immense natural talents, ex-Saturn rider Chris Fisher, and local sensation Mark Fitzgerald. Freidick is 14th on GC for this race series.

Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
101 Ben Brooks, AUS
102 Brent Dawson, AUS
103 Krik Albers, USA
104 Remi McManus, USA
105 Mark Fitzgerald, USA
106 Chris Fisher, USA
107 Brian Forbes, USA
108 Mariano Freidick, USA
109 William Steinbrecher, USA
D.S. D.VanHaute

A team largely made up of neo-pros with a first time director, has been aiming for modest success, and hitting it. Their philosophy has been one of temperance both with their budget and their energies, targeting one major event per month, and using the rest of the time between major goals to recharge, and rebuild for the next major event. Their last campaign before Philly week was a successful trip to Ireland for the Milk Ras, where Adam Hodges Myerson won a stage, and Sportsbook boys Matthew Svatek and Josh Beck were active in the breaks, gaining the team some valuable media time - their sponsor has offices in Dublin. Svatek gained notoriety for betting he could ride the entire race in his 54, and then did, and Hodges Myerson is the first American to win a stage of the Milk Ras. Success does not make them giddy, though, and the team has modest hopes during Philly week: they hope to get one man into the top 30, a goal they feel is "ambitious and modest at the same time."
191 Larry Perera, USA
192 Adam Hodges Myerson, USA
193 Josh Beck, USA
194 Ryan Dewald, Usa
195 Matthew Svatek, USA
196 Nathan Rouse, USA
197 Simon Kessler, RSA
198 Ross Krause, USA
199 Guillaume Nelessen, USA
D.S. W. Laudien

Jittery Joe's Coffee

The "Coffee of the Gods" team didn't have fun with the wet and cold Lancaster (who did?). But their lineup for Philly looks good with Cesar Calle, who picked up third on KOM at San Francisco last year and also had good results at Tour of the Gila last year. He is still early in his racing season but looks to be the man they will support. This team has strongmen Rosenbarger and Jonny "The Cat" Sundt and lots of speed in Hopkins and Hartley (had a sore throat earlier this week), but with the Wall in the middle of things ten times during the race, it will be a hat trick for every rider present.

Jittery Joe's Coffee
121 Jeff Hopkins, AUS
122 Cesar Calle Grajales, COL
123 Jesse Lawler, USA
124 Jonny Sundt, USA
125 Chad Hartley, USA
126 Jake Rosenbarger, USA
D.S. M. Rice

Sierra Nevada Clif Bar

Matt Dubberly and Troy White were in the top 25 at Lancaster this week, while White, Biskner and Dubberly showed how aggressive they can be in their breakaways at the Tour de Georgia in April. Dubberley is 29th in the Wachovia Cyling Series GC going into Sunday's race.

Sierra Nevada Clif Bar
131 Nieko Biskner, USA
132 Matt Dubberley, USA
133 Andy Jacques Maynes, USA
134 Ben Jacques Maynes, USA
135 Jason Klikna, USA
136 Troy White, USA
137 Todd Littlehales, USA
138 Daniel Ramsey, USA
139 Sterling Magnell
D.S. M. Neel

Webcor Professional Cycling Team

The Webcor boys have ridden aggressively all season long and seen a string of top ten National Racing Calendar finishes, with the strongmen being triathlete Steve Larsen (who rode aggressively in Trenton as well) and Belgian Lionel Syne. Syne got some attention in Georgia with an epic 100 mile solo ride on stage 3 from Pine Mountain to Rome. Once Syne was caught, teammate Steve Larsen made his own bid for the victory and gained a minute with a small group before being caught by the field.

Webcor Professional Cycling Team
161 Steve Larsen, USA
162 Ted Huang, USA
163 James Mattis, USA
164 Lionel Syne, BEL
165 Jeff Auermann, USA
166 Dario Falquier, USA
167 John Kelly, USA
168 Dave Wyndt, USA
169 Ben Stafford, USA
D.S. F. Scioscia

Lemond Fitness Captain Craz Z Soap

Aussie Nic Brown was 10th on the Final GC at the Tour of the Gila this year, which, with the possible exception of the San Francisco Grand Prix, is the race that most closely approximates the US PRO Championships. He has posted a number of other good results this season, so we put our money on him for a good showing in this race.

Lemond Fitness Captain Craz Z Soap
181 Matt Hawkins, USA
182 Eneas Fryre, USA
183 Marco Aledia, USA
184 Bill Innes, USA
185 Andrew Crater,USA
186 Joe Chapman, NZL
187 Leigh Palmer, AUS
188 Adrian Laidler, AUS
189 Nic Brown, AUS
D.S. J. Holmes

Colavita Bolla

With a cheerleader like Veronica Bates, there is no way this team can lose! (Read her roadside reports here on the DP). Seriously though, the wine and oil boys have been routinely picking off top 10s this season, so look for them to continue this trend and ride hard in Philadelphia. And Veronica's main squeeze, Aussie Nathan Russell, holds 34th spot on GC so far in the Wachovia series.

Colavita Bolla
201 Gustavo Artacho, ARG
202 Gregory Wolf, USA
203 Michael Luther, USA
204 Shawn Willard, USA
205 Roger Rillinng, USA
206 Karl Bordine, USA
207 Tyler Wren, USA
208 Nathan Russell, AUS
209 Juan Jose Haedo, ARG
D.S. J. Profaci

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