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Philly/ Wachovia Cycling Series Team Previews
By Locutus
Date: 6/4/2003
Philly/ Wachovia Cycling Series Team Previews

For this huge week of racing in the US, some of the top European teams have sent over squads to mix it with the Yankees on their home turf in the ongoing struggle for honor, prize money, and name-brand recognition that is professional cycling. The Euro teams represented are CSC, Saeco, Vini Caldirola-Sidermac,, Formaggi Pinzolo, and Mroz.

CSC. While Tyler Hamilton sets his sights on his old boss, his red-and-white-clad CSC brethren will be racing in his homeland. CSC isn't sending over the dog-squad either, as the Division I monsters have brought along their Classics squad to do some damage. The squad is led by the dashing Dane Jakob Piil, who DP's Jaime Nichols tabbed last week as the big CSC man to watch. Sure enough, Piil took out the win at the Wachovia Invitational in Lancaster PA yesterday; Piil went on a long solo break to victory, with his teammate Julian Dean sprinting across for 3rd (see the Jaime's article on the race here). Dean's sprinting will make him a threat in Trenton as well. CSC has also brought along such well-known classics men as Geert Van Bondt, Tristan Hoffman, and that legendary Italian, Andrea Tafi. It will be fun to see how the American peloton handles such a talent-laden, top-notch European classics team as the week progresses.

31 Jakob Piil DEN
32 Geert Van Bondt BEL
33 Julian Dean NZL
34 Thomas Brunn Eriksen DEN
35 Tristan Hoffman NED
36 Jimmi Madsen DEN
37 Lars Michaelsen DEN
38 Andrea Tafi ITA

Saeco. Long-time Division I powerhouse Team Saeco will be sending out some of their big guns as well, with Igor Astorloa and sprinting animal Stefano Zanini rolling out to do battle. After his victory in this year's Fleche Wallone, Astorloa will have to be a favorite in Philly. Zanini has such sprint victories as the final stage of the Tour on the Champs Elysees to his credit, so he will be a man to watch in Trenton. Fresh from riding in support of Giro champion Simoni will be Alessandro Spezialetti and Andrea Tonti, who should both be in fine form.(Click here for Pod's Saeco article).

61 Igor Astorloa ESP
62 Juan Fuentes ESP
63 Antonio Bucciero ITA
64 Alessio Galletti ITA
65 Christian Pepoli ITA
66 Alessandro Spezialetti ITA
67 Andrea Tonti ITA
68 Stefano Zanini ITA

Vini Caldirola-Sidermac The Division I wineboys from Italy will be riding in support of two-time USPRO champion Fred Rodriguez in Philly. Rodriguez is a sprinter with classics abilities, so he will be a threat at every race he comes to. The other major notable listed on the Vini Caldirola squad is Eddy Mazzoleni, the powerful Italian who rode a brilliant Giro this year. Mazzoleni rode strong throughout in support of 2nd place Garzelli, and in the final week seemed to be even stronger than his team leader as he came in 3rd on the final mountain stage. He took 10th on GC in the Giro, and while none of these American races really suit him, he could be a dangerous weapon for the wineboys as they try to set up Rodriguez on the climbs in Philly.

21 Fred Rodriguez USA
22. Pietro Zucconi SUI
23 Patrick Calcagni SUI
24 Marco Gilli ITA
25 Eddy Mazzoleni ITA
26 Andrea Masciarelli ITA
27 Simone Masciarelli ITA The Belgian-based Division II squad with the down-under flavor will be led by Aussie David McKenzie, but will bring a load of other talent to the line. Aussie Allan Iacuone and New Zealander Scott Guyton rode well in this year's Tour of Georgia (7th and 10th on GC respectively), and Iacuone also showed form in the Peace Race coming in 16th on GC (and in the just-completed Lancaster race, he came in 19th as one of the few men to actually finish). Crossing the pond for the first time this year will be the strong classics brothers Bert and Stag Scheirlinckx (obviously Belgian). Hard-charging Aussies Jamie Drew and Trent Wilson will also take the line, making this a team deep in talent and capable of winning in Trenton and Philly.

51 David McKenzie AUS
52 Bjorn Cornelissen NED
53 Jamie Drew AUS
54 Bjorn Cornelissen NED
55 Allan Iacuone AUS
56 Dominique Perras CAN
57 Bert Scheirlinckx BEL
58 Staf Scheirlinckx BEL
59 Trent Wilson AUS

Formagi Pinzolo. The Division II Italian cheeseboys will send largely the same team they sent to the Tour of Georgia, where they had some good top-five stage results. The talented group of riders includes Massimiliano Mori, Domenico Gualdi, and Vros Murn, all dangerous men to watch in Trenton and Philly. Murn had a great ride in Lancaster yesterday, taking 6th place at 3' 29". Mori gained a bit of negative notoriety this year when he was thrown out of Tirrano-Adriatico for allegedly trying to avoid a doping control, but he was later cleared of doping allegations in time to ride in Georgia. The biggest cheeseboy threat in Trenton will be their big sprinter Moreno DiBiase, who is fresh from a good showing in the Giro d'Italia. DiBiase was excluded for missing the time cut on the hardest mountain stage of the Giro (along with a lot of other riders), but he showed outstanding legs on the flats as he battled Magnus Backstedt for the Intergiro jersey. DiBiase held the jersey for several days and was in 2nd in that competition when excluded, so he is clearly in form and ready to fire.

41 Massimiliano Mori ITA
42 Matteo Cappe ITA
43 Domenico Gualdi ITA
44 Massimo Amichetti ITA
45 Vros Murn SLO
46 Antoni Rizzi ITA
47 Moreno DiBiase ITA

Mroz. This small Division III Polish team will be bringing most of its riders to the States for a go at glory. Though sponsered by a Pork slaughterhouse, the Mroz boys will want to be anything but ham-gazers as they bring Zbigniew Piatek, Marcin Lewandowski, and Adam Wadecki to the line. Wadecki and Lewandowski both pack a good sprint, taking several top-ten placings in last month's Peace Race (and consistently beating such talented men as last year's SF Grand Prix winner Charles Dionne of Saturn), and should be a force in Trenton. Piatek is a solid all-arounder who was good enough to take 9th in GC at the Peace Race, and should be a factor in Philly. They also bring Bartosz Huzarski, whose amazing 200km breakaway was good enough to win the 7th stage of the Peace Race. All in all, the Polish porksters should be flying down the road with smoking hams as they take on the American peloton.

151 Cezary Zemana POL
152 Zbigniew Piatek POL
153 Aleksander Klimienko POL
154 Marcin Lewandowski POL
155 Kazimierz Stafiej POL
156 Adam Wadecki POL
157 Bartosz Huzarski POL
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