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Saeco team News
By Podofdonny
Date: 5/31/2003
Saeco team News

Saeco The Red Train Marches on !

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No rest for Team Saeco

Races in Germany and USA

While the Giro d’Italia is coming to an end, Team Saeco is getting ready for two other trips. Next week Claudio Corti’s team will race on three fronts, riding the Tour of Germany (June 3-9), the triptique in the USA the Wachovia Invitational (June 3), the Wachovia Classic (June 5) and the Wachovia US Pro Championship (June 8).

In Germany directeur sportif Guido Bontempi will field Ivan Quaranta, Mirko Celestino, Salvatore Commesso, Joerg Ludewig, Nicola Gavazzi, Gerrit Glomser, Christian Pepoli and Giosuč Bonomi.

For the USA, Bruno Vicino will have Fleche-Wallone winner Igor Astarloa, Juan Fuentes, Alessio Galletti, Antonio Bucciero and Stefano Zanini.


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