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By Podofdonny
Date: 5/30/2003

The Daily Peloton has been following the Team Sites throughout the magnificent race for Pink. This report has been compiled over the last few days so please follow the "links" to the team sites themselves for the latest information.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Fabio for his marvellous coverage of the great race.

He remains the "man with da golden pen!"

Domina Vacanze - Elitron

To visit the team site click here

Up to date, stylish and flashy (maybe a little too flashy). Sadly no English version but non Italian readers will get a feel for the passion of the Zebra men!

Latest report (written 28th )

In a hotly contested sprint Giovanni Lombardi was 3rd. The velocista of Domina Vacanze - Elitron RDZ waas brought into a great position by his team mates in the last kilometres. Unfortunately, on the final bend with just 600 metres to go he was hindered by Gasparre.

Lombardi then had to sprint in order to recover his position -

“The team got me into a great position, on the last bend I was on the wheel of Petacchi, but Gasparre made a sudden move off line which I had to avoid in order to avoid crashing. I lost Petacchi’s wheel and then had to make a small sprint in an effort to recover my position. By then it was too late, the bird had flown.

Petacchi is the red hot sprinter at the moment. It would have been a beautiful battle if Mario had been still to the Giro” said Giovanni Lombardi.

Tomorrow is another mountain stage the fourth in the race for the pink. The spotlight will be Michele Scarponi.

Fassa Bortolo

To visit the team site click here.

Bang up to date - great photos, a true champion's site, just like Petacchi. Italian only but well worth a visit.

CCC Polsat

To visit the team site click here

Great effort from the Polish team. The Polish version is more detailed but the English version is up to date and gives an interesting view of the great race for the pink.

Latest Report -

Mighty Ligurian Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) won yet another victory in the Giro taking also 17th stage to Asti near Turin, although he was confronted by late, but close chase by Czech veteran Jan Svorada (Lampre). "Maglia rosa" remains on Gilberto Simoni's shoulders. CCC-Polsat riders took it easy today before Thursday's "Queen stage" to Chianale via terrible passes of Esischie & Sempeyre and the highest ranked of them Piotr Chmielewski was just 26th. (Written 28th)

Landbouwkrediet - Colnago

To visit the team site click here.

A team site that, like its team, goes from strength to strength. Excellent coverage in English, French and Dutch. Not the most sophisticated of websites but one which actually works! Highly recommended.

On yesterday's rest day we learned of the LBK team for the Tour of Luxembourg: Tom Steels, Ludo Dierckxsens, Yuri Metlushenko, Mikhail Timochine, Tomas Vaitkus, Kurt Van Landeghem, Marc Streel and Ludovic Capelle.

Today's news is basic but highlights one of the “smaller” competitions in the race the Trofeo Fuga Piaggio. (written 28th)

Latest Report -

Trofeo Fuga Piaggio classement

1 Sergiy Adyeyev (Ukr) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago 265 pts

2 Magnus Backstedt (Swe) Team fakta-Pata Chips 210

3 Ignacio Gutierrez Cataluna (Spa) Kelme-Costa Blanca 208


To visit the team site click here.

Has always been and remains one of the best team websites around - here is their report from 25/05/2003-

Raimondas Ramsas was 3rd over the finishing line at Pampeago, Wladimir Belli in sprint for 145km, three of our riders in the first ten in the order of arrival as in the general.

Lampre are in first classification for the team times, and third in that of the super team.

Wladimir Belli was the hero of the day, in sprint for 145km,immediately in the company of 6 other riders,then after the Passo san Pellegrino in sprint alone. Belli was kept back in the final uphill stretch towards Pampeago, when Simoni made a burst to win.

"I re-applied the action, similar to that of Zoncolan, it was a shame because I believed in it, I wanted to win at Pampeago".

Francesco Casagrande who was 7th across the finishing line and 6th in the general suffered the actions of Simoni.

"When I understood that that I wasn’t able to resist the attack of Simoni, I preferred to climb at my own pace".

Vini Caldirol-Sidermec

To visit the team site click here.

Italian only but well kept up to date with reports and stories, particularly like the way the site focuses on all the team - following Oscar Mason's crash and exit from the race on Stage 11 the site followed up with an interview on his birthday -

“It is too upsetting for me to watch the race, I only watch the highlights in the evening. I have been preparing for this race since December. As soon as I recover I will begin preparation for the Tour.”


To visit the team site click here.

UCI ranked Number One team in the world and its website equally impressive. English and Italian versions, up to date, good pictures and interesting content. Currently featuring an excellent interview with Fabio Sacchi -

"Name: Fabio Sacchi, from Milano, the one with the bike and helmet covered in Leopard spots and a life spent on a bike. 21 years to be precise. I was six years old the day I saw a race go by near my home in Pantigliate near Milan, I jumped on my bike and haven’t stopped since. To tell the truth I wasn’t a great rider as a kid, I raced hard but didn’t get many results.

"After a few years I won my first race near Linate airport. It was my last season as what we call Giovanissimi - under 14s, and I finally got to raise my arms in the air as I crossed the line. I was ready to quit after realising my dream but I’m still here and unfortunately I quit school when I was very young, a decision I’ve always regretted! Fortunately my cycling career got better and better. I was Italian track champion as a schoolboy and part of the Italian team as a junior. I rode as an amateur with the Polti development team. One day I was out training near my home and found myself riding next to my idol Gianni Bugno. I did everything I could to stay on his wheel. Two years later I rode my first race as a professional with Team Polti in the Coppa Agostoni and rode the same climb with Bugno for a second time!”

One big bonus for this site is when you look at, for example the photo below, of Tonti leading the peloton, there is a link to his personal details.

Top site for the top team!


To visit the team site click here.

Small budget team, small budget website; but one that is clear and concise. Like the link to the Giro magasine and the fact you can see exactly how their riders are doing...

No surprise the inter-giro competition gets a deserved mention and congratulations to Magnus Backstedt and the other Fakta lads for a great Giro!

Intergiro classification:

1 Magnus Backstedt (Swe) Team fakta-Pata Chips44.00.15

2 Moreno Di Biase (Ita) Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave 0.28

3 Jan Svorada (Cze) Lampre 1.44

Team Gerolsteiner

To visit the team site click here.

There is an English version, but the German site is by far the best one to visit. Good stage details and usually an excellent quote or two -

“...Stefano Garzelli lost more time today and is now more than eight minutes behind the dominant Simoni. He will be afraid of losing his second place in the General Classification to a young star Jaroslaw Popowytsch (Landbouwkrediet) who is now just 2 seconds behind him. Briefly after Garzelli arrived came Gerolsteiner rider George Totschnig in 13th spot.

“George paid today for his great attack yesterday and was still a little tired,” explained Christian Henn.

De Nardi Colpack

To visit the team site click here.

Small team that really tries and the web site is a mirror image of this. The English version is a bit sporadic but the team makes a good effort with photos of the day, rider information, etc.

Team Tenax

To visit the team site click here.

Small team, but a lovely little site that even in Italian is easy to use to find out about the riders and team results. The photo section is very good and I particulary like the “family feel” to the site - as is represented by this photo of the employees of the company and supporters having a ride out and picnic to watch a stage of the race. A charming little site!

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