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86th Giro d'Italia Stage 16 Live Coverage
By Locutus
Date: 5/26/2003
86th Giro d'Italia Stage 16 Live Coverage
Hello, and welcome to Stage 16 of the Giro d'Italia. The stage today is from Arco di Trento to Pavia.

The DP's own Fabio is in downtown Pavia today for the finish of today's stage. He reports as follows:

The weather is not that good (and maybe that’s good for the riders, forced to ride for 200 kms. on the flat roads of sultry Southern Lombardy, even though the startline is in Trentino) here. Cloudy skies over my head now, and we were even blessed by three-seconds of rain about an hour ago. But it shouldn’t be raining over the Giro today anyway.

The finishing line comes at the end of a 400m straight. The road is wide enough for riders to have a good sprint without major dangers according to some pundits. Not that wide according to me though, and the last turn could take its toll on some riders, I mean they could lose the wheels of their trains. A couple kms, before the end, you (wtaching it on TV) will have a chance to see the beautiful Ticino river. The peloton will be riding along the "Lungo Ticino" for a couple kms. before tunring to the right and tackle "Viale della Liberta’" ("Freedom Avenue").

At the end of "Liberty Avenue", you’ll have the chance to see the Statue of … Liberty??? No way!! The Statue of Minerva (also known as Athena, the Goddess of Knowledge).

Some news from the race now:

In spite of yesterday’s crash and the multiple bruises and shoulder injury he suffered, Fassa Bortolo’s Alessandro Petacchi took the start: "I want to start today, at least in order to test my condition. I just rode from the hotel to the startline. But it’s hard, you know. My hip is stilll aching, and it’s difficult for me to push with my left leg. Maybe later, halfway through race, I’ll feel better. I have no idea now. Sure that, if I make it to the line today, I might recover further tomorrow, which is a rest day. So I want to make a try, I’d like to get to Milan with the cyclamen jersey on my shoulders, also as a way to thank my teammates. I owe them, after all that they have done for me".

A couple words also from Gilberto Simoni, talking in front of the RAI microphones right before the start: "I’m fine, thanks. I have to say that the last four days were very intense and demanding, but in the end I was satisfied".

We now join the race in progress. Commentary today by Locutus and podofdonny.

It will be interesting to see what teams come out to chase. Domina Vacanze-Elitron has Lombardi and Bennati, Lampre has Svorada, and Fassa Bortolo has a beat-up Petacchi. Cipollini and Lopez Galvez are gone due to a crash, Browne missed a time cut in the mountains. McEwen withdrew to prepare for the Tour, so Kelme, Ceramiche Panaria, and Lotto-Domo will likely not try to chase.

Chmielewski (Pol/CCC Polsat) and Adveyev (Ukr/Landbouwkrediet), have 1.32 on the peloton at the minute.

Who are the good sprinters who are left?

Baldato - Alessio, Bongiorno - Ceramiche Panaria, Eisel and Da Cruz from FDJ.

Right, and maybe Di Biase from Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, the leader in the Intergiro competition. They might like his chances now that the big guns are gone or injured.

The peloton is stretched out as they gear up for the Intergiro sprint. The battle between Di Biase and Fakta's Magnus Backstedt is still raging over this competition.

The lead of the break is down to 25". Julio Perez (Ceramiche Panaria-Fiordo) struggles off the back of the peloton.

Petacchi, proudly wearing the "Maglia Ciclamino" has a bandaged left knee and has just received some magic spray from the team car.

There are a lot of 18-wheelers pulled over and parked along the side of the road. Some of the truckers sit and chat with their arms folded while watching the riders fly by.

Lampre and Saeco have masses of riders behind the lead train of about 13 men currently pulling on the front of the pack.

Fredy Gonzalez is still wearing the Maglia Verde in the mountains competition; he has 77 points, his nearest rival, young gun Constantino Zaballa, is on 48 points.

Yesterday, Petacchi's frame broke and he went down hard after hitting a hole in the road. The crash ripped his Points Jersey half off his back, literally, leaving a huge patch of road rash on the left half of his back over his ribs.

The breakaway gets swept up. Some of the Domina Vacanze boys are there, leading the way.

Team Fakta's Frank Hoj has a go off the front. He is part of a larger strategy by Fakta, working for his teammate Backstedt and forcing the Formaggi Pinzolo boys to chase. Hoj is now caught by the peloton.

Pantani is being paced back to the peloton after some sort of mechanical. The Formaggi cheesey men lead the peloton. Arvesen of Fakta is there taking turns, looking cool in his Norske Champion's jersey.

Pantani had a puncture - his team have had a good race so far.

Five Mercatone men stretch out in front of Pantani, and they are still about 30 meters off the back. They should reintegrate soon.

There was a rumor spread a few days ago that Lance Armstrong had crashed in training and broken his wrist. Lance's website squashed that rumor yesterday, posting a message that Lance is in fine health.

He will likely be looking forward to the much stiffer competition this year in the Tour. Last year's Giro winner Paolo Savoldelli now rides for Telekom, and will be making a strong run at Armstrong's dominance.

Jan Svorada (Lampre) has a go at the Intergiro sprint, and takes first. Di Biase came 2nd, Backstedt came 3rd. Svorada will likely be a hot favorite for the stage win today.

Landbouwkrediet news - Yaroslav Popovych was having another great ride today after yesterday's tough stage to Alpe di Pampeago. Recovery is the name of the game in stage racing and Popo certainly recovered well today. With his padrone Ernesto Colnago in the team car behind, the Ukrainian went all out to gain time on the Lithuanian. Last year, Popo was mediocre against the clock at the Giro, but this year, Ernesto Colnago's golden boy has been shining. With a great ride to finish sixth in 56'09", and after terrible ride by Noč', Popo climbs up to the 3th place.

Now the peloton is all strung out. Now Hoj has another go, along with two other riders, and they have a small gap.

The Fassas and the Saecos are on the front leading the chase. Simoni is in 4th wheel in the Pink Jersey, probably trying to stay out of trouble through the roundabouts the riders are flying through right now.

Fabiano Fontanelli (Mercatone Uno) and Oscar Pozzi (Tenax) are working with Hoj, the trio still off the front.

Another possibility today is that Garzelli might sneak into the sprint and take another time bonus to close the gap on Simoni. He has done it in earlier stages, so Simoni will have to be vigilant to mark another such move by his rival today.

Fabiano Fontanelli is one of the most experienced riders in the pro peloton - born 24/4/1963 in Faenza Italy - he turned pro way back in 1989 with the Selca Ciclolinea team. He has 37 pro victories and a good season last year when he won the overall of the Giro della Provinca di Lucca.

Now the three breakaways are brought back, and another group has a go.

Garzelli has already won two stages, came 2nd twice, and came 3rd once. He will like his chances today despite the flat profile. Now Gert Steegmans (Lotto-Domo) is off the front on a solo break.

The youngster Steegmans (30/9/1980) won the Zesbergenprijs Harelbeke last year and is a great prospect. But he is caught.

Fassa Bortolo, Lampre, Domina Vacanze, and are in the mix leading the chase. This should be a good indication of the teams who will have their sprinters going at it in the finale today.

Julian Winn, the British Champion, looks comfortable in the middle of the peloton; he has had a very solid race so far.

Formaggi Pinzolo also has a man in the mix setting the hard pace on the front. Di Biase will likely go after more than the Intergiro today.

Petacchi - looking like an extra from "The Curse of the Mummy" - is in the middle of the pack as they go under the 25 kilometres to go sign.

His teammates seem to be mumbling "Imhotep, Imhotep" with a blank, vacant stare as they set the pace on the front.

Meanwhile the Saeco team surround and protect race leader and the man in pink, Simoni.

A rider goes off into a ditch on the side of the road! It is a Fakta rider.

He angrily throws his bike out of the ditch. He is wet, and a bit muddy, but not hurt. He's now back on his bike chasing through the cars trying to get to the peloton again.

Riebenbauer, the Austrian former team Nurnberger rider, is more wet and muddy, and embarassed, than hurt.

7:22 am PST. 20km left. Riebenbauer gets his bike worked on by the team mechanic in the team car as he rolls along. The pace is still not flat out, but not slack either in the peloton.

He is lying in 123rd place - at 2.13.51 - his team have dropped back to pick him up so obviously the Fakta boys want men in their "train" for the finish.

George Hincapie (US Postal) is showing surprisingly good form up north in the Tour of Belgium. His coach Demol has expressed pleasure and surprise at how strong the big American is after missing his beloved Spring classics with a bizarre respiratory illness.

7:29 am PST. 15km left. The same teams hammer at the front: Domina Vacanze, Saeco, Fassa Bortolo, Formaggi Pinzolo, The Saeco boys move to the front to keep Simoni out of trouble - the fear of crashes makes the peloton nervous.

Now drops back four riders to pace someone off the back of the group.

Huge crowds again line the road side - I have been watching this race since the mid 70's and have never seen so many road side fans.

Tonetti (Tenax) sets the pace now, mixing it in with the sprinter's teams.

Lampre, Tenax, Domina, and Fassa still at the head of affairs - I would not be surprised to see the first attack come at the 10 kilometre mark - by a sprinter's team wishing to draw the others out.

Petacchi starts to move up through the peloton - it is incredible that he is still in this race.

7:34 am PST. 10km left. The pace is the same, the groups on the front the same. Still waiting for attacks under the 10km banner.

Petacchi, the man from La Spezia, has had an incredible season with ten victories - it was his dream to win a stage in the Giro; now he has won 4 and wears the points jersey.

Saeco has a train of their own on the front now, trying to keep Maglia Rosa Simoni out of trouble.

The pace is very high now as the sprinters start to shuffle for position. The GC men are shuffling up there as well.

Marzio Bruseghin (Fassa) is doing a great deal of work at the front keeping the pace high.

7 km to go - Zebras, Fassa at the front - FDJ working hard for Eisel.

The pace high now as de Nardi pick up the pace - a few elbows and shoving going on, as Fassa take the pace again.

7:41 am PST. 6km left. As Fabio said, this is a good and safe leadin for the sprint.

Garzelli's men moving him up on the outside. The Fassa and Domina men are still in control.

5km to go Fassa still lead - now the Norweigan champion Arvesen picks up the pace.

Now Pantani's men are rubbing elbows with Garzelli's men near the front. Go figure.

It is a game of chess at 60 k/ph... The banging for position is in earnest. Winn looks great near the front of the pack.

3 kilometres to go - The zebras are now riding herd on the front. They are flying.

Petacchi is 6th wheel in the train. De Nardi move up and Petacchi is still there!!!! 2 kilometres to go. Go Imhotep!

Angelo Furlan moves up on the outside.

1 kilometre. Now here comes the big zebra leadout.

Winn now starts to attack on the outside! He fades, here comes the sprint...

Petacchi starts to go. It's Petacchi!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!

He looks weak and full of pain - drained and tired, but he has achieved a brave, brave victory.

Lombardi led out Bennati, who was coming up the middle of the road. Petacchi jumped on the left, and Eisel dove across to the right. Petacchi banged a bit with Bennati, but it looked like a clean victory.

Actually, it was Casper there for, not Eisel.

He says he rode for the honour of the Maglia Ciclamino but he is so tired and weak his voice is a faint whisper. The crowd tries to reach out and touch him.

Svorada gave a hard charge on the outside left, wide of Petacchi, to take a very close 2nd ahead of Casper. Bennati was 4th.

It is an historic victory which will be remembered for many years.

No change on the general classification.

The country of Egypt rejoices, as the heavily bandaged Alessandro "Imhotep" Petacchi takes his 5th stage win. He is now threatening Cipollini's six wins from last year. He is truly riding a Giro for the ages. Tongue in cheek aside, what a stunning performance by Petacchi.

The Maglia Ciclamino can now rest tomorrow and recuperate - he will be aware that Wednesday is another for the sprinters and will be hoping to take another victory.

1. Petacchi
2. Casper
3. Svorada
4. Bennati
5. Gasparre
6. Pieri
7. Aug
8. Furlan
9. Bak
10. Pantani
11. Carrara
12. Di Biase
13. Backstedt
14. Gerosa
15. Zaballa
16. Lombardi

Casper took 2nd in a photo finish with Svorada. It was very, very close with him and Svorada. Petacchi won it clearly by half a bike.

This concludes our live coverage for the day. Tomorrow is a rest day, so live coverage resumes Wednesday. Watch for the Prosciutto Awards today and tomorrow, and thanks for reading!

Stage 16 Results

1 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 4:39:34 /20" ( 44,425 Km/H)
2 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 0:00 /12"
3 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 0:00 /14"
4 Bennati Daniele Ita Dve 0:00
5 Gasparre Graziano Ita Dnc 0:00
6 Pieri Dario Ita Sae 0:00
7 Aug Andrus Est Dnc 0:00
8 Furlan Angelo Ita Als 0:00
9 Bak Lars Ytting Den Fak 0:00
10 Pantani Marco Ita Mer 0:00
11 Carrara Matteo Ita Dnc 0:00
12 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf 0:00 /4"
13 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 0:00 /2"
14 Gerosa Mauro Ita Vin 0:00
15 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel 0:00
16 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve 0:00
17 Duma Vladimir Ukr Lan 0:00
18 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 0:00
19 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 0:00
20 Lanfranchi Paolo Ita Pan 0:00
21 Lunghi Denis Ita Als 0:00
22 Riebenbauer Werner Aut Fak 0:00
23 Sunderland Scott Aus Fak 0:00
24 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 0:00
25 Forster Robert Ger Gst 0:00
26 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 0:00
27 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 0:00
28 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm 0:00
29 Gates Nick Aus Lot 0:00
30 Rumsas Raimondas Ltu Lam 0:00
31 Cunego Damiano Ita Sae 0:00
32 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 0:00
33 Trampusch Gerhard Aut Gst 0:00
34 Pellizotti Franco Ita Als 0:00
35 Derepas David Fra Fdj 0:00
36 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 0:00
37 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 0:00
38 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 0:00
39 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 0:00
40 Gobbi Michele Ita Dnc 0:00
41 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Kel 0:00
42 Codol Massimo Ita Mer 0:00
43 Velo Marco Ita Fas 0:00
44 Pietropolli Daniele Ita Ten 0:00
45 Dacruz Carlos Fra Fdj 0:00
46 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Ccc 0:00
47 Sacchi Fabio Ita Sae 0:00
48 Winn Juilian Gbr Fak 0:00
49 Frigo Dario Ita Fas 0:00
50 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas 0:00
51 Vila Errandonea Franc Esp Lam 0:00
52 Gasperoni Cristian Ita Mer 0:00
53 Zanotti Leonardo Ita Dnc 0:00
54 De Angeli Luca Ita Clm 0:00
55 Hvastija Martin Slo Ten 0:00
56 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam 0:00
57 Spezialetti Alessandro Ita Sae 0:00
58 Miholievic Vladimir Cro Als 0:00
59 Baldato Fabio Ita Als 0:00
60 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Sae 0:00
61 Hoj Frank Den Fak 0:00
62 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 0:00
63 Bileka Volodimir Ukr Lan 0:00
64 Romanik Radoslaw Pol Ccc 0:00
65 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae 0:00
66 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 0:00
67 Tonti Andrea Ita Sae 0:00
68 Davis Scott Aus Pan 0:00
69 Mondini Gianpaolo Ita Dve 0:00
70 Weigold Steffen Ger Gst 0:00
71 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Sae 0:00
72 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst 0:00
73 Bernucci Lorenzo Ita Lan 0:00
74 Garcia Quesada Adolfo Esp Kel 0:00
75 Cioni Dario David Ita Fas 0:00
76 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 0:00
77 Adyeyev Sergiy Ukr Lan 0:00
78 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas 0:00
79 Castelblanco Joaquim Col Clm 0:00
80 Laverde Jimenez Luis F Col Fpf 0:00
81 Hamburger Bo Den Fpf 0:00
82 Hardter Uwe Ger Gst 0:00
83 Garcia John Freddy Col Clm 0:00
84 Rodriguez Alexis Esp Kel 0:00
85 Usano Martinez Julian Esp Kel 0:00
86 Verstrepen Johan Bel Lan 0:00
87 Kohut Seweryn Pol Ccc 0:00
88 Scamardella Salvatore Ita Lan 0:00
89 Marin Ruber Alverio Col Clm 0:00
90 Moerenhout Koos Ned Lot 0:00
91 Clavero Daniel Esp Mer 0:00
92 Manzoni Mario Ita Mer 0:00
93 Stremersch Tom Bel Lan 0:00
94 Zampieri Steve Sui Vin 0:00
95 Bondariew Bogdan Ukr Ccc 0:00
96 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Als 0:00
97 Brozyna Thomas Pol Ccc 0:00
98 Szmyd Sylvester Pol Mer 0:00
99 Joergensen Rene' Den Fak 0:00
100 Apollonio Massimo Ita Vin 0:00
101 Riera Valls Jordi Esp Kel 0:00
102 Frattini Cristiano Ita Ten 0:00
103 Perez Cuapio Julio A Mex Pan 0:00
104 Guesdon Frederic Fra Fdj 0:00
105 Trenti Guido Usa Fas 0:00
106 Quinziato Manuel Ita Lam 0:00
107 Scirea Mario Ita Dve 0:22
108 Munoz Hernan D Col Clm 0:22
109 Baliani Fortunato Ita Fpf 0:22
110 Secchiari Francesco Ita Dve 0:22
111 Petersen Jorgen Bo Den Fak 0:22
112 Conti Roberto Ita Mer 0:22
113 Conte Biagio Ita Fpf 0:27
114 Fontanelli Fabiano Ita Mer 0:28
115 Chmielewski Piotr Pol Ccc 0:28
116 Massi Rodolfo Ita Clm 0:28
117 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 0:30
118 Cheula Gian Paolo Ita Vin 0:32
119 Bertoletti Simone Ita Lam 0:32
120 Barbero Sergio Ita Lam 0:32
121 Gryschenko Ruslan Ukr Lan 0:35
122 Lhuillier Regis Fra Fdj 0:39
123 Wegelius Charles Gbr Dnc 0:43
124 Arvesen Kurt Asle Nor Fak 0:43
125 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 0:43
126 Tonetti Gianluca Ita Ten 0:43
127 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 0:43
128 Muraglia Giuseppe Ita Fpf 0:56
129 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj 1:03
130 Scholz Ronny Ger Gst 1:19
131 Giordani Leonardo Ita Dnc 1:21
132 Andriotto Dario Ita Vin 1:31
133 Ongarato Alberto Ita Dve 1:32
134 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita Fpf 1:32
135 Palumbo Giuseppe Ita Dnc 1:32
136 Mesa Mesa Hector O Col Fpf 1:35
137 Wiggins Bradley Gbr Fdj 2:08
138 Steegmans Gert Bel Lot 4:08

General Classification after Stage 16 (Maglia Rosa)

1 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 71:21:26
2 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 1:58
3 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 4:05
4 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 5:16
5 Rumsas Raimondas Ltu Lam 6:11
6 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 6:47
7 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 6:57
8 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 9:38
9 Pellizotti Franco Ita Als 9:42
10 Pantani Marco Ita Mer 10:11
11 Codol Massimo Ita Mer 12:16
12 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam 12:35
13 Frigo Dario Ita Fas 12:45
14 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Ccc 13:50
15 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 14:23
16 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas 15:32
17 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 15:59
18 Velo Marco Ita Fas 18:08
19 Perez Cuapio Julio A Mex Pan 18:14
20 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 19:25
21 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas 19:52
22 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae 20:07
23 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 20:14
24 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 21:16
25 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst 22:52

Points Classification after Stage 16 (Maglia Ciclamino)

1 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 208
2 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 130
3 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 109
4 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 107
5 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 93
6 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 63
7 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj 60
8 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 59
9 Bennati Daniele Ita Dve 52
10 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf 48
11 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 46
12 Gasparre Graziano Ita Dnc 46
13 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas 45
14 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 42
15 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 42
16 Arvesen Kurt Asle Nor Fak 40
17 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve 40
18 Furlan Angelo Ita Als 38
19 Pieri Dario Ita Sae 34
20 Pantani Marco Ita Mer 32
21 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 32
22 Perez Cuapio Julio A Mex Pan 30
23 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 30
24 Baldato Fabio Ita Als 29
25 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 29

KOM after Stage 16 (Maglia Verde)

1 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 77
2 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel 48
3 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 43
4 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 36
5 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas 15
6 Lanfranchi Paolo Ita Pan 11
7 Gryschenko Ruslan Ukr Lan 9
8 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 8
9 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 6
10 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 6
11 Rumsas Raimondas Ltu Lam 6
12 Gobbi Michele Ita Dnc 6
13 Lunghi Denis Ita Als 5
14 Perez Cuapio Julio A Mex Pan 4
15 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 4
16 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas 3
17 Laverde Jimenez Luis F Col Fpf 3
18 Pantani Marco Ita Mer 2
19 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 2
20 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Als 2
21 Baliani Fortunato Ita Fpf 2
22 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 2
23 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam 1
24 Garcia Quesada Adolfo Esp Kel 1
25 Conti Roberto Ita Mer 1
26 Arvesen Kurt Asle Nor Fak 1
27 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita Fpf 1
28 Bileka Volodimir Ukr Lan 1
29 Bondariew Bogdan Ukr Ccc 1

Intergiro after Stage 16 (Maglia Azzurra)

1 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 40:48:48
2 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf 0:22
3 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 1:32
4 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 2:02
5 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel 2:04
6 Palumbo Giuseppe Ita Dnc 2:08
7 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas 2:14
8 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Kel 2:24
9 Hvastija Martin Slo Ten 2:40
10 Winn Juilian Gbr Fak 2:42
11 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj 2:42
12 Baliani Fortunato Ita Fpf 2:42
13 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 2:42
14 Fontanelli Fabiano Ita Mer 2:45
15 Hamburger Bo Den Fpf 2:45
16 Bondariew Bogdan Ukr Ccc 2:46
17 Arvesen Kurt Asle Nor Fak 2:48
18 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 2:48
19 Usano Martinez Julian Esp Kel 2:48
20 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita Fpf 2:48
21 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 2:48
22 Miholievic Vladimir Cro Als 2:48
23 Forster Robert Ger Gst 2:50
24 Gobbi Michele Ita Dnc 2:54
25 Cioni Dario David Ita Fas 2:54

Trade Team after Stage 16 (Fast Team)

1 Lampre  214:25:42
2 Fassa Bortolo 9:14
3 Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe' 15:55
4 Alessio  16:17
5 Mercatone Uno - Scanavino 23:49
6 CCC Polsat 31:03
7 Vini Caldirola - Sidermec 31:31
8 Ceramiche Panaria - Fiordo 40:22
9 Gerolsteiner 44:27
10 De Nardi - Colpack 45:50
11 Kelme - Costa Blanca 52:29
12 Landbouwkrediet - Colnago 53:28
13 Colombia - Selle Italia 1:23:38
14 Team Fakta - Pata Chips 1:39:59
15 Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave' - Ciarrocchi 1:42:22
16 Fdjeux.Com 1:49:33
17 Domina Vacanze - Elitron 2:12:57
18 Tenax 2:55:34
19 Lotto - Domo 3:56:13

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