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86th Giro d'Italia: the latest
By Fabio
Date: 5/24/2003
86th Giro d'Italia: the latest

Words from Stefano Garzelli: The last time I took part in a Giro Time Trial was in 2001, so I don’t know what I’ll be able to do tomorrow. I hope I can do do well, and maybe even take some time out of Simoni. But I really don’t know. What I know for sure is that we are entering the third, decisive week, when the amount of energies left will prove fundamental for each rider. Currently I am fine, and so is Simoni. Maybe he’s even better. I just hope that his condition may start worsen a bit”.

Words from Andrea “Brontolo” Noé: “Some commentators and pundits don’t give me any podium chance. And I don’t know why. They say the battle for the third spot on the Milan podium will be a private affair between Popovych and Rumsas, but I’m third now, and wanna do my best to keep that place. True that I’m not an ITT specialist, but this is a three-week race, and in the end it’s also a matter of the amount of energies left, not just of time-trialling skills. And I hope I’ll have enough remaining energies, such that I may still compete for the third spot, even if it would not be an easy task”.

”Pietro Caucchioli has been working for me lately, he's doing well; as for Pellizotti, he’s a young rider, and it’s a good thing that he can be free to ride his own way". "If you asked me to pick a name between Simoni and Garzelli as Giro winner, I wouldn’t know which one to choose”.

ps – “Brontolo” comes from “Brontolare”, the Italian word for “To Grumble”. Why that nick ? In Noé’s words “Because I am used to object to close to everything (laughs)”

Tonkov abandons: On the Passo Valles and San Pellegrino ascents he looked like an in-form rider still capable to have a shot at the podium. A few kilometres later … he stopped and pulled out of competition. Quite an unusual way to end his Giro for Pavel Tonkov, in the stage finishing up to Alpe di Pampeago, the place where he took line honors in 1998, outsprinting future overall winner Marco Pantani. We’ll tell you further details on his abandon as soon as we get to know more. The 1996 Tour of Italy champion was reportedly suffering from back pains in the last weeks..

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