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Laura Weislo’s Diary
By Staff
Date: 5/21/2003
Laura Weislo’s Diary
- by Laura Weislo of the Spin Cycle/Triangle Radiation Oncology Team

Working my way back...

The black clouds of despair have lifted from the Weislo/Ball household as my mood and energy levels have improved, and now my husband Emory doesn't have to tippy-toe around me and do crazy chicken dances to try and cheer me up. The chicken dances, a bit of rest, many bowls of ice cream and some therapeutic gutter cleaning seem to have done the trick. It's somehow nice to know there aren't rotting rodent carcasses and suspicious insect larvae living at the edge of my roof any more. For some reason, taking care of something like that seems to lift an enormous burden from my shoulders...

I've also decided to pursue a more positive mental attitude. A friend of mine forwarded me a funny web site, and it gave me an idea. I'm not the kind of person who feels comfortable putting motivational post-it notes on my mirror or feel good sayings on the visor of my car. I am just fine with stupid internet tricks, though. So I stole the code from that site and modified for my purposes. It's totally idiotic, but it just might work. You can check it out here.

Tuesday, May 13 2003 - Altamahaw, NC. ACE Speedway training crit #2
The legs have been feeling better, but I've been holding back to make sure I'm well rested. I decide to go to ACE, a 1k banked stock car track, for the local training crit. Sure, there's 50 smelly guys packed onto the track, but I get some great speed work, and only two of them try to kill us all. They don't succeed, and I make one break, bridge up to another, and do some blocking up front for the team. Our guys don't do too hot, but my friend Stefan Rogers wins the race. He's been racing as a cat 4 for a decade and this was his first win ever. Cool. I feel pretty all right after the race. I'm encouraged.

Sunday, May 18, 2003 - Greenville, NC. East Carolina Crit.
Woke up at COFD (crack of f'n dawn) to drive 90 miles east to a crit. The weather sucks. It's upper 50's, misty, and dreary. It could be worse, though. The race course is great, the organization perfect, the races all on time. Problem is nobody shows up. There are only two other women in my race. Great. The chief referee doesn't want to combine us with the men's fields. Bummer, I would have loved to be in with my cat 4 homies. The Spin Cycle guys dominated the race and delivered my beloved Emory to his first bunch sprint victory of the year at almost the exact moment Super Mario was equaling Alfredo Binda's record over there in pasta-land. His teammie Double D (Darrin Dexter) who drove us down got second, so the drive home was guaranteed to be good.

I got in a good hour on the trainer while watching them race, so Coach suggests I try a fast start in mine - just to see if the other are two warmed up. When I line up with Janet Edgerton, a first year cat 4, and Lauren Trull, the junior national crit champion, and I think jumping from the gun would be mean-spirited and cruel. So that's exactly what I do. I don't care if it's some podunk crit, and I don't care how many legs I have to tear off to win. I don't care if Lauren got lost on the way to town and rolled up to the line cold. I've been riding crappy for so long and I want to take it out on them. So I jump on the whistle and drop 'em like a ton of bricks. Problem is, I'm going flat out and Janet catches me! That's one tough cat 4.

So I sit on her, and in another obnoxiously mean move, jump her on the slight hill before the start/finish and ride away. Evil Laura won't slow down, and near the end of the race I am intent on lapping Lauren. I feel bad - I know how hard it is to be a teenage prodigy and then hit a plateau, I've been there done that. She's a star regardless of what happens in some crapola crit anyhow. I win, I get my $80, and when I go to collect the promoter is taking Lauren's picture with a high-dollar camera. Nobody asked me for my picture, so do you see what I mean?

After the race, we hit some bar downtown for fried poultry products, and head back west to civilization. I install a new toilet paper holder in my bathroom and scoop the catbox to try and keep the good karma flowing. Next week is the Spin Cycle team race in Raleighwood. Maybe I'll have four women to race against this time! Damn, do I miss southern California...


You can check out Laura’s website here!

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