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86th Giro d'Italia: Stage 8 Live Coverage
By Fabio
Date: 5/18/2003
86th Giro d'Italia: Stage 8 Live Coverage

By Fabio and podofdonny

Hello everyone, and welcome to the live coverage of Stage 8 of the 86th Giro d'Italia.

After yesterday's high drama on the Terminillo, the Giro d’Italia has been blown wide open after just 7 days racing and one mountain stage.

Today's stage is one for the breakaways, while the sprinters teams will be trying to organise a mass sprint.

It should not be too difficult for Garzelli's Vini Caldirola-Sidermec team to control affairs today and it is extremely unlikely that there will be a serious challenge on the overall.

Daily Peloton’s Andy McDobbin reviewed the fluorescent yellow boys - and here is the team that must defend the Pink -

Dario Andriotto – Andriotto is a good time trialist, having won the GP Europa thrice, the most recent win being in 2000 (in fact, that’s his latest pro win). This 30 year old should be helping his captain on the flats, however. In last year’s event, he was on the winning team with Index Alexia and ‘Il Falco’ Savoldelli.

Massimo Apollonio – Another one of Garzelli’s trusty band of domestiques, Appollonio was thrust into the Tacconi team (very) late last year for Massimo Donati and he fared well, finishing 114th out of 140 finishers in a race he surely hadn’t prepared for. Appollonio is, when in form, a good sprinter but nothing special – he beat Oscar Freire into 3rd when winning a Tour of Burgos stage in 2001. However, methinks he’ll be needed to help Garzelli this year.

Gabrielle Balducci – Balducci could be lucky in a stage if he’s allowed to stay away in a break. The 27 year old has is a competent sprinter on uphill finishes and even on the flat, he’s fast. In late February, he sprinted to a win in the 4th and final Giro della Liguria stage. If a break is let away on a stage so emphatically as it was on Stage 6 of last year’s event, there’s a chance this man could be in it.

Gianpaolo Cheula – This man is a bright prospect for Italian cycling, celebrating his 24th birthday on Stage 13 (lucky for some?) of this year’s Giro. Honed expertly by the Mapei development squad, he had some great results in 2002, winning the first Circuit des Mines stage and the overall and a stage in the International Bayern Rundfarht. However, he’s been relatively quite so far this season and surely won’t get a chance to shine in his home Tour. Still, look out for this one in the future.

Stefano Garzelli – The man who Vini Caldirola are depending on in the Giro, as well as some of the tifosi. Having won the Millenium Giro, he is a hot favourite for overall victory or at least a podium placing. Last year, Garzelli was going well in the Maglia Rosa before he tested non-negative for a banned substance and dropped out in disgrace, and was subsequently banned, having already won 2 Giro stages. His form coming up to the Giro is impressive – winning a Giro del Trentino stage and coming close to the overall. Garzelli is, like his rival Gibo Simoni, an excellent climber and if he is to win this year’s event, he must limit his losses in time trials to men like Aitor Gonzalez. If his legs are warmed up by the Terminillo mountain-top finish on Stage 7, he could have an excellent, victorious Giro d’Italia 2003. For Stefano, it’s a case of win or bust.

Mauro Gerosa – Gerosa is currently in his 4th professional year, all of which have been spent with Vini Caldirola (or it’s sponsorship-changed names). He still remains winless, but should be happy to sacrifice any winning chance of his own to let Garzelli win overall – he should be a handy domestique.

Oscar Mason – Mason is in good form, having had an excellent last month which included him getting into the top 10 of the Fleche Wallone, by virtue of his place in the breakaway. Also, he won the Giro d’Abruzzo (2.5) GC, beating fellow talented Italians Lunghi and Scarponi to the crown. Mason won the Baby Giro in 1997, and he could show himself a few times in the ‘real thing’, though any high stage placing will be hard.

Eddy Mazzoleni – The big man from Bergamo has only had two wins in his career, but he is a classy rider and one with good legs too. He was also in the Fleche break, finishing 10th. He nearly won the Tour of Romandie ‘queen’ stage, hanging on to 2nd after Francisco Perez had streaked past him. Mazzoleni was in the defining Stage 6 break last year that gained much time on the peloton, and that contributed to his excellent 15th overall placing. He should be in support of Garzelli as the team’s no.2, although a top 20 place may be within his reach even without a breakaway effort.

Steve Zampieri– Zampieri is a good, strong rider who can either ride as a domestique or go by himself. His best result so far was about a month and a half ago in the Settimana Coppi-Bartali where he took 2nd in Stage 4 after a long break. He can hold his own in the mountains, and barring accidents, should be one of the men able to support Garzelli for long stretches of time on steep, long stretches of mountain!

And a reminder of how yesterday on the Terminillo terminated the chances of many of the pre race favourites.

Today's leg covers 214 kms. between the towns of Rieti, in the Latium region of central Italy, and Arezzo in Tuscany. It's a predominantly flat stage, with a KOM Prime at Forca dell'Arone after 22.5 kilometres, and another ascent (no KOM primes there though), Valico della Somma, peaking at the km. 47 mark. The feeding zone is at Bosco (km. 127), while the Intergiro comes at Cittá di Castello, in the Umbria region, the "green heartland" of the nation.

After leaving the first mountain top finish, that gave many - even surprising ones - answers to questions about the state of form of the main overall contenders, with the final victory apparently becoming a matter of two giants only (but there's very long way to go, and things may change a lot in the next two weeks) it's time for the sprinters to move back into the limelight.

With the last part of the stage being relatively easy, and the finishing line located in Tuscany, Sunday might finally be the day Mario Cipollini, today's régional de l'étape as the French are used to say, gets that long-awaited victory and equals Alfredo Binda's record of 41 Giro stage wins.

But once more, the Lion King may have to face stiff opposition from the usual suspects: Alessandro Petacchi (going for the poker of wins) Robbie McEwen, aiming for a second success, and even Kelme's Isaac Galvez, the Spanish fastman who came so close to take the stage two days ago, and will be looking for revenge if he's given a new chance. Don't write off the likas of Svorada and Brown either: they look in great shape. As for Alessio's Angelo Furlan, a sprinter not capable yet of showing his skills in this year's Giro, there's still a big question mark concerning his condition.

Stage 8: May 18 - Sunday: Rieti-Arezzo - km. 214

165 riders took the start in Rieti at 11h30 local time. Apart from the Forca dell'Arrone climb, with Kelme's Tino Zaballa being the first across the top and taking most KOM points, nothing worthy of mention happened in the first hour of racing. The peloton covered 33.100 kms. in the first 60 minutes. One hour later, the average speed had gone down to 32.050 km/h, with the peloton still keeping together, and Stefano Garzellii's Vini Caldirola-SO.DI. teammates riding tempo. Colombia's Marin (Colombia Selle Italia) and Italy's Fortunato Baliani (Formaggi Pinzolo Fiavé-Ciarrocchi Immobiliare), took the time to greet their families and/or friends along the route.

Finally, two and a half hours into the stage, three brave riders thought it was time to make a try, and produced the first breakaway attampet: Italy's Rodolfo MASSI (Colombia-Selle Italia) and Michele GOBBI (De Nardi-Colpack) and Russian Serguei LELEKIN (Tenax) attacked as the race was crossing the town of Foligno, but their adventure outside the peloton lasted no longer than 5 mins, then they were brought back.

Some 20 minutes later, a breakaway group of 13 formed containing, among others, Marzio BRUSEGHIN (Ita - Fassa Bortolo), Fortunato BALIANI (Ita - Formaggi Pinzolo), Julián USANO (Spa - Kelme), Lorenzo BERNUCCI (Ita - Landbouwkrediet-Colnago), Julian WINN (GBR - Team fakta) Fabio BALDATO (Ita - Alessio), Leonardo GIORDANI (Ita - De Nardi-Colpack), Sergio BARBERO (Ita - Lampre), Thierry MARICHAL (Bel - Lotto Domo) and Werner RIEBENBAUER (Aut - Team fakta). But the bunch including Britain's National Road Champion and last Sunday's stage winner was reeled in by the peloton about 15 minutes later. Three hours into the stage, the average speeed had slightly increased to 33.950 km/h.

At 15h05 the regrouped peloton was at the feeding zone, with 121 kilometres left behind and 93 km. to go.

1515 - With the peloton still regrouped, and about 90 km. to go, it's time to spend a few words for one of Italy's best sprinter, even though not attending this Giro: Saeco's Ivan "the Cheetah" Quaranta, "victim" of the choice of his team managers, that opted for a team of domestiques completely at Gilberto Simoni's disposal, will be back to racing next week at the International Bavarian Tour (Bayern Rundfahrt), the German stage race where Saeco will field a young team, with Guido Bontempi as Directeur Sportif and riders such as Spain's Juan Fuentes, recent winner of GP Industria & Artigianato in Tuscany, Antonio Bucciero, Giosuè Bonomi, Nicola Gavazzi and Germany's very own Joerg Ludewig. Quaranta will likely be member of the Saeco crew at the next Tour de France as well.

1536 - The peloton keeps together with 80 km. to go. As for the KOM competition, Fredy Gonzalez Martinez saved his lead in the clasification by 1 point only.

1538 - Interviewed after yesterday's stage, Gilberto Simoni said he lost a battle, not the war. Adding that he's looking forward for steeper slopes to come. He'll find one on Thursday, when the race hits the awful Monte Zoncolan.

Vincente Belda, DS of the Kelme team, said he was "surprised" at how yesterday's stage evolved. He thought it was the first serious stage but had expected at least twenty men to finish together; he is disappointed for his riders but still hopes to target two stages and maybe the mountain jersey.

Belda also notes that the big gaps will allow more room for his riders not in the General Classification chase to go for stage victories (which will be true for most teams).

1555 - As for Francesco Casagrande, despite his poor performance on the Terminillo, the Lampre climber said he's still confident in his chances, and there's till time (and place) to make up for its loss.

Meanwhile Aitor Gonzalez, one of the many riders who was terminated on the Terminillo, says that he had back pains and problems breathing yesterday.

1556 - Marco Pantani said he was quite satisfied with his "tougher" attitude. Despite the fact his legs were not that good, the man struggled and limited his losses.

Gonzalez also said he will now concentrate on the time trials and going for stage victories too - "the Terminillo was the nail in my coffin after having three falls in the previous 6 days." He also said, "I feel sorry for the Fassa people that I have not been able to repay the confidence they have shown in me."

1558 - The Vini Caldirola guys are still riding tempo, but as the Intergiro is nearing, we'll likely see the sprinters' teams up front in a very short time.

1600 - And Garzelli's Team Manager Franco Gini said that, if both his riders and Simoni keep the same condition, we may expect an extraordinary duel in weeks to come.

The Spanish press were hard on Gonzalez today, describing his efforts yesterday as a "fiasco" - the Terminaitor is determined to recover his reputation as the race progresses.

Garzelli said he was surprised by the collapse of Casagrande, but not of Frigo and Aitor, because they had seemed to be struggling since the race had begun.

1609 - Cipollini's DS Antonio Salutini said that Super Mario is eager to get his first, coveted wins in this year's Giro, a victory that could help leave all problems behind.

De Nardi Colpack manager Gianluigi Stanga said about yesterday's stage, "My team have raced with honour and we hope to have our chance for stage glory before the end of the race."

1612 - Noè's Team Manager: "Andrea has always been an excellent, solid contender, but in the past always had to work for his team leaders. Here at Alessio we are giving him a chance to ride for himself."

The peloton is getting closer to the intergiro, and now it's Team Fakta and Formaggi Pinzolo setting the pace.

De Nardi's best placed man was of course Charles Wegelius who was 24th - 3.46'' down.

Intergiro: Magnus Backstedt (Den - Team Fakta) was the first across the line, ahead of Jimmy Casper.

36.412 km/h the average speed in today's stage with 50 kilometres to go.

And 36.747 the average speed at the Intergiro!

1616 - After the Intergiro, a group of 7 riders distanced themselves from the rest of the field.

1618 - The seven leaders (including Mirko Marini, Zanetti, Carlos Da Cruz, Elio Aggiano and Ukraine's Adveyev) managed to put a few dozen meters into the bunch, about 10 seconds.

Once again Aggiano gave a display of his combative attitude.

1619 - Intergiro Results change: the official results speak in favor of Jimmy Casper, who took first ahead of Magnus Backstedt and Moreno Di Biase.

The 7 leaders increased the gap to 22".

1623 - Landbouwkrediet's Marco Saligari on yesterday's stage: "Popovych is satisfied with his performance on the Terminillo, and we expect more good things from him in stages to come."

1624 - The gap increased to 34".

1625 - The CCC-Polsat team Manager talked of Tonkov's back problems. In spite of that, the Russian had a great performance on Saturday.

Carlos da Cruz ( is having a good season so far, he won the first stage of the Circuit de Sarthe and held on to take the overall in the race.

1627 - One of the escapees we failed to mention before is Kelme's Ignacio Gutierrez Cataluna, younger brother of Enrique, who wore the "Maglia Rosa" for 24 hours a couple years ago.

Escapee Leonardi Zanotti (De Nardi- Colpack) is a new year pro, born 12/3/1978. He is a rider from the Bergamo area. No relation to sprinter Marco Zanotti (who's not attending the race).

1627 - The race got into Mario Cipollini's Tuscany region, and the leaders extended the gap to 40".

Sorry, Zanotti did ride for Mapei in 2002 - he is a second year pro.

1630 - Fassa's DS Giancarlo Ferretti: "Yesterday was a big disappointment to me. I didn't expect Frigo or Gonzalez to win the stage, but neither that they could bonk that way."

"Now they have to do something in the next stages. To win the people's applause at least." On the contrray, Ferretti spent good words for Alessandro Petacchi.

1633 - The peloton, now led by the Fassas, Lottos and Dominas, slightly shrunk the gap. It's 33" now. The breakaways are now within the last 30 kilometres.

The "silverteam" Fassa start to move towards the front of the peloton.

1637 - Six men still in the lead: Zanotti, Aggiano, Da Cruz, Gutierrez Cataluna, Marini and Adveyev. 25 kilometres to go 5 hours of racing completed.

1640 - The leading sextet is working well together, but as long as the sprinters' teams keep chasing hard, their break will be over. And seems that's what is actually happening, as the gap is down to about 10".

1643 - Significant words from Fassa's DS Ferretti, who said that in the next stage also Frigo and Gonzalez will have to work for Petacchi. Another proof of how the man is upset with the two extremely disappointing guys.

Tour du Picardie: Van Dijk won this morning's stage of the Tour du Picardie - Britain's Jeremy Hunt retains the overall going into this afternoon's time trial.

1645 - Talking of Petacchi, Ferretti also said the Ligurian will not race the Tour. Robbie McEwen instead said he'll pack his bags after stage 13 and go home to start his build-up for Le Tour.

1646 - All escapees were caught, all but Landbouwkrediet's Advyeyv, who attacked again and is now an a solo break, with a lead of some 10".

1647 - 19 k to go. And Adveyev is about to be absorbed by the bunch.

1650 - Not only has Adveyev not yet been caught, but even increased the lead to 14". Just a matter of time before he's brought back anyway. The man from Ukraine is certainly very determined.

1653 - The Vini Caldirola train is back at the front of the bunch, riding tempo at 50 km/h.

1654 - The peloton, led by the Caldirolas and Saecos, caught Adveyev. Mercatone at the front too.

The Mercatone lead the peloton, CCC are near the front to protect Tonkov and keep him out of trouble with 10 kilometres to go.

Now Caldirola take the lead while a Fakta rider tries an attack.

The world champion starts to move towards the front of the peloton.

Now the zebra boys start to pick up the pace.

Naranco results: 1-Piepoli, 2-Mancebo, 3-Lopez de Munain, 4-Cardenasand, 5-Samuel Sanchez.

The zebra train takes control, while Lotto are also near the front. 5 kilometres to go a downhill run in the peloton is doing 50 miles per hour.

Difficult to control the peloton it is so fast as the sprinters start to fight for position.

FDJ and Saeco now lead the peloton, now the zebra men move to the front.

Julian Winn is just behind Cipo - the Zebra men have gained control of the jungle.

The peloton is one long string, a tight left hand turn.

A tight right hand turn - still the zebra train leads the peloton.

Pushing and shoving from Petacchi and a CCC guy. 1 km to go, two zebras in front of Cipo...

Lombardy takes the final pull, Petacchi launches his attack, it's CIPO!!!!!

The lion has roared - it was a very narrow victory. The crowds swarm around the Lion King - it was an extremely clean hard sprint - Cipo just had enough to hold off Petacchi and McEwen, it was mano a mano and a great victory, one that does honour to the rainbow jersey and to Cipo's great name as grand Champion.

1. Cipollini 2. Petacchi 3. McEwen - Cipo gets his 41st victory. Correction - Gazzetta dello Sport, the race sponsor, is reporting that McEwen is second and Petacchi is third.

Brief Stage Results
1 Cipollini 5h 29'46"
2 McEwen s.t.
3 Petacchi s.t.
4 Backstedt s.t.
5 Galvez Lopez s.t.

Top 5 GC
1 Garzelli 37h 09'10"
2 Simoni at 31"
3 Noè at 54"
4 Pellizotti at 1'36''
5 Sabaliauskas at 1'38"

This concludes our live coverage of Stage 8. Thanks for reading today. Monday is Stage 9 - Arezzo to Montecatini Terme, 160 km. Join us tomorrow for live coverage of this next "flattish" stage.

Stage 8 Results

1 Cipollini Mario Ita Dve 5:29:46  38,936 Km/H  /20"
2 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 0:00 /12"
3 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas s.t. /8"
4 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak s.t. /4"
5 Galvez Lopez Isaac Esp Kel s.t.
6 Nauduzs Andris Lat Ccc s.t.
7 Svorada Jan Cze Lam s.t.
8 Furlan Angelo Ita Als s.t.
9 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj s.t.
10 D'amore Crescenzo Ita Ten s.t.
11 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae s.t.
12 Pellizotti Franco Ita Als s.t.
13 Aug Andrus Est Dnc s.t.
14 Forster Robert Ger Gst s.t.
15 Velo Marco Ita Fas s.t.
16 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve s.t.
17 Trampusch Gerhard Aut Gst s.t.
18 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin s.t.
19 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan s.t.
20 Brown Graeme Allen Aus Pan 0:03
21 Bennati Daniele Ita Dve 0:07
22 Baldato Fabio Ita Als 0:09
23 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 0:10
24 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Sae s.t.
25 Chmielewski Piotr Pol Ccc s.t.
26 Cioni Dario David Ita Fas s.t.
27 Noe' Andrea Ita Als s.t.
28 Mason Oscar Ita Vin s.t.
29 Garcia Quesada Carlos Esp Kel s.t.
30 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst s.t.
31 Rumsas Raimondas Ltu Lam s.t.
32 Manzoni Mario Ita Mer s.t.
33 Pantani Marco Ita Mer s.t.
34 Aggiano Elio Ita Fpf s.t.
35 Moreni Cristian Ita Als s.t.
36 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve s.t.
37 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Als s.t.
38 De Angeli Luca Ita Clm s.t.
39 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam s.t.
40 Verstrepen Johan Bel Lan s.t.
41 Gonzalez Jimenez Aitor Esp Fas s.t.
42 Sacchi Fabio Ita Sae s.t.
43 Tonkov Pavel Rus Ccc s.t.
44 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel s.t.
45 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm s.t.
46 Derepas David Fra Fdj s.t.
47 Rodriguez Alexis Esp Kel s.t.
48 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan s.t.
49 Pieri Dario Ita Sae s.t.
50 Dacruz Carlos Fra Fdj s.t.
51 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Ccc s.t.
52 Garcia Quesada Adolfo Esp Kel s.t.
53 Lunghi Denis Ita Als s.t.
54 Hvastija Martin Slo Ten s.t.
55 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam s.t.
56 Bernucci Lorenzo Ita Lan s.t.
57 Tonti Andrea Ita Sae s.t.
58 Frigo Dario Ita Fas s.t.
59 Spezialetti Alessandro Ita Sae s.t.
60 Hamburger Bo Den Fpf s.t.
61 Gates Nick Aus Lot s.t.
62 Castelblanco Joaquim Col Clm s.t.
63 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Sae s.t.
64 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae s.t.
65 Barbero Sergio Ita Lam s.t.
66 Casar Sandy Fra Fdj s.t.
67 Codol Massimo Ita Mer s.t.
68 Palumbo Giuseppe Ita Dnc s.t.
69 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot s.t.
70 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin s.t.
71 Miholievic Vladimir Cro Als s.t.
72 Riebenbauer Werner Aut Fak s.t.
73 Carrara Matteo Ita Dnc s.t.
74 Riera Valls Jordi Esp Kel s.t.
75 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Kel s.t.
76 Pietropolli Daniele Ita Ten s.t.
77 Garcia John Freddy Col Clm s.t.
78 Frattini Cristiano Ita Ten s.t.
79 Khalilov Mykhaylo Ukr Clm s.t.
80 Bondariew Bogdan Ukr Ccc s.t.
81 Zanetti Mauro Ita Ten s.t.
82 Lelekin Sergei Rus Ten s.t.
83 Moerenhout Koos Ned Lot s.t.
84 Lancaster Brett Aus Pan s.t.
85 Duma Vladimir Ukr Lan s.t.
86 Laverde Jimenez Luis F. Col Fpf s.t.
87 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf s.t. /2"
88 Vila Errandonea Franc Esp Lam s.t.
89 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan s.t.
90 Adyeyev Sergiy Ukr Lan s.t.
91 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita Fpf s.t.
92 Verbrugghe Ief Bel Lot s.t.
93 Usano Martinez Julian Esp Kel s.t.
94 Gasparre Graziano Ita Dnc s.t.
95 Kohut Seweryn Pol Ccc s.t.
96 Brozyna Thomas Pol Ccc s.t.
97 Andriotto Dario Ita Vin s.t.
98 Stremersch Tom Bel Lan s.t.
99 Weigold Steffen Ger Gst s.t.
100 Wegelius Charles Gbr Dnc s.t.
101 Perez Cuapio Julio A. Mex Pan s.t.
102 Tiralongo Paolo Ita Pan s.t.
103 Kirchen Kim Lux Fas s.t.
104 Apollonio Massimo Ita Vin s.t.
105 Fritsch Nicolas Fra Fdj s.t.
106 Ravaioli Ivan Ita Mer s.t.
107 Romanik Radoslaw Pol Ccc s.t.
108 Bileka Volodimir Ukr Lan s.t.
109 Marin Ruber Alverio Col Clm s.t.
110 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst s.t.
111 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas s.t.
112 Zampieri Steve Sui Vin s.t.
113 Gerosa Mauro Ita Vin 
114 Sunderland Scott Aus Fak s.t.
115 Hoj Frank Den Fak s.t.
116 Fontanelli Fabiano Ita Mer s.t.
117 Scholz Ronny Ger Gst s.t.
118 Szmyd Sylvester Pol Mer s.t.
119 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas s.t.
120 Hardter Uwe Ger Gst s.t.
121 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst s.t.
122 Giordani Leonardo Ita Dnc s.t.
123 Lanfranchi Paolo Ita Pan s.t.
124 Baliani Fortunato Ita Fpf s.t.
125 Scamardella Salvatore Ita Lan s.t.
126 Cunego Damiano Ita Sae s.t.
127 Conte Biagio Ita Fpf s.t.
128 Clavero Daniel Esp Mer s.t.
129 Muraglia Giuseppe Ita Fpf s.t.
130 Trenti Guido Usa Fas s.t.
131 Joergensen Rene' Den Fak s.t.
132 Bertoletti Simone Ita Lam s.t.
133 Zanotti Leonardo Ita Dnc s.t.
134 Munoz Hernan D. Col Clm s.t.
135 Scirea Mario Ita Dve s.t.
136 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm s.t.
137 Mesa Mesa Hector O. Col Fpf s.t.
138 Massi Rodolfo Ita Clm s.t.
139 Quinziato Manuel Ita Lam s.t.
140 Lhuillier Regis Fra Fdj s.t.
141 Petersen Jorgen Bo Den Fak s.t.
142 Conti Roberto Ita Mer s.t.
143 Gasperoni Cristian Ita Mer s.t.
144 Mondini Gianpaolo Ita Dve s.t.
145 Guesdon Frederic Fra Fdj s.t.
146 Secchiari Francesco Ita Dve s.t.
147 Arvesen Kurt Asle Nor Fak s.t.
148 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 0:29
149 Cheula Gian Paolo Ita Vin 0:40
150 Contrini Daniele Ita Gst 0:40
151 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 0:44
152 Van Impe Kevin Bel Lot 0:46
153 Winn Juilian Gbr Fak 0:50
154 Tonetti Gianluca Ita Ten 0:54
155 Marini Mirko Ita Ten 0:54
156 Gryschenko Ruslan Ukr Lan 0:54
157 Bak Lars Ytting Den Fak 0:54
158 Davis Scott Aus Pan 1:03
159 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 1:03 /6"
160 Wiggins Bradley Gbr Fdj 1:07
161 Gobbi Michele Ita Dnc 1:07
162 Ongarato Alberto Ita Dve 1:07
163 Marichal Thierry Bel Lot 1:26
164 Balducci Gabriele Ita Vin 1:26
165 Steegmans Gert Bel Lot 1:54

General Classification after Stage 8 (Maglia Rosa)

1 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 37:09:10
2 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 0:31
3 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 0:54
4 Pellizotti Franco Ita Als 1:36
5 Sabaliauskas Marius Ltu Sae 1:38
6 Tonkov Pavel Rus Ccc 1:50
7 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 1:56
8 Rumsas Raimondas Ltu Lam 2:04
9 Totschnig Georg Aut Gst 2:26
10 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 3:12
11 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 3:21
12 Perez Cuapio Julio A. Mex Pan 3:32
13 Scarponi Michele Ita Dve 3:43
14 Velo Marco Ita Fas 3:59
15 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 4:10
16 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae 4:19
17 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam 4:21
18 Baranowski Dariusz Pol Ccc 4:46
19 Pantani Marco Ita Mer 4:51
20 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Dnc 4:59
21 Garcia Quesada Carlos Esp Kel 5:14
22 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Als 5:16
23 Codol Massimo Ita Mer 5:19
24 Wegelius Charles Gbr Dnc 5:33
25 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst 5:43
104 Cipollini Mario Ita Dve 31:55

Points Classification after Stage 8 (Maglia Ciclamino)

1 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 147
2 Cipollini Mario Ita Dve 83
3 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 71
4 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 69
5 Galvez Lopez Isaac Esp Kel 56
6 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 52
7 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj 51
8 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 49
9 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 34
10 Gasparre Graziano Ita Dnc 34
11 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 32
12 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 32
13 Baldato Fabio Ita Als 29
14 Nauduzs Andris Lat Ccc 28
15 Brown Graeme Allen Aus Pan 28
16 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf 27
17 Furlan Angelo Ita Als 27
18 Pellizotti Franco Ita Als 26
19 Duma Vladimir Ukr Lan 24
20 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 23
21 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve 23
22 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 21
23 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 18
24 Moreni Cristian Ita Als 18
25 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 16

KOM after Stage 8 (Maglia Verde)

1 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 20
2 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel 19
3 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 16
4 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 10
5 Noe' Andrea Ita Als 6
6 Gryschenko Ruslan Ukr Lan 6
7 Moreni Cristian Ita Als 5
8 Tonkov Pavel Rus Ccc 4
9 Garcia Quesada Carlos Esp Kel 3
10 Laverde Jimenez Luis F. Col Fpf 3
11 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Vin 2
12 Casagrande Francesco Ita Lam 2
13 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 2
14 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst 2
15 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 2
16 Tiralongo Paolo Ita Pan 1
17 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita Fpf 1
18 Bileka Volodimir Ukr Lan 1
19 Khalilov Mykhaylo Ukr Clm 1

Intergiro after Stage 8 (Maglia Azzura)

1 Di Biase Moreno Ita Fpf 23:57:47
2 Backstedt Magnus Swe Fak 0:18
3 Nauduzs Andris Lat Ccc 0:31
4 Aggiano Elio Ita Fpf 0:40
5 Casper Jimmy Fra Fdj 0:54
6 Palumbo Giuseppe Ita Dnc 1:01
7 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 1:05
8 Cipollini Mario Ita Dve 1:12
9 Gonzalez Martinez Fredy Col Clm 1:12
10 Fontanelli Fabiano Ita Mer 1:15
11 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 1:18
12 Gutierrez Cataluna Ignacio Esp Kel 1:18
13 Zaballa Gutierez Constan Esp Kel 1:18
14 Usano Martinez Julian Esp Kel 1:18
15 Forster Robert Ger Gst 1:20
16 Hvastija Martin Slo Ten 1:24
17 Moreni Cristian Ita Als 1:24
18 Conte Biagio Ita Fpf 1:28
19 Furlan Angelo Ita Als 1:28
20 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 1:28
21 Khalilov Mykhaylo Ukr Clm 1:33
22 Frattini Cristiano Ita Ten 1:33
23 Petersen Jorgen Bo Den Fak 1:38
24 Brown Graeme Allen Aus Pan 1:38
25 Riebenbauer Werner Aut Fak 1:42

Trade Team Classification after Stage 8 (Fast Team)

1 Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe' 111:33:53
2 Alessio  0:43
3 Lampre  2:25
4 Vini Caldirola - Sidermec 3:55
5 Ccc Polsat 5:29
6 Ceramiche Panaria - Fiordo 7:11
7 Gerolsteiner 7:50
8 Mercatone Uno - Scanavino 9:06
9 De Nardi - Colpack 10:38
10 Fassa Bortolo 10:55
11 Kelme - Costa Blanca 14:59
12 Colombia - Selle Italia 15:11
13 Landbouwkrediet - Colnago 15:20
14 Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave' - Ciarrocchi 20:17
15 Team Fakta - Pata Chips 20:34
16 Fdjeux.Com 22:47
17 Tenax 38:37
18 Domina Vacanze - Elitron 41:28
19 Lotto - Domo 55:45

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