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By Podofdonny
Date: 5/5/2003


Lampre News

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The decisive selection of the 9 riders has been made for this team, Lampre, and this year's Giro.

At the head of the selection of the team we find Francesco Casagrande who is having his 11th attempt at the "pink" race.

With him we find valuable helpers such as Belli, Barbero, Bertoletti, Piccoli, Vila and Rumsas.

A young rider also inserted into the line up by the name of Manuel Quinziato, and the the export sprinter, Jan Svorada.

The team will be directed by Pietro Algeri and Maurizio Piovani.

The riders will arrive at the airport of Brindisi on Wednesday afternoon, then they will be transported in the Lampre-Gardaland motorhome to their hotel where they will be staying until Sunday.

For the 86th edition of the Tour of Italy, Stage race from the 10 May until the 1 June, Classification UCI: GT.

Sergio Barbero

Wladimir Belli

Simone Bertoletti

Francesco Casagrande

Manuel Quinziato

Mariano Piccoli

Raimondas Rumsas

Jan Svorada

Patxi Vila

Lampre News - Riders

Manuel Quinziato

A convocation matured thanks to the seriousness and devotion to the work of a rider, expressed by a young man in his second year amongst the professionals.

Manuel Quinziato will be an ideal "shoulder" for Francesco Casagrande.

A fast pace setter with a good pre-disposition to sustain strength for a long period, in the under 23’s he won the Europeon time trial, will develop the link work on the flat stages.

A lover of the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ben Harper with Daniele Silvestri, he confided in us during this brief diary interview what he will be reading during the evenings after each stage, the preparation and the joy of being at the start on the 10th of May from Lecce.

The book that I am reading is "Buddism" by John Snelling, I choose it because I am really fascinated in Oriental philosophy and therefore want to know a bit more!

In the preparation for the Giro di Italia I am doing lots of training up hill, I have cured the increase in my weight to lose the kilo’s that I put on during the pave del Belgio, that was comfortable then, but now it’s better to not have them.

The Giro di Trentino was absolutely an excellent finishing as much as all the stages presented a large number of difficult altitudes.

To take part in the Giro is a dream come true. I remember when I was only 10 years old and my father took me to Pordoi to see the stage won by Mottet at Bugno. From that year on I went many other times to see the Giro, to think that I will take part in person gives me incredible emotions.

This year in particular my city will host the arrival of the trial on the 25th of May. I am the only participant from Alto Adige, and so will have a great occasion to put on a great show in front of my home crowd…

Casagrande tries the Zoncolan.

After Pampeago, The Zoncolan.

A decisive stage for this year's Giro, with the finish at altitude at Carnia, the Zoncolan definitely deserves respect; a perfectionist at trying the stages, this morning Francesco Casagrande, followed by Sports Director Pietro Algeri, went to do the final 75 km of the 12th stage of this year's Giro, stage San Dona di Piave – Monte Zoncolan.

From Tolmezzo across the Altopiano of Lauco and then the Sella Valcada.

Casagrande was very impressed with the second last climb of the stage, "It is a very difficult climb and the descent has various narrow corners where you have to be very careful, the front group at the start of the Zoncolan will be made up of a small group of riders, those who are able to stay together after the Valcalda."

As far as the Zoncolan is concerned, Casagrande rode the climb with a 25 X 41, he was very impressed with the climb, he says "it will be a very difficult finish, the final 3 km are very steep, with sections reaching a gradient of 22%, similar to that of the Angliru. If Thursday the 22nd has to rain then it is going to be a disastrous day with riders slipping all over the climb."

Pietro Algeri, the well experienced sports director from Bergamo says that he can't remember a finish this difficult in the last 20 years of the Giro, as far as he can remember the finish at the Ciocco in Tuscany was similar; Mortirolo and Marmolada are just as hard but they don't have the finish on the climb. As far as Pietro Algeri is concerned the three stages of Zoncolan-Pampeago and the Time Trial of Merano-Bolzano will determine the overall GC of this year's Giro, "these are three stages you can't do mistakes on."

Francesco Casagrande will be racing on the 3rd and 4th of May at the Gp Industria and Commercio di Larciano and the Giro di Toscana; these will be the last 2 one day races for Casagrande before the Giro d’Italia.

To read other rider's reaction to the course here.

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Lampre News - Riders

We start off with the Spanish rider Patxi Vila, to present the riders for this year's Giro.

-Born in Bera, the province of Navarra, on the 11 October 1975, lives in Hondarribia in the province of Gipuzkoa, he has been with Lampre since 2003 after two years with Banesto.

-Graduated at "Izef" as a physical trainer, started working in a centre with disabled people especially with downs syndrome, paralysis.

-Came to Lampre thanks to my "brother" Juanma Garate - "I found the right shoe to fit my foot, a team where the philosophy of racing suits me perfectly."

-I am a fairly all round cyclist except the only thing I am not able to do well is the sprint."

-"To be at the Giro is one of my dreams. I am hoping to do well, all my preparation has been dedicated 100% to the 10 May for the start of the Giro in order to help my captain Francesco Casagrande, the rider who was my fan for many years."

-Patxi tells his fans to look out for him on the last 4 stages.

-"My fans will be coming from Spain with the Ikurrina (The flag from the Basque Country), the txistorra (Salami, that is made where I live) and a good bottle of wine Rioja" - the last thing on his mind for our rider going to the "Pink" race.

-"I dont know how I will go at this Giro, the only thing I can say is that I will give my maximum for the team in order to win this Giro.

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