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Tour of the Gila Stage One
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 4/30/2003
Tour of the Gila Stage One

Tour of the Gila

Stage One: Individual Time Trial 15.7 miles (9.42 km)

Weather: Sunny 78 F (26C) degrees with winds at 14 mph. A beautiful warm day in Silver City with a bit of wind from on the course that provided a headwind on the riders return on the out and back TT course.

Ladies first:
Genevieve Jeanson (Rona/Esker) once again takes the leader's jersey in the first stage time trial with a time of 40.00.68 - she left her nearest rivals Manon Jutras (Saturn) and Leah Goldstein (Victory Brewing) at 1:31 down. Katrina Grove (T-Mobile) was left with another minute to make up in the next four days. A strong TT for Genevieve although a bit slower than her start in 2001 (38:46) and 2002 (38:26) - are we seeing a "kinder and gentler" Genevieve or is she pacing herself for stage two? Last year Genevieve broke away in the hills and fought to maintain her lead to the finish; her first comment was, "I'm fried."

Four minutes is the gap in the first ten riders. Giving away time at this point is critical but it is a long race with many feet of climbing to make up in the next four days. In the top ten there are two Saturn riders, Jutras and Jessica Phillips. Rounding out the top ten are Melissa Phillips (Ritchey/K2), Kelli Emmett (Hillenbrand Racing), Lynn Gaggioli (Velo Bella), Chrissy Ruiter (Fort Lewis), and Rhonda Quick (Vaniga).

Gord Fraser (Health Net), the top sprinter in the North American peloton this spring, winner of 14 races last year, clinched the leader's jersey in 36.17.56. Drew Miller (Trek/VW All Stars) and Michael Ley (Team Rio Grande) split hairs with Gord at 37, and 43 seconds in that order. Domingo Ramirez (Tecos Turbos) followed, missing the podium by six seconds after Michael Ley. The top ten riders, separated by only one minute include: Michael Sayers (Health Net), Todd Wells ( Hyundai/ Mongoose), Blake Caldwell (5280/Subaru), Jeffery Hartmann (Trek VW All-Stars), Ubaldo Mesa (Tecos Turbo).

If you read the preview, the names of Ubaldo Mesa and Michael Ley will ring a bell. A fast time at 36.17 it is just short of the times turned in by two of his former Mercury team mates Scott Moninger at 34.46 in 2001 and Chris Wherry at 35.15 in 2002. Unlike the womens race the mens field has sixty-four men inside the four minute window. This is with a course that will do nothing but go uphill three of the next four stages. This time trial is hardly the deciding stroke. Michael Ley is a competent climber who shone in this race last year and if he is in form watch his wheel. Early in the season Mike had some minor knee problems but he made a quick recovery and was back to training over a month ago. With so many riders in the attack zone; remembering that taking back three minutes in the mountains is a real possibility for the climbers, Gord will have his work cut out for him. Gord, the consumate journeyman, with a new team now leading in the team classification, is probably sleeping well in Silver City tonight.

The stage tomorrow is 92 miles with 5860 feet of climbing and two time bonuses in the Mogollon to Silver City race.  We should see who will challenge Gord and Health Net. A few names to watch: Carlos Vargas and Brian Matter of Saturn Development, Tyler Thompson (Broadmark Capital), Michael Janelle (Tokyo Joes), Michael Ley and Ubaldo Meza.

Stage One Results

1  Fraser, Gord Healthnet Tucson,AZ CAN0:36:17.56
2  Drew Miller Trek/VW All-Stars Phoenix, AZ 00:37
3  Ley, Michael Team Rio Grande Fort Collins, 00:43
4  Ramirez, Domingo Go Tecos Mexico 197 00:49
5   Sayers, Michael HealthNet Tucson, AZ 00:50
6   Wells, Todd Hyundai Mongoose Durango, CO 00:51
7  Caldwell, Blake 5280/Subaru Boulder, CO 00:53
8  Hartmann, Jeffrey Trek/VW All-Stars Fort Collins, 00:55
9  Estepa, Ubaldo Mesa Tecos Columbia 197 01:01
10  Hestler, Andreas Canadian Cycling A Canada 01:12
11  Jacques-Maynes, And Sierra Nevada/Clif Berkeley, CA 01:13
12  Langley, Russ Team Snow Valley Washington, 01:26 48
13  Blickem, Ryan Border Bandits Albuquerque, 01:28
14   Perrius, Sandy Healthy Choice/Gur Salt Lake Cit 01:32
15   McGovern, Chris Healthnet Nevad City, 01:38
16  Jackson, Gardie Healthy Choice/Gur Park City, UT 01:43
17  Brown, Nic LeMond Fitness/Cap Austrailia 01:47
18  Hunt, John D HealthNet Fairfax, CA 01:48
19  Nicol, Kevin Team Rio Grande Lafeyette, CO 02:05
20   Zwizanaki, Scott Team Snow Valley Spring City, 02:09
21  Pearce, Colby 5280/Subaru Boulder, CO 02:11
22  Peterson, Cody Lost River Cycling Durango, CO 02:13
23  Cate, Steve Mathis Brothers Norman, OK 02:15
24  Sullivan, Patrick GS Ciao Boulder, CO 02:17
25  Horgan-Kobelski, Je RLX Ralph Loren Boulder, CO 02:18
26  Kozlov, Alex Healthnet Belavusas VLR0 2:18
27  David, Rich Team Rio Grande Fort Collins, 02:20
28  Preschka, Justin Trek/VW All-Stars Tucson,AZ 02:20
29  Doornbos, Daniel Chicks Harley Davi Albuquerque, 02:28
30  Crater, Andy LeMond Fitness/Cap Greenboro, NC 02:36
31  Huerta, Aron Mathis Brothers Chicago 02:37
32  Brown, Travis Trek/VW All-Stars Boulder, CO 02:37
33  Allan, Calvin Broadmark Capital Upland, CO 02:39
34  Tarkington, Jon Vitamin Cottage/De Denver, CO 02:42
35  Ceja, Jose Luis Cas Tecos Mexico 1970 2:45
36  Chavez, Antonio Ald Tecos Mexico 1970 2:47
37  Stierwalt, Jon Team Rio Grand Boulder, CO 02:52
38 Mapel, Frank Specialized Boulder, CO 02:55
39 Wilcox, Craig Broadmark Capital Port Angeles, 02:55
40 Janelle, Michael Tokyo Joes Avon, CO 02:57
41 Hariott, Todd Healthnet New York, NY 03:03
42 Moran, Hugh Construction Zone Mesa, AZ 03:05
43 Laider, Adrian LeMond Fitness/Cap Austrailia  03:07
44 Ferguson, Walker Trek/VW All-Stars Boulder, CO 03:08
45 Torres, Florencio R Tecos Mexico 03:10
46 Overton, Frank Pro Pelton Boulder, CO 03:10
47 Lockesmoe, Jason Healthnet Oakland, CA 03:12
48 McCauley, Andy-Appl Cane Creek Asheville, NC  03:15
49 Carolan, Tim Trek/VW All-Stars Tucson, AZ 03:16
50 Olheiser, Michael Veloclips Huntsville, AL 03:18

Team Standings

1 Healthnet 1:51:19
2 Trek / VW / All-Stars  0:01:24
3 Teco's Mexico 0:02:07
4 Team Rio Grand 0:02:40
5 Healthy Choice / Guru's 0:04:17
6 Lemond / Fitness / Captain-Craz 0:05:02
7 Sierra Nevada / Clif Bar 0:06:12
8  Broadmark Capital Cycling  0:06:58
9  Canadian Cycling 0:07:23
10  Sportsbook.Com  0:11:28
11  Saturn Development 0:12:36

A word from the sponsors:
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