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George Hincapie On the Road to Health
By Staff
Date: 4/29/2003
George Hincapie On the Road to Health

Sotox Sports Press Release

Jonesboro, AR. (4/29/03) - The United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team®, which is presented by Berry Floor, received some good news today when George Hincapie, the team’s Classics leader and a key component to four straight victories at the Tour de France, announced dramatic improvements in his health.

Hincapie has fought hard to overcome parasitic and respiratory infections that have hindered him since the beginning of the season and forced him out of the spring Classics, one of the key parts of his season.  Once the decision was made to sideline Hincapie a team of doctors and nutritional experts was brought in by Hincapie’s management company, Sotox Sports Management, to assess his situation. Working in conjunction with USPS Team doctors and Johan Bruyneel, the team’s Director Sportif, the collection of experts - consisting of a group that included a macrobiotic chef to prepare meals, hematologist, pathologist, cardiologist and was headed by William B. Pettis, worked diligently to identify and rid Hincapie of this intrusive ailment.

“George is experiencing a remarkable recovery following the diagnosis of a respiratory infection compounded by a co-existing parasitic infection,” said Pettis, Medical Director for Sotox Sports Management. “He currently is being aggressively treated using a balanced combination of methods from Eastern and Western medicine. His condition has dramatically improved, while undergoing moderate training, since the recent initiation of these treatments. I expect him to soon enjoy a full and rapid recovery.”

Hincapie is now back home in South Carolina beginning the process of getting himself back into shape. With his health getting closer to 100% the cycling veteran is seeing daily improvement in his training rides.

"It has been a real tough time for me,” stated Hincapie, “but in the last week I have noticed improvement. I am optimistic that I can return to the peloton within a  month or so. Ready to race!"

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George Hincapie - On the Road to Recovery

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