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Dodge Tour de Georgia Stage Two: Updated
By Staff
Date: 4/24/2003
Dodge Tour de Georgia Stage Two: Updated

Tour de Georgia Stage Two: Macon to Columbus

Today's stage was 124 miles - 114 miles on the road with three closing circuits. The race was very fast  - nearly 30 miles per hour (48 kph) throughout, with the exception of the 55 mile per hour (88.5 kph) descent (with a cross tail wind) after the Warm Springs KOM sprint.

Off the line there were constant attacks but nothing stuck. Eight riders made a break, including Baldwin (Navigators), Guyton (Flanders iteamNova), Saturn's O'Neill, 7Up's Lieswyn and Prime Alliance's Svein Tuft but it was reined in before long. Saturn's Zajicek, Ofoto/Lombardi's Saunders and Sierra Nevada's Troy White broke away and rode like mad to take the first sprint near Thomaston (sprint results in that order). After the feed zone the trio was caught.  Flanders iteamNova, Rabobank, Navigators, Saturn, US Postal, Schroeder Iron, Prime Alliance and 7Up/Maxxis all worked the front during the day and kept the pace very high.

The peloton rolls through Warm Springs, Georgia. Photo by Michael Pugh.

Horner took the second sprint and the pace slowed somewhat for a few miles. After the second sprint, Saturn's Horner, 7Up's Lieswyn and Schroeder Iron's Meza made an attempt that lasted a couple of miles before the trio was reabsorbed. The main break of the day came from Ofoto/Lombardi's Erik Saunders, Phil Zajicek (Saturn) and Troy White (Sierra Nevada / Clif Bar).

“We spent a good 40 miles out there,” Saunders recalled, “then Phil stopped working and Troy started cramping.” The trio built up a 2:40 lead but the trio was eventually caught. On the descent after the KOM sprint the peloton split with Saturn in front, but the bunch came back together and it was gruppo compatto. The pace picked up to 35 mph on the downhill finish with the Navigators, Prime Alliance and Saturn all setting the pace. Nearing the finish Postal and Sidermec moved up, setting up Fred Rodriguez nicely while the Navigators set up Vogels.

Ofoto's Russell Hamby made his own move in the final 15 miles of the race. “The whole group was super-aggressive. I countered somebody’s move, and nobody came with me. The gap was about 20 to 25 seconds, then all of a sudden it went up to 45. I would have lasted a lot longer except that Eric Wohlberg (5th place overall) decided to come with me and Navigators shut it down. Davey (O’Loughlin) was trying to lead me out, but it was pretty dicey and we couldn’t get right up to the front.”

The blue (and yellow) Navigators train. Photo by Michael Pugh.

Inside the last km Chris Horner flatted on a section of red brick pave, ruining his chances for the final sprint but his overall placing was not jeopardized as he flatted in the final kilometer and was therefore awarded same time as the group. Another unfortunate flat for the Navigator's team car at about 10 miles from the finish, apparently picking a "bonus" screwdriver, but Mavic neutral support came through.

The Bean Team's Micah Rice describes the run to the finish: "We hit Columbus hard. Flat out. It must have been single file for the last 10 miles. The big teams were having a pissing contest to see who could rail it harder. Jeff [Hopkins] was well placed toward the front, and everyone was hanging on for dear life. Jeff said that there was no passing during the last half kilometer—the single file line just came in with no one coming around anyone else. Jeff was 9th—an awesome finish for the team in its first big UCI race this year. Chad, Jesse, Jonny and Jake all were in the same first group."

The finish was Formaggi's Di Biase first, Fast Freddy Rodriguez second and Aussie strongman Henk Vogels third. Di Biase won two stages of the Tour de Langkawi and a stage of the Brixia Tour last year.

The gruppo rolling through Macon on the way to Columbus. Photo by Michael Pugh.

Other mentions for the day for Dutch National's Mol Wouters, who went onto the gravel shoulder and while getting back onto the road caught that nasty little asphalt lip separating the road from the shoulder. Straight over the handlebars he went. We hope he is all right. Another mention for Jittery Joe's Kurt Grabin, who flatted and tried like hell to get back, but couldn't.  Says Micah Rice: "Early in the day, Kurt had the bad luck of having a flat at a bad time. Neutral support pulled off a good change, but the race was fast and Kurt was not able to work through the caravan to get back on. Not for lack of trying, though. I don’t think I have ever seen a human foam at the mouth like that before. He ended up climbing into the broom wagon and that was the end of his week of racing." The Bean Team has pulled Hopkins and Jesse Lawler out of the race to save them for the Bean Team's hometown Athens Twilight on Saturday.

A nice note: Georgia native Saul Raisin of Ofoto/Lombardi remains the Best Young Rider, and his mom is sewing his team sticker onto his blue jersey at night. What a cool mom!

Navigator's Henk Vogels kept the leader's jersey, and here are a few words from him, courtesy of AdventureSports Radio:

"I'm a little tired after today's very fast race, that's for sure. It's been a good last couple days for Team Navigators. We had control today; we put eight guys in the front and kept control in a very fast 30 mph race, so the boys did an excellent job. My teammates did the majority the work. I had the easy job, all I had to do was sprint to the finish- my guys had to ride 30 mph for 4 hours and 7 minutes today."

"I think the big day's gonna be the mountain stage in two days; I think that's gonna sort everything out. But we have a strong team for the flat stages and we've got a couple guys who can go uphill too, so we are very much in contention. Sometimes I can go uphill myself too, so we'll find out in the next few days."

Thanks to Ofoto/Lombardi, Saturn, Navigators, Schroeder Iron and Jittery Joe's for the race accounts.


1.  DI BIASE Moreno  FPF  4.07'45"  
2.  RODRIGUEZ Fred  VIN  s.t.  
3.  VOGELS Henk  NVR s.t.  
4.  DIONNE Charles  SAT  s.t.  
5.  MONAHAN Kevin  7UP  s.t
6.  DUBBERLEY Matt  SEI  s.t.  
7.  MURN Uros  FPF  s.t
8.  CANDELARIO Alex  PRI s.t.  
9.  HOPKINS Jeffrey  JIT  s.t. 
10.  TRAKSEL Bobbie   RAB  s.t.
11. CLINGER David PRI 4.07'45"
12. PINEDA Oscar 7UP 4.07'45"
13. CRUZ Antonio USP 4.07'45"
14. MORI Massimilano FPF 4.07'45"
15. LOUDER Jeff NVR 4.07'45"
16. PETER Roman OFO 4.07'45"
17. ARTACHO Gustavo COL 4.07'45"
18. SYNE Lionel WEB 4.07'45"
19. O'LOUGHLIN David OFO 4.07'45"
20. HAMBEY Russell OFO 4.07'45"
21. BALDUCCI Gabrielle VIN 4.07'45"
22. BROOKS Benjamin JEL 4.07'45"
23. RUSSELL Nathan COL 4.07'45"
24. LARKIN Tim OFO 4.07'45"
25. BAJADALI Andy OFO 4.07'45"
26. WOHLBERG Eric SAT 4.07'45"
27. FISHER Chris JEL 4.07'45"
28. ANGERMANNJeff WEB 4.07'45"
29. PRONK Jos NED 4.07'45"
30. ALBERTS Kirk JEL 4.07'45"
31. DAWSON Brent JEL 4.07'45"
32. MOL Wouters NED 4.07'45"
33. MEZA FLORES Miguel Angel SCI 4.07'45"
34. HARTLEY Chad JIT 4.07'45"
35. RADELLI Mauro VIN 4.07'45"
36. ERKER Jacob SCI 4.07'45"
37. PIC Chris 7UP 4.07'45"
38. VAN RIJN Vincent NED 4.07'45"
39. BISKNER Nieko SEI 4.07'45"
40. DE LA FUENTE David VIN 4.07'45"
41. DEN BAKKER Maarten RAB 4.07'45"
42. ZIEWACZ Douglas 7UP 4.07'45"
43. LANDRIE Jurgen FLA 4.07'45"
44. VENEBERG Thorwald RAB 4.07'45"
45. MCRAE Chann SCI 4.07'45"
46. RIZZI Antonio FPF 4.07'45"
47. MUTSAARS Ronald RAB 4.07'45"
48. KLUCK Damon USP 4.07'45"
49. NIERMANN Grischa RAB 4.07'45"
50. JACQUES-MAYNES Ben SEI 4.07'45"
51. BAUSCH Jason SCI 4.07'45"
52. PEETOOM Dirk NED 4.07'45"
53. LIVINGSTON Adam SCI 4.07'45"
54. SHARP Benjamin WVC 4.07'45"
55. DE WEERT Kevin RAB 4.07'45"
56. MAGNELL Sterling SEI 4.07'45"
57. BARRY Michael USP 4.07'45"
58. FITZGERALD Mark JEL 4.07'45"
59. ZABRISKIE David USP 4.07'45"
60. MCKENZIE David FLA 4.07'45"
61. VAUGHTERS Jonathan PRI 4.07'45"
62. LITTLEHALES Todd SEI 4.07'45"
63. DAVIDENKO Vassili NVR 4.07'45"
64. POWER Ciaran NVR 4.07'45"
65. TUFT Svein PRI 4.07'45"
66. DREW Jamie FLA 4.07'45"
67. SAUNDERS Erik OFO 4.07'45"
68. IACUONE Alan FLA 4.07'45"
69. ZAJICEK Phil SAT 4.07'45"
70. ERDELYI Jonathan OFO 4.07'45"
71. LARSEN Steve WEB 4.07'45"
72. JONES Brice 7UP 4.07'45"
73. GUYTON Scott FLA 4.07'45"
74. DECANIO Matt PRI 4.07'45"
75. LIESWYN John 7UP 4.07'45"
76. ENGELS Addy RAB 4.07'45"
77. WEISS Scottie WVC 4.07'45"
78. FRIEDICK Mariano JEL 4.07'45"
79. MCCORMACK Mark SAT 4.07'45"
80. GEROSA Mauro VIN 4.07'45"
81. WILKERSON Derek JEL 4.07'45"
82. PATE Danny PRI 4.07'45"
83. MURK Dion NED 4.07'45"
84. WILLARD Shawn COL 4.07'45"
85. PETERS John PRI 4.07'45"
86. SBEIH Adham SEI 4.07'45"
87. GILLI Marco VIN 4.07'45"
88. HEANEY Patrick WEB 4.07'45"
89. JANKOWIAK Dane SCI 4.07'45"
90. HURLEY Conor WVC 4.07'45"
91. DANIELSON Tom SAT 4.07'45"
92. HAMBLEN Jonathan WVC 4.07'45"
93. SUNDT Jonathan JIT 4.07'45"
94. BALDWIN Christopher NVR 4.07'45"
95. FORBES Brian JEL 4.07'45"
96. LAWLER Jessie JIT 4.07'45"
97. HUANG Ted WEB 4.07'45"
98. O'NEILL Nathan SAT 4.07'45"
99. WENGER David WVC 4.07'45"
100. KNUDSEN Pete SCI 4.07'45"
101. TEN DAM Laurens NED 4.07'45"
102. PERRAS Dominique FLA 4.07'45"
103. GREEN Roland USP 4.07'45"
104. RAISIN Saul OFO 4.07'45"
105. WREN Tyler COL 4.07'45"
106. WILSON Trent FLA 4.07'45"
107. LANDIS Floyd USP 4.07'45"
108. VENTURA Robbie USP 4.07'45"
109. WIMMER Markus FPF 4.07'45"
110. MASCIARELLI Andrea VIN 4.07'45"
111. WIELINGA Remmert RAB 4.07'45"
112. ROSENBARGER Jacob JIT 4.07'45"
113. GRISHKINE Oleg NVR 4.07'45"
114. HENDERSON Gregory 7UP 4.07'45"
115. JOHNSON Tim SAT 4.07'45"
116. AMICHETTI Massimo FPF 4.07'45"
117. MATTIS James WEB 4.07'45"
118. HORNER Chris SAT 4.07'45"
119. LUTHER Michael H. COL 4.08'15"
120. WHERRY Chris NVR 4.08'15"
121. OLSEN Aaron SCI 4.08'20"
122. GOESINNEN Floris NED 4.08'20"
123. CAPPE' Matteo FPF 4.08'20"
124. MITCHELL Glen Anthony NVR 4.08'20"
125. WYANDT David WEB 4.09'20"
126. McCARTNEY Jason 7UP 4.09'57"
127. BORDINE Karl COL 4.23'03"
128. VAN GROEN Arnoud NED 4.23'03"
129. BAUMANN Chris SEI 4.23'03"
130. ALEXANDRE Sebastian COL 4.23'03"
131. DETERS Andrew JIT 4.23'03"
132. FALQUIER Dario WEB 4.25'16"
133. WHITE Troy SEI 4.26'33"
134. SEIGLER Wesley WVC 4.30'41"
135. FETTY Jacob WVC 4.30'41"
136. JONES Michael WVC 4.30'41"

General Classification after Stage 2 (Day 3)

1. VOGELS Henk NVR 9.40'57"     
2. HORNER Chris SAT 9.41'01"   4"  
3. O'NEILL Nathan SAT 9.41'02"   5"  
4. LIESWYN John 7UP 9.41'09"   12"  
5. ZAJICEK Phil SAT 9.41'10"   13"  
6. WOHLBERG Eric SAT 9.41'11"   14"  
7. BALDWIN Christopher NVR 9.41'13"   16"  
8. PATE Danny PRI 9.41'13"   16"  
9. GREEN Roland USP 9.41'13"   16"  
10. ZABRISKIE David USP 9.41'14"   17"  
11. MEZA FLORES Miguel Angel SCI 9.41'14" 17"
12. GUYTON Scott FLA 9.41'14" 17"
13. MCCORMACK Mark SAT 9.41'15" 18"
14. DANIELSON Tom SAT 9.41'15" 18"
15. DAVIDENKO Vassili NVR 9.41'15" 18"
16. LOUDER Jeff NVR 9.41'16" 19"
17. BARRY Michael USP 9.41'16" 19"
18. CLINGER David PRI 9.41'16" 19"
19. DECANIO Matt PRI 9.41'17" 20"
20. ERKER Jacob SCI 9.41'18" 21"

Wachovia King of the Mountain Leader: Chris Horner, Saturn
Maxxis Sprint Leader: Henk Vogels, Navigators
Best Young Rider (under 23): Saul Raisin, Ofoto-Lombardi Sports

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