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Tour de Georgia Prologue Just In: Updated
By Staff
Date: 4/22/2003
Tour de Georgia Prologue Just In: Updated

Prime Alliance's Jonathan Vaughters crashed on the second corner of the very technical course and lost a minute. Vaughters is okay, though doubtless not very happy. This is a tough start for PACT.

Henderson came in 3/100ths of a second behind Horner in this race, and he rolled in with a flat tire so he surely lost time and missed second with that slim a margin.

Lieswyn and Vogels talked today about what it's going to take to "knock Saturn off," and they may try to take it easy in tomorrow's 136 mile, dead flat stage, hoping to save for Saturday's stage that features two 7-mile climbs.

John Lieswyn gave high praise to New Zealander teammate Henderson, saying that he is a formidable candidate to do well this year in the team and that they are lucky to have him.

Prologue: Savannah Individual Time Trial, 2.6 miles

1. Nathan O'Neill Saturn 4:58
2. Chris Horner - Saturn 5:02
3. Greg Henderson - 7Up/Maxxis 5:02
4. John Lieswyn - 7Up/Maxxis
5. Eric Wohlberg - Saturn
6. Chris Baldwin - Navigators

Thanks to Glenn Stilwell of AdventureSports Radio and Michael Aisner, the "PA Voice" of the Dodge Tour de Georgia, for the tidbits.

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