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Paris Roubaix - Live Ticker
By Podofdonny
Date: 4/13/2003
Paris Roubaix - Live Ticker

Paris-Roubaix Live Ticker

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"Jamais un cloche ne gagne la Pascale"

Good morning and welcome to the Daily Peloton's live coverage of the 101st Paris Roubaix. Please remember to press F5 to update the page.

Lovely weather this morning in Compiègne, the temperature is 10 degrees at the start and is expected to rise to 15 degrees in the afternoon, no rain anticipated, so it will be a hot “l'Enfer du Nord”.

261km to go there is only one rider who has failed to sign on - it is Rafael Mateos Perez (

To see full rider list with numbers - click here.

We should see a fast time today with the good weather conditions and a favorable wind helping the riders.

The fastest ever time for the race was set by Peter Post in 1964 with an average speed of 45.129 k/h - although of course since that time the course gas changed, moving progressively westwards to include sections of pavé.

The 26 pavé sections

N.26 (Troisvilles, Km 99,8): 2200 m de pavés (cotation 3)

N.25 (Viesly, Km 106,3): 1800 m (3)

N.24 (Quiévy, Km 108,5): 3700 m (3)

N.23 (Quiévy à Saint-Python, Km 113,7): 1500 m (2)

N.22 (Haussy, Km 121,9): 900 m (2)

N.21 (Saulzoir, Km 128,6): 1200 m (2)

N.20 (Vierchain-Maugré à Querenaing, Km 132,9): 1600 m (3)

N.19 (Maing, Km 136): 2500 m (3)

N.18 (Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon, Km 139,2): 1600 m (3)

N.17 (Haspres, Km 145,8): 1700 m (3)

N.16 (Haveluy, Km 158,3): 2500 m (5)

N.15 (Forêt d’Arenberg, Km 166,5): 2400 m (5)

N.14 (Wallers, Km 173,2): 1000 m (2)

N.13 (Hornaing à Wandignies-Hamage, Km 179,5): 3700 m (3)

N.12 (Warlaing à Brillon, Km 186,9): 2400 m, cotation 3 (Tilloy à Sars-et-Rosières, Km 190,4): 2400 m

N.11 (Orchies, chemin des Prières et chemin des Abattoirs, Km 201,5): 1700 m (3)

N.10 (Auchy-lez-Orchies à Bersée, Km 207,6): 2600 m (4)

N.9 (Mons-en-Pévèle, Km 213,2): 1000 m (3)

N.8 (Mérignies, rue de la Rosée, Km 219,8): 700 m (2)

N.7 (Pont-Thibaut, Km 223): 1400 m (3)

N.6 (Moulin de Vertain, Km 229,1): 500 m (2)

N.5 (Cysoing, Km 235,8): 1000 m (4) (Bourghelles, Km 237,1): 400 m

N.4 (Camphin-en-Pévèle, Km 242): 1800 m (4)

N.3 (Carrefour de l’Arbre, Km 244,8): 2100 m (5) (Gruson, Km 247): 1100 m

N.2 (Hem, Km 253,6): 1400 m (1)

N.1 (Roubaix, espace Charles-Crupelandt, Km 260): 300 m (1)

237 km to go: First attack of the day Bramati, Aldag, Loddo, Laidoun, Bertogliati, Nazon, Sweet, Cruz, Garcia Acosta, Capelle, Van Speybroeck, Seigneur, Urban they have a gap of 35 seconds.

Bookmakers odds this morning for the race were -

MUSEEUW Johan (BEL - QSD) 3:1, VANDENBROUCKE F (BEL - QSD) 6:1, VAN PETEGEM Peter (BEL - LOT) 7:1, PIERI Dario (ITA - SAE) 9:1, TAFI Andréa (ITA - CSC) 10:1, BOONEN Tom (BEL - QSD) 10:1, VAN HEESWIJK Max (NED – USP) 16:1, GAUMONT Philippe (FRA - COF) 18:1, BORTOLAMI Gianluca (ITA - SID) 20:1, ZANINI Stefano (ITA - SAE) 20:1, BALDATO Fabio (ITA - ALS) 26:1, GUESDON Frédéric (FRA - FDJ) 26:1, MATTAN Nico (BEL - COF) 26:1, PLANCKAERT Jo (BEL - COF) 26:1, VAINSTEINS Romans (LAT - SID) 26:1, HOFFMAN Tristan (NED - CSC) 30:1, KLIER Andreas (GER - TEL) 30:1, O'GRADY Stuart (AUS - C.A.) 30:1, HUSHOVD Thor (NOR - C.A) 34:1, PEERS Chris (BEL - COF) 34:1, WAUTERS Marc (BEL - RAB) 34:1, ZABEL Erik (GER - TEL) 34:1, EKIMOV Viatcheslav (RUS - USP) 40:1, HUNTER Robert (RSA - RAB) 40:1, IVANOV Serguei (RUS - FAS) 40:1, NARDELLO Daniele (ITA - TEL) 40:1, STEELS Tom (BEL - LAN) 40:1.

Many of the French Press are seeing the race as a duel between Museeuw and Van Petegem - although all are agreed that the “Quickstep Armada” as the Belgium team is nicknamed will be the force to be reckoned with.

220km to go: Most teams are represented in the leading group, the escapees are -

3 Davide Bramati (Ita) QuickStep, 12 Rolf Aldag (Ger) Telekom, 81 Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Lampre, 83 Alberto Loddo (Ita) Lampre, 135 Julien Laidoun (Fra) AG2R, 146 Damien Nazon (Fra) Brioches La Boulangère, 168 Corey Sweet (Aus) Credit Agricole, 169 Cedric Herve (Fra) Credit Agricole, 192 Antonio Cruz (USA) US Postal, 202 José Vicente Garcia Acosta (Spa), 213 Ludovic Capelle (Bel) Landbouwkrediet, 217 Wesley Van Speybroeck (Bel) Landbouwkrediet, 221 Eddy Seigneur (Fra) Jean Delatour, 247 Malte Urban (Ger) Team Coast, their lead is up to 1 minute 25 seconds.

So concern for Lotto. Fassa, Sidermec and Rabobank who are not represented.

Off topic but Paula Radcliffe has just smashed the womans marathon record in London, 2 hours 15 minutes and 26 seconds that is 1 minute and 52 seconds off the previous best time!

210km to go 43 kilometres covered in the first hour, which would mean a finishing time of around 17.15 C.E.T.

205 km Lotto and Cofidis, who are not represented in the break, have moved to the front of the peloton. The gap is still around 1' 25''.

200 km: The Southeasterly wind is picking up, estimated to be around 20 kilometres an hour - sunny but windy conditions today. The 14 escapees now have an advantage of around 3'30''.

Can Johan Museeuw win his fourth Paris Roubaix today like Roger De Vlaeminck? De Leeuw is the top favourite today along with Van Petegem, Vandenbroucke, Boonen, Pieri and Tafi. Although, first these riders must catch the breakaways.

195 km: The leading 14 men are working very well together still with a gap of 3'30''. At the start Van Petegem said he is pleased that the weather is dry today. Tafi says he is confident with his team and aims to keep with the favourites. Mattan thinks he is improving each year and was very happy with his RVV performance. Klier is disappointed for Wesemman but is looking forward to the race. Museeuw says their are no tactics for the team the race is decided as it evolves.

168 km to go the gap is still rising for the escapees up to 4'40'' and there is a crash in the peloton involving 25/30 riders - Baldato has come down heavily - as have 4 Saeco riders.

The escapees are now on the dusty cobbles (Troisvilles, Km 99,8): 2200 m de pavés (cotation 3), plumes of dust, the speed is very high. Corey Sweet is trying to get back with the rest of the escapees.

159km: Boonen and Van Heeswijk have been delayed in the crash and have formed a third peloton. The escapees have 1 4.05'' advantage. The pace is frantic.

154km: Onto the next section of pave - (Viesly, Km 106,3): 1800 m (3) - the peloton behind is in three bunches after the crash - but they should be able to regroup.

153 Km: Rabobank drive the chasing peloton on as they hit the second sections of cobbles - Boonen leads the second peloton in a desperate attempt to rejoin the two groups.

The escapees are on the section 24 (Quiévy, Km 108,5): 3700 m (3) - it looks like Capelle who is powering at the front of the escapess - CRASH a Fassa man is down.

Kirsipuu had tried to bridge the gap from the peloton to the escapees, but has punctured and finds himself back in the peloton.

The escapees hit Section 23 (Quiévy à Saint-Python, Km 113,7): 1500 m (2) with 221 Eddy Seigneur (Fra) Jean Delatour leading the way.

145 km: The escapees go through the feeding zone - they are nearly 20 minutes up on schedule

Klier and Steels are trying to bridge the gap to the escapees. VDB has abandoned!

135 km: Klier and Steels join up with 217 Wesley Van Speybroeck (Bel) Landbouwkrediet who works hard for Steels - the peloton hit section N.22 (Haussy, Km 121,9): 900 m (2)

131 Onto section 21 (Saulzoir, Km 128,6): 1200 m (2) - Antonio Cruz (USA) US Postal is still in the leading group and looking good - Baldato has fought his way back to the peloton after his crashes - bravo Fabio!

202 José Vicente Garcia Acosta (Spa) has attacked at the front of the race

Section 21 (Saulzoir, Km 128,6): 1200 m (2) - for the escapess - Tafi is driving the peloton along - they have a 3'50'' gap on the peloton - Steels and Klier are still 30 seconds in front of the peloton

121 km to go: Capelle punctures! And loses a lot of time on the front group.

José Vicente Garcia Acosta is back with the escapees who still have 3'45'' on the peloton, 213 Ludovic Capelle (Bel) Landbouwkrediet has done a great ride to chase back as they start section 18 (Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon, Km 139,2): 1600 m (3) - big CRASH in the peloton on section 19! No one seems hurt but it has split the peloton - the dust clouds are incredible! Guesdon went down but is back racing. The peloton is beginning to look very ragged already.

110 km: Race radio reports Tafi is losing time as a group containing Wauters, Ivanov, Joachim, Hoste and Jalabert have attacked the peloton and got a small gap.

Section 17 (Haspres, Km 145,8): 1700 m (3) for the escapees - behind them Steels has been caught by the first group of chasers.

To recap - in the leading group Bramati, Bertogliati, Nazon, Cruz, Garcia Acosta, Seigneur, Urban, Hundertmarck, Capelle, the chasers Andreas Klier (14) Telekom, Marc Wauters (61) Rabobank, Serguei Ivanov (32) Fassa Bortolo, Benoît Joachim (194) US Postal, Leif Hoste (174) Lotto-Domo, Nicolas Jalabert (185) Team CSC, Tom Steels (215) Landbouwkrediet.

The peloton at 3.50.

The escapees pass some giant statues! They are working very well together - Tafi has rejoined the main peloton has a breather and now is back at the front of the peloton driving it on! Roger Hammond is talking to his team car at the back of the main peloton.

Bad news for Jalabert in the chasing group - he has punctured.

100 km to go: - Quickstep now lead the peloton as the Forêt d’Arenberg looms.

Section 16 (Haveluy, Km 158,3): 2500 m (5) for the escapees - the crowds are huge all along the pave.

Hundertmarck the ex Postal rider leads the race over section 16, Tafi leads the peloton with Max van Heeswijk on his wheel, the gap is down to 3'05''.

The next section is the infamous Forêt d’Arenberg; there are attacks off the front of the peloton - while the escapees are still working very well together.

Section 15 (Forêt d’Arenberg, Km 166,5): 2400 m (5) the escapees - Bramati, Bertogliati, Nazon, Cruz, Garcia Acosta, Seigneur, Urban, Hundertmarck, Capelle are working together, while the Quickstep boys lead the peloton. VDB retired due to a sore knee. Bertogliati once again is at the back of the group - Nazon drives the escapees on.

The Wauters group enters the forest - he is looking very impresive today, now the peloton enter the forest - truly spectacular!

Pieri, Museeuw, Bortolami lead the peloton through the forest.

The peloton is now 2'40'' back on the leaders they are through the forest and regrouping.

Section 14 (Wallers, Km 173,2): 1000 m (2): Bad luck for Cruz - he punctures but gets a good change.

The chasers are lead by Tafi, with Pieri, Flecha just off the front of the peloton.

Section 13 (Hornaing à Wandignies-Hamage, Km 179,5): 3700 m (3) the lead is down to 2.14 - Kirsipuu is active at the front of the peloton . Cruz crashes trying to rejoin the escapees after his puncture - he will be sore tomorrow.

The peloton now on section 13 Tafi leads the peloton which has managed to regroup to about 50 riders

Aldag attacks the peloton - he has worked himslf a small gap on the pave. The peloton is splitting again, as Tafi pulls back Aldag , Museeuw follows Tafi very closely -

Section 12 (Warlaing à Brillon, Km 186,9): 2400 m, cotation 3 (Tilloy à Sars-et-Rosières, Km 190,4): Hundertmarck, Urban, Seigneur, Garcia Acosta, Nazon Bramati, Capelle, Bertogliati now have 1'32'' but a very strong group have split off the front of the peloton after a Tafi attack.

Museeuw punctures he is being helped back by Knaven

Museeuw is chasing back, the Tafi group has a small advantage.

73 km: Capelle attacks at the front of the race - he leads the race ahead of the escapees, Pieri, Van Petegem, Schweda, Vainsteins, Knaven, Van Heeswijk and Mattan are the main chasers - Mattan punctures -

Section 11 (Orchies, chemin des Prières et chemin des Abattoirs, Km 201,5): 1700 m (3) - Vainsteins puts in a huge effort, Bramati marks him out leading the peloton now are Vainsteins, Capelle, Hundertmarck, Urban, Seigneur Garcia Acosta, Nazon, Bramati, Bertogliati, Tafi, Knaven Pieri, Van Petegem, Van Heeswijk, Schweda as the riders hit section 10.

Section 10 (Auchy-lez-Orchies à Bersée, Km 207,6): 2600 Capelle is caught the escapees are back together.

Tafi leads the chasers the gap is down to 25 seconds.

Bettini interviewed on Italian TV now - he's saying "I'm here watching the race and licking my wounds." Pieri on the back of the cobbles, the rest in the gutter. Pieri gets a few meters. Van Petegem doesn't follow.

10 (Auchy-lez-Orchies à Bersée, Km 207,6): 2600 m (4) and Van Petegem takes up the chase to keep Museeuw out of the way the gap is around 25 seconds.

Bettini on Pieri: "This is the race he likes the most. He's done well earlier this season, and has even improved recently. Now he's there fighting. So I hope we may have another Tuscan winner."

Pieri attacks at the front - the race is still wide open, the peloton is not that far behind.

"Bettini on himself: "I can't even move my shoulder now. So it will be hard for me to be back next week. Maybe in a two-week time..."

50 km to go: Kirsipuu is now struggling while Pieri has given up his attack.

Section 9 (Mons-en-Pévèle, Km 213,2): 1000 m (3): Van Petegem is pushing hard over the cobbles, 10 riders in the front group.

The ten riders: Pieri, Tafi, Vainsteins, Hundertmarck, Urban, Seigneur, Garcia Acosta, Nazon, Bramati, Bertogliati, Knaven, Van Petegem, Schweda, Capelle, Wauters.

The peloton is 20 seconds behind.

45 km to go: Tafi still forcing the pace at the front of the race.

Museeuw and the peloton is now 50 seconds back - is it the end of his chances?

Section 8 (Mérignies, rue de la Rosée, Km 219,8): 700 m (2) Pieri joins Aldag and Wauters. Clouds of dust - it is fortunately only a short section.

40 km to go: Tafi still leads the 10 men at the front of the race.

Section 7 (Pont-Thibaut, Km 223): 1400 m (3) Van Petegem leads over the cobbles as O'Grady is trying to bridge the gap. Nardello rejoined the leading bunch!

Max van Heeswijk also named in the leading group.

35 km to go: - Pieri and Aldag attack again. Sven Nys seems to have fallen, is limping towards the showers.

The two men have got quite a good gap - the others should start chasing them down now.

Aldag and Pieri are working very well together - this could be the race winning move!

Six cobble sections to go.

Section 6 (Moulin de Vertain, Km 229,1): 500 m (2) past the famous windmill - CRASH Ekimov and Ivanov come down! Pieri has dropped Aldag - he is away on his own.

He waits for Aldag to catch up after the cobbled section so they can work together.

Correction - it was Max van Heeswijk who crashed, he has been caught by O'Grady.

Aldag and Pieri have 15 seconds on the chasers, though Aldag is starting to look very tired. The gap has risen to 22 seconds.

Pieri urges Aldag to help him, the two are working well together again - 235 kilometres covered, huge crowds cheering the leaders on.

The chasing group seems to have lost its impetus. Section 5 (Cysoing, Km 235,8): 1000 m (4) (Bourghelles, Km 237,1): 400 m - the two leaders are on the pave.

Van Petegem now leads the chasers, Pieri once again looks stronger on the cobbles - they now have a 30 second gap on the chasers.

The Ekimov attacks the front group; the former pursuit world champion is making a huge effort to catch the two leaders.

Viatcheslav Ekimov is tearing down the road - he will surely bridge the gap.

Ekimov, who retired last year, is rolling back the years as he steams across the asphelt. The gap is now 10 seconds.

30 seconds to the main chasers with 20 kilometres to go...

Ekimov joins Aldag and Pieri at the front of the race.

Section 4 (Camphin-en-Pévèle, Km 242): 1800 m (4) - A hard section where Hincapie crashed last year.

Ekimov is piling the pressure on at the front - Aldag is struggling to keep up - he is dropped - Pieri and Ekimov now lead the race.

Ekimov is trying to drop Pieri who is showing true grit - he is like the Russian's shadow on the pave. Behind, Van Petegem and Wauters have also attacked.

Section 3 (Carrefour de l’Arbre, Km 244,8): 2100 m (5) (Gruson, Km 247): 1100m - Ekimov still at the front charging through the dust - he has dropped Pieri!

No - Pieri digs deep and comes back; behind Van Petegem chases.

Van Petegem has made it; he will reach Ekimov and Pieri - what a great ride!

Ekimov attacks again - he does not want Van Petegem to catch him. At Section 3 (Carrefour de l’Arbre, Km 244,8): 2100 m (5) (Gruson, Km 247): 1100 m - Ekimov and Van Petegem together 13 km to go.

Pieri is coming back to make three men at the front. Museeuw is patted on the back by Max van Heeswijk; the two take the cobbles together, resigned to the fact they will not win this year. Ekimov, Pieri and Van Petegem together - it will be between these three.

Ekimov, Pieri, Van Petegem: 10 kms to go - they have a lead of 35 seconds - Vainsteins and Nardello are the two chasers.

Wauters is with them too. Van Petegem picks up the pave at the front - 8 km to go.

The gap is dropping - 28 seconds.

Over the last real pave. Pieri leads the leading trio over the pave. Behind Nardello is forcing the pace.

But he punctures! What bad luck!

He is joined by Tafi and Aldag. Meanwhile Ekimov, Van Petegem and Pieri have stretched the lead again to 38 seconds. Vainsteins and Wauters the chasing duo.

5km to go - Ekimov sets the pace - will one of the trio try an early attack?

Far behind Museeuw has punctured - not his day at all.

Now Ekimov, Pieri and Van Petegem with 38 seconds advantage - will be thinking of the Velodrome - behind Vainsteins has cramps and Wauters is left to chase on his own.

Ekimov attacks!

He is brought back.

2km to go: Cat and mouse games from the leading trio.

Now Pieri at the front, under the Flamme Rouge!

The three men still together, Pieri at the front - the Velodrome is in sight. Onto the track...

A tense atmosphere - Pieri, van Petegem, Ekimov...Van Petegem attacks - he takes the Paris Roubaix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first man to win RVV and PR in the same year since De Vlaeminck in 1977.


1. Van Petegem
2. Pieri
3. Ekimov
4. Wauters
5. Tafi
6. Vainsteins
7. Knaven
8. Nardello
9. Aldag
10. Ivanov

Not only has he equalled that record, he also takes a stronghold on the World Cup standings with 200 points.

So a great day for Van Petegem. Thanks for reading today's live ticker - stay tuned for race report and reactions later.

Paris-Roubaix Official Results
1   171   VAN PETEGEM   Peter   BEL   LOT   6h 11' 35"
2   021   PIERI   Dario   ITA   SAE   00' 00"
3   193   EKIMOV   Vjatceslav   RUS   USP   00' 00"
4   061   WAUTERS   Marc   BEL   RAB   00' 15"
5   181   TAFI   Andrea   ITA   CSC   00' 36"
6   078   VAINSTEINS   Romans   LAT   VIN   00' 36"
7   006   KNAVEN   Servais   NED   QSD   00' 36"
8   016   NARDELLO   Daniele   ITA   TEL   00' 36"
9   012   ALDAG   Rolf   GER   TEL   00' 36"
10   032   IVANOV   Serguei   RUS   FAS   01' 08"
11   051   BALDATO   Fabio   ITA   ALS   01' 53"
12   041   GUESDON   Frédéric   FRA   FDJ   01' 56"
13   146   NAZON   Damien   FRA   BLB   02' 09"
14   071   BORTOLAMI   Gianluca   ITA   VIN   02' 09"
15   011   ZABEL   Erik   GER   TEL   02' 09"
16   136   PORTAL   Nicolas   FRA   A2R   02' 09"
17   234   HAMMOND   Roger   GBR   PAL   02' 18"
18   161   O'GRADY   Stuart   AUS   C.A   02' 18"
19   091   MATTAN   Nico   BEL   COF   02' 18"
20   087   SERPELLINI   Marco   ITA   LAM   02' 18"
21   184   HOFFMAN   Tristan   NED   CSC   02' 18"
22   045   EISEL   Bernhard   AUT   FDJ   02' 28"
23   191   VAN HEESWIJK   Max   NED   USP   02' 28"
24   002   BOONEN   Tom   BEL   QSD   02' 28"
25   201   FLECHA   Juan Antonio   ESP   BAN   02' 28"
26   064   HAYMAN   Mathew   AUS   RAB   02' 28"
27   143   ENGOULVENT   Jimmy   FRA   BLB   04' 33"
28   236   ROESEMS   Bert   BEL   PAL   04' 33"
29   147   RENIER   Franck   FRA   BLB   04' 33"
30   095   PEERS   Chris   BEL   COF   04' 33"
31   004   CRETSKENS   Wilfried   BEL   QSD   04' 33"
32   003   BRAMATI   Davide   ITA   QSD   04' 33"
33   001   MUSEEUW   Johan   BEL   QSD   04' 33"
34   245   SCHWEDA   Raphael   GER   COA   04' 37"
35   134   FLICKINGER   Andy   FRA   A2R   06' 57"
36   093   GAUMONT   Philippe   FRA   COF   06' 57"
37   174   HOSTE   Leif   BEL   LOT   07' 00"
38   086   SCIANDRI   Maximilian   GBR   LAM   07' 00"
39   082   CORTINOVIS   Alessandro   ITA   LAM   07' 00"
40   013   HUNDERTMARCK   Kai   GER   TEL   07' 00"
41   213   CAPELLE   Ludovic   BEL   LAN   07' 05"
42   046   MENGIN   Christophe   FRA   FDJ   12' 24"
43   227   NAZON   Jean-Patrick   FRA   DEL   12' 24"
44   124   FLORENCIO   Xavier   ESP   ONE   12' 24"
45   243   KORFF   André   GER   COA   12' 24"
46   177   VANSEVENANT   Wim   BEL   LOT   12' 24"
47   117   RAST   Gregory   SUI   PHO   12' 24"
48   211   BERNUCCI   Lorenzo   ITA   LAN   12' 24"
49   131   KIRSIPUU   Jaan   EST   A2R   12' 24"
50   007   TANKINK   Bram   NED   QSD   12' 24"
51   017   SCHAFFRATH   Jan   GER   TEL   13' 31"
52   194   JOACHIM   Benoit   LUX   USP   14' 03"
53   148   VOECKLER   Thomas   FRA   BLB   16' 44"
54   247   URBAN   Malte   GER   COA   16' 44"
55   221   SEIGNEUR   Eddy   FRA   DEL   16' 44"
56   005   KASHECHKIN   Andrey   KAZ   QSD   19' 03"
57   178   VIERHOUTEN   Aart   NED   LOT   20' 31"
58   175   VAN BON   Leon   NED   LOT   20' 31"
59   225   KRIVTSOV   Yuriy   UKR   DEL   20' 36"
60   164   HINAULT   Sébastien   FRA   C.A   20' 36"
61   216   TIMOCHINE   Mikhail   RUS   LAN   22' 07"
62   081   BERTOGLIATI   Rubens   SUI   LAM   22' 50"
63   014   KLIER   Andreas   GER   TEL   24' 14"

248   VON KLEINSORGEN   Christoph   GER   COA
246   TEUTENBERG   Sven   GER   COA
244   RADOCHLA   Steffen   GER   COA
242   CHRISTENSEN   Bekim   DEN   COA
241   ADAMSSON   Stefan   SWE   COA
239   DAELMAN   Danny   BEL   PAL
237   VAN DYCK   Hendrik   BEL   PAL
235   PENNE   Frederik   BEL   PAL
233   DE WAELE   Fabien   BEL   PAL
232   DE SMET   Andy   BEL   PAL
231   DE GROOTE   Thierry   BEL   PAL
228   THIBOUT   Bruno   FRA   DEL
226   LAURENT   Christophe   FRA   DEL
224   JOLY   Sébastien   FRA   DEL
223   FINOT   Frédéric   FRA   DEL
222   DUMOULIN   Samuel   FRA   DEL
219   VAN LANDEGHEM   Kurt   BEL   LAN
217   VAN SPEYBROCK   Wesley   BEL   LAN
215   STEELS   Tom   BEL   LAN
214   DE WAELE   Bert   BEL   LAN
212   BRACKE   Tony   BEL   LAN
207   PLAZA MOLINA   Ruben   ESP   BAN
206   MATEOS   Rafael   ESP   BAN
205   LOPEZ   Jos Antonio   ESP   BAN
204   LASTRAS   Pablo   ESP   BAN
203   GUTIERREZ   Jos Ivan   ESP   BAN
202   GARCIA ACOSTA   Vicente   ESP   BAN
198   PENA   Victor Hugo   COL   USP
197   PADRNOS   Pavel   CZE   USP
196   MIKHAILOV   Guennadi   RUS   USP
195   KJAERGAARD   Steffen   NOR   USP
192   CRUZ   Antonio   USA   USP
188   VAN HYFTE   Paul   BEL   CSC
187   VAN BONDT   Geert   BEL   CSC
186   PIZIKS   Arvis   LTU   CSC
185   JALABERT   Nicolas   FRA   CSC
183   ERIKSEN   Thomas   DEN   CSC
182   DEAN   Julian   NZL   CSC
180   VAN IMPE   Kévin   BEL   LOT
173   GARDEYN   Gorik   BEL   LOT
172   EECKHOUT   Nico   BEL   LOT
169   HERVE   Cédric   FRA   C.A
168   SWEET   Corey   AUS   C.A
166   JENNER   Christopher   NZL   C.A
165   JEGOU   Lilian   FRA   C.A
163   CHARPENTEAU   Yohann   FRA   C.A
162   AUGE   Stéphane   FRA   C.A
158   WEIGOLD   Steffen   GER   GST
157   SCHMIDT   Torsten   GER   GST
156   RICH   Michael   GER   GST
155   POLLACK   Olaf   GER   GST
154   LANG   Sebastian   GER   GST
153   HARDTER   Uwe   GER   GST
152     F RSTER Robert   GER   GST
151   CONTRINI   Daniele   ITA   GST
145   KERN   Christophe   FRA   BLB
144   GESLIN   Anthony   FRA   BLB
142   CHAVANEL   Sylvain   FRA   BLB
141   MAGNIEN   Emmanuel   FRA   BLB
138   SCANLON   Mark   IRL   A2R
137   PÜPSEP   Erki   EST   A2R
135   LAIDOUN   Julien   FRA   A2R
133   BERGES   Stéphane   FRA   A2R
132   AUS   Lauri   EST   A2R
126   PRADERA   Mikel   ESP   ONE
123   DIAZ   Rafael   ESP   ONE
122   DAVIS   Allan   AUS   ONE
121   BELOKI   Gorka   ESP   ONE
118   USOV   Alexandre   BLR   PHO
116   GRABSCH   Bert   GER   PHO
115   GOUGOT   Fabrice   FRA   PHO
114   ELMIGER   Martin   SUI   PHO
113   DESSEL   Cyril   FRA   PHO
112   BEUCHAT   Roger   SUI   PHO
111   BERTOLINI   Denis   ITA   PHO
108   POSPYEYEV   Kyrylo   UKR   DVE
107   ONGARATO   Alberto   ITA   DVE
106   MONDINI   Gianpaolo   ITA   DVE
105   MEIRHAEGHE   Filip   BEL   DVE
102   CARDELLINI   Lorenzo   ITA   DVE
101   BENNATI   Daniele   ITA   DVE
098   TOMBAK   Janeck   EST   COF
097   SASSONE   Robert   FRA   COF
094   HAYLES   Robert   GBR   COF
092   FLAMMANG   Tom   LUX   COF
088   SPRUCH   Zbigniew   POL   LAM
085   QUINZIATO   Manuel   ITA   LAM
084   PAGLIARINI   Luciano   BRA   LAM
083   LODDO   Alberto   ITA   LAM
077   SIRONI   Gianluca   ITA   VIN
076   RODRIGUEZ   Fred   USA   VIN
075   MILESI   Marco   ITA   VIN
074   GEROSA   Mauro   ITA   VIN
073   BALDUCCI   Gabriele   ITA   VIN
072   APOLLONIO   Massimo   ITA   VIN
068   SENTJENS   Roy   NED   RAB
067   NIJS   Sven   BEL   RAB
066   KROON   Karsten   NED   RAB
065   HUNTER   Robert   RSA   RAB
063   DE JONGH   Steven   NED   RAB
062   BOVEN   Jan   NED   RAB
058   VINALE   Alberto   ITA   ALS
055   FURLAN   Angelo   ITA   ALS
054   CASAROTTO   Davide   ITA   ALS
053   CASAGRANDA   Stefano   ITA   ALS
052   BROGNARA   Andrea   ITA   ALS
048   WILSON   Matthew   AUS   FDJ
047   WIGGINS   Bradley   GBR   FDJ
044   DURAND   Jacky   FRA   FDJ
043   DEREPAS   David   FRA   FDJ
042   CASPER   Jimmy   FRA   FDJ
038   ZANOTTI   Marco   ITA   FAS
036   PETITO   Roberto   ITA   FAS
035   LODA   Nicola   ITA   FAS
034   LARSSON   Gustav   SWE   FAS
031   CANCELLARA   Fabian   SUI   FAS
030   GAVAZZI   Nicola   ITA   SAE
028   ZANINI   Stefano   ITA   SAE
026   PEPOLI   Christian   ITA   SAE
025   LUDEWIG   Jorg   GER   SAE
024   FORNACIARI   Paolo   ITA   SAE
023   COMMESSO   Salvatore   ITA   SAE
022   BONOMI   Giosuè   ITA   SAE
020   REICHL   Dirk   GER   TEL
015   KOPP   David   GER   TEL
008   VANDENBROUCKE   Franck   BEL   QSD

World Cup General Classification
1  VAN PETEGEM Peter  BEL  LOTTO - DOMO  200,00
5  EKIMOV Vjatceslav  RUS  US POSTAL - BERRY FLOOR  74,00
7  IVANOV Serguei  RUS  FASSA BORTOLO  64,00
9  BALDATO Fabio  ITA  ALESSIO  55,00
11  GUESDON Frédéric  FRA  FDJEUX.COM  46,00
13  ZABEL Erik  GER  TEAM TELEKOM  43,00
14  WAUTERS Marc  BEL  RABOBANK  40,00
17  TAFI Andrea  ITA  TEAM CSC  36,00
18  EISEL Bernhard  AUT  FDJEUX.COM  30,00
20  FREIRE Oscar  ESP  RABOBANK  28,00
22  NARDELLO Daniele  ITA  TEAM TELEKOM  24,00
23  SVORADA Jan  CZE  LAMPRE  24,00
25  ALDAG Rolf  GER  TEAM TELEKOM  20,00
26  BOOGERD Michaël  NED  RABOBANK  20,00
29  SERPELLINI Marco  ITA  LAMPRE  15,00

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