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64th Gent-Wevelgem (1.HC)

By Podofdonny
Date: 4/9/2002

64th Gent-Wevelgem (1.HC)


64th Gent-Wevelgem (1.HC)

George Hincapie became the first ever American to win the semi- classic Gent -Wevelgem last year when inspite of a flat tyre he outsprinted Mercury rider Leon Van Bon to take the race by the closest of margins . The race at 207 kilometres is at typical Belgian affair with sections of cobbles and the usual bergs which as the race progresses will split the field and sort the men from the boys . As usual , the race incorporates the now notorious Kemmelberg the scene of the truly horrific crash which put Tchmil and others out of the spring classic season . About 60 kilometres shorter than the true Classics the race is nevertheless considered a good indication of Paris Roubaix form.

Riders missing from tomorrows action are Lance Armstrong (USPostal) , Bettini for the Mapei boys (who nevertheless seem to have the strongest team ) .One rider who will be definitely out to prove a point will be Dario Pieri - whose team Alessio did not gain entrance into either the Tour of Flanders or the Paris Roubaix - if Pieri does well tomorrow it will surely be time for questions to be asked concerning the selection process for the big races .

Certainly Hincapie will be determined to gain his first victory of the season and once again it will be interesting to see how the exciting prospect of Tom Boonen fairs - although other riders who missed out on the all important break in the Tour of Flanders - such as Bartoli (Fassa) , Wesemann (Telekom) , Bortolami (Tacconi) and Ludo Dierckxsens (Lampre) will be looking to chalk up some revenge .

Results 2001

1 George Hincapie (USA) U.S. Postal Service 5.00.50 (42.881 km/h)

2 Leon Van Bon (Ned) Mercury-Viatel

3 Steffen Wesemann (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom

4 Arvis Piziks (Lat) CSC-World Online

5 Nico Mattan (Bel) Cofidis

6 Nico Eeckhout (Bel) Lotto-Adecco 0.41

7 Chris Peers (Bel) Cofidis

8 Daniele Nardello (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step 1.00

9 Erik Zabel (Ger) Team Deutsche Telekom 1.16

10 Gabriele Balducci (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola

1934- 1.Gustave VAN BELL (bel) 2. M. Vandenberghe 3.J. Dufromont

1935- 1.Albert DEPREITRE (bel) 2. J. Dufromont 3. L.Catrysse

1936- 1.Robert VAN EENAEME (bel) 2. J. Somers 3.G.Denys

1937- 1.Robert VAN EENAEME (bel) 2. A. Ritserveldt 3. A. Hallaert

1938- 1.Hubert GODART (bel) 2.E. Delathouwer 3.F. Van Cauwenbergh

1939- 1.Andre DECLERCK (bel) 2. F. Van Hellemont 3. A.Van Laecke

1945 - 1.Robert VAN EENAEME (bel) 2.M.Van Herzele (bel) 3.A.Declerck (bel)

1946 - 1.Ernest STERCKX (bel) 2.M.Desimpelaere (bel) 3.M.Remue (bel)

1947 - 1.Maurice DESIMPELAERE (bel) 2.R.Beyens (bel) 3.L.Vlaemynck (bel)

1948 - 1.Valere OLLIVIER (bel) 2.A.Ramon (bel) 3.H.Couvreur (bel)

1949 - 1.Marcel KINT (bel) 2.A.Declerck (bel) 3.A.Decin (bel)

1950 - 1.Briek SCHOTTE (bel) 2.A.Decin (bel) 3.A.Declerck (bel)

1951 - 1.Andre ROSSEEL (bel) 2.R.Jonckheere (bel) 3.L.Van Brabant (bel)

1952 - 1.Raymond IMPANIS (bel) 2.M.Blomme (bel) 3.A.De Hertog (bel)

1953 - 1.Raymond IMPANIS (bel) 2.W.Van Est (ned) 3.G.Derijcke (bel)

1954 - 1.Rolf GRAF (swi) 2.F.Kuebler (swi) 3.E.Sterckx (bel)

1955 - 1.Briek SCHOTTE (bel) 2.D.Keteleer (bel) 3.R.Impanis (bel)

1956 - 1.Rik VAN LOOY (bel) 2.R.Van Genechten (bel) 3.D.Keteleer (bel)

1957 - 1.Rik VAN LOOY (bel) 2.A.Noyelle (bel) 3.L.Matthijs (bel)

1958 - 1.Noel FORE (bel) 2.R.Van Looy (bel) 3.F.De Bruyne (bel)

1959 - 1.Leon VAN DAELE (bel) 2.J.Hoevenaers (bel) 3.J.Anquetil (fra)

1960 - 1.Frans AERENHOUTS (bel) 2.F.De Mulder (bel) 3.J.Planckaert (bel)

1961 - 1.Frans AERENHOUTS (bel) 2.R.Impanis (bel) 3.I.Molenaers (bel)

1962 - 1.Rik VAN LOOY (bel) 2.F.Schoubben (bel) 3.A.Desmet (bel)

1963 - 1.Benoni BEHEYT (bel) 2.T.SIMPSON (gbr) 3.M.Van Aerde (bel)

1964 - 1.Jacques ANQUETIL (fra) 2.I.Molenaers (bel) 3.R.Van Looy (bel)

1965 - 1.Noel DE PAUW (bel) 2.B.Van De Kerckhove (bel) 3.G.Desmet (bel)

1966 - 1.Herman VAN SPRINGEL (bel) 2.N.Van Clooster (bel) 3.P.Lykke Jensen (den)

1967 - 1.Eddy MERCKX (bel) 2.J.Janssen (ned) 3.W.Sels (bel)

1968 - 1.Walter GODEFROOT (bel) 2.W.Van Neste (bel) 3.F.Gimondi (ita)

1969 - 1.Willy VEKEMANS (bel) 2.R.De Vlaeminck (bel) 3.E.De Vlaeminck (bel)

1970 - 1.Eddy MERCKX (bel) 2.W.Vekemans (bel) 3.W.Godefroot (bel)

1971 - 1.Georges PINTENS (bel) 2.R.De Vlaeminck (bel) 3.G.Karstens (ned)

1972 (1) 1.Roger SWERTS (bel) 2.F.Gimondi (ita) 3.E.Merckx (bel)

1973 - 1.Eddy MERCKX (bel) 2.F.Verbeeck (bel) 3.W.Planckaert (bel)

1974 - 1.Barry HOBAN (gbr) 2.E.Merckx (bel) 3.R.De Vlaeminck (bel)

1975 - 1.Freddy MAERTENS (bel) 2.F.Verbeeck (bel) 3.R.Van Linden (bel)

1976 - 1.Freddy MAERTENS (bel) 2.R.Van Linden (bel) 3.F.Verbeeck (bel)

1977 - 1.Bernard HINAULT (fra) 2.V.Algeri (ita) 3.P.Van Katwijk (ned)

1978 - 1.Ferdi VANDENHAUTE (bel) 2.W.Planckaert (bel) 3.F.Moser (ita)

1979 - 1.Francesco MOSER (ita) 2.R.De Vlaeminck (bel) 3.J.Raas (ned)

1980 - 1.Henk LUBBERDING (ned) 2.F.De Wolf (bel) 3.P.Van Katwijk (ned)

1981 - 1.Jan RAAS (ned) 2.R.De Vlaeminck (bel) 3.F.De Wolf (bel)

1982 - 1.Frank HOSTE (bel) 2.E.Van Haerens (bel) 3.F.De Wolf (bel)

1983 - 1.Leo VAN VLIET (ned) 2.J.Raas (ned) 3.F.Hoste (bel)

1984 - 1.Guido BONTEMPI (ita) 2.E.Vanderaerden (bel) 3.P.Gavazzi (ita)

1985 - 1.Eric VANDERAERDEN (bel) 2.P.Anderson (aus) 3.R.Dhaenens (bel)

1986 - 1.Guido BONTEMPI (ita) 2.T.Poels (ned) 3.J.Wampers (bel)

1987 - 1.Teun VAN VLIET (ned) 2.E.De Wilde (bel) 3.H.Frison (bel)

1988 - 1.Sean KELLY (irl) 2.G.Bugno (ita) 3.R.Kiefel (usa)

1989 - 1.Gerrit SOLLEVELD (ned) 2.S.Yates (gbr) 3.R.Soerensen (den)

1990 - 1.Herman FRISON (bel) 2.J.Museeuw (bel) 3.F.Ballerini (ita)

1991 - 1.Dzamolidine ABDUZHAPAROV (uzb) 2.M.Cipollini (ita) 3.O.Ludwig (ger)

1992 (2) 1.Mario CIPOLLINI (ita) 2.J.Capiot (bel) 3.A.Baffi (ita)

1993 - 1.Mario CIPOLLINI (ita) 2.E.Vanderaerden (bel) 3.D.Abduzhaparov (uzb)

1994 - 1.Wilfried PEETERS (bel) 2.F.Ballerini (ita) 3.J.Museeuw (bel)

1995 - 1.Lars MICHAELSEN (den) 2.M.Fondriest (ita) 3.L.Roosen (bel)

1996 - 1.Tom STEELS (bel) 2.G.Lombardi (ita) 3.F.Baldato (ita)

1997 - 1.Philippe GAUMONT (fra) 2.A.Tchmil (ukr) 3.J.Capiot (bel)

1998 - 1.Frank VANDENBROUCKE (bel) 2.L.Michaelsen (den) 3.N.Mattan (bel)

1999 - 1.Tom STEELS (bel) 2.Z.Spruch (pol) 3.T.Hoffman (ned)

2000- 1.Geert Van Bondt (bel) 2. Peter Van Petegem (bel) 3.J. Musseuw (bel)

2001- 1.George Hincapie (usa) 2. Leon Van Bon (ned) 3. Steffen Wesemann (ger)

(1) Verbeeck disqualified

(2) Abduzhaparov (1st) disqualified for not sprinting correctly

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