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Sea Otter Stage 2 - Women's Fort Ord Time Trial
By Becky Leidy
Date: 4/10/2003
Sea Otter Stage 2 - Women's Fort Ord Time Trial

The Sea Otter Classic stage today was a 12.05-mile individual time trial at Fort Ord. It was an uphill battle with 600 feet of climbing from start to finish.

I must say, I called this one to a "T.": One, two, three, Jeanson, Bruckner, Jutras. I think they call that a trifecta? I wish I had bet money on this. Genevieve Jeanson of RONA/Esker showed her incredible climbing skills to the delight of all by catch nearly three people that started in front of her and finishing with a time of 30:23. Kim Bruckner (T-Mobile) finished at 31:23, and Manon Jutras (Saturn) at 31:54.

And what did Genevieve think of today's stage? "Itís a nice course," said Jeanson, "and its real challenge is that you get to the main climb toward the end, when youíre tired. During my warm-up I didnít feel so good, but I started to feel better once I got on the road. It didnít take too long for me to have Dede Barry in sight, as she had started one minute before me. She was a good rabbit for a long time, it helped. I now have a 1:10 lead in GC, itís better than 10 seconds, but I donít think itís a comfortable margin for tomorrow. This race is far from over."

Fridayís Stage Three has had a venue change due to the neutralization of yesterday's men's race. Intead of being the Santa Cruz Criterium, the race will be held at Laguna Seca.

Results Stage Two - more to come as they become available

1 GeneviŤve Jeanson (RONA/Esker) 19.4 km in 30:22, avg. 38.3 km/h
2 Kim Bruckner (T-Mobile)+1:00
3 Manon Jutras (Saturn)+1:31
4 Amber Neben (T-Mobile)+1:35
5 Lyne Bessette (Saturn)s.t.

General Classification after Stage 2 Ė more to come as they become available

1. Jeanson (RONA/Esker)
2. Bruckner (T-Mobile) +1:10
3. Bessette (Saturn) +1:41
4. Neben (T-Mobile) +1:45
5. Jutras (Saturn) +1:49

Thanks to Giana Roberge from Saturn Cycling and Daniel Larouche of RONA/Esker for race information and the official Sea Otter website for results!

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