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The Hard Road Trivia Game: Thanks for Playing!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/14/2003
The Hard Road Trivia Game: Thanks for Playing!

The answers to the final two questions are below.

Thanks to everyone who made this game so much fun - the bearers of questions - Jamie Paolinetti, Jeff Pierce, Kenny Labbe, John Wordin, Frankie Andreu, podofdonny and mapeifan - and all the great people who played!

If you would like to have another trivia game, send questions and verified answers to When I accumulate some, I will throw us another game!

Congratulations to all of the winners:

Mark Allebach Lee Maloy
Craig Cheeseman Andrew Nolan
Gary Cohen Rod Palomino
Dan Connelly Adam Price
Matthew Hastings Colin Sandberg
Michael Helmstadter Tony Szurly
Peter Hymas Curtis Warwick
Norman Lai Craig Webb
Joshua Lee Laura Weislo
B. J. Mabel

The Hard Road Trivia Game

12 March - Trivia Questions #16 and #17:

On this, the final day of The Hard Road Trivia Game, you have two chances to win - answer one question or both - but for one jersey only. First correct answer to either question gets the jersey.

Question #16: Name the first two US teams in the European peloton, and the year. (Hint, it was after 1976.)

Answer #16: The answers we received to the first two US teams in the US peloton were Coors and 7-Eleven. My answers (which may not be right, in which case you will let me know) are AMF-Motobecane and Panasonic Shimano, both in 1981. The 7-Eleven team debuted in 1985, the Coors team in 1989.

Question #17: How many times did Greg Lemond podium in 1982 European races? (Extra credit for naming the races and placings.)

Answer #17: Greg Lemond podiumed nine times (at least) in European races in 1982:
Tour Mediteraneen, 2nd
Tour l'Avenir, Overall and 2 stages (there is some disagreement here, as records vary - stating that he won from one to three stages - 4th, 5th and 8th, and also that he won 3rd on points as well)
Tour of Corsica, 3rd
Tirreno Adriatico 3rd overall and stage 3
GP de Rennes, 3rd
Worlds Elite Men's Road Race, 2nd

Adam Price

11 March - Trivia Question #15:

This is a question specially chosen for our Women's Racing Editor, Becky Leidy...

How many American women have podiumed in the Worlds Elite Women's Road Race, and what is the number of American men who have podiumed in the Worlds Elite Men's Road Race? (Extra credit for the names and years...)

Answer: There have been two men with a total of five placings: 1993- Armstrong, 89- Lemond, 85- Lemond, 83 - Lemond, 82- Lemond.

For the women, a total of 10 placings among nine women: 1994 - Jeanne Golay, 1993 - Laura Charameda, 1991-Inga Thompson, 1990- Ruthie Matthes, 1986 - Janelle Parks, 1983 - Rebecca Twig, 1981 - Connie Carpenter, 1980- Beth Heiden, 1977- Connie Carpenter, 1969- A. McElmery. (You go, girls!)

You can see Fabio's complete Worlds medals placings here.

Lee Maloy

10 March - Trivia Question #14:

What brand of bicycle has been ridden to the most Tour de France victories? And how many times?

Answer: We had a wide range of answers on this question, including one who said it was impossible to say, since until the modern era, no TdF was won by a "brand" bike.

However, the "official" answer is Gitane with 12 Tour wins - 4 with Anquetil, though he rode a Helyett in 62, 1 with Van Impe, 5 with Hinault, 2 with Fignon. Next comes Alcyon (11 wins) and Pinarello (9 wins). There is a great "survey" article on this subject over at Cycle Disciple - the link to the article is here.

Colin Sandberg

9 March - Trivia Question #13:

Who is the highest ranked Navigators rider in the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen currently being raced?

Answer: As of Sunday when the question was posted, Oleg Grichkine (Russia) had placed 4th on the second day, and was 15th on GC. Grichkine won his 2002 national road championships.

Norman Lai

8 March - Trivia Question #12:

Ron Kiefel, Davis Phinney and Greg Lemond were all stage winners in what 1986 race that Bernard Hinault won?

Answer: The Coors Classic. In 1986, the Coors Classic consisted of a prologue and 17 stages. The stages were run in Northern California, Nevada, and Colorado.

Kiefel won two stages, Phinney won three stages, Lemond won one stage and Hinault won two. The podium was 1. Bernard Hinault (Fra), 2. Greg Lemond (Usa) and 3. Phil Anderson (Aus).

Dan Connelly

7 March - Trivia Question #11:

Now we are playing for jerseys only now...and here's another question from Jeff Pierce:

In 1986, what major European road race saw two Americans on the podium? Name the race, winners and their podium places.

Answer: In the 1986 Tour de Suisse, Andy Hampsten and Greg Lemond took the podium - Hampsten first and Lemond 3rd. Interestingly, Robert Millar of Great Britain was 2nd, making an all English-speaking podium for that race. Thanks to PhilM for that "extra credit" trivia!

Some of our trivia game players answered the Tour de France, which saw Greg Lemond, Bernard Hinault and Urs Zimmerman on the podium, with Andy Hampsten taking fourth place and the white jersey for the best young rider classification. I also accepted those who gave Hampsten as a jersey winner in their answer.

Peter Hymas - Jersey

Today is the last day to play for an invitation, so today only you have two chances to win! Here are two questions - answer one or answer both. Question #9 is from John Wordin, question #10 is Have fun and good luck!

6 March - Trivia Questions #9 and #10:

#9: With which cycling club did John Tomac get his start on the road?

Answer: The cycling club where John Tomac got his start on the road was Rainbow Sports. John Wordin was also part of that club. No one got this one correctly, but we are still selecting a jersey winner from those who answered!

Matthew Hastings - Jersey

#10: Name the five Americans who have ridden 6 or more consecutive Tours.

Answer: Well, I screwed up because there are seven Americans who have ridden 6 or more consecutive Tours, not five. However, those who gave five or more correct answers are the contenders for the prizes. Here are the Americans who have ridden six or more consecutive Tours:
Kevin Livingston - 6 (1997-2002)
Tyler Hamilton - 6 (1997-2002)
Frankie Andreu - 9 (1992-2000)
Andy Hampsten - 8 (1986-1993)
George Hincapie - 7 (1996-2002)
Bobby Julich - 6 (1997-2002)
Ron Kiefel - 7 (1986-1992)

Lemond and Armstrong have eight Tours under their belts, but not in consecutive years.

Curtis Warwick - Jersey
B. J. Mabel - Invitation

5 March - Trivia Question #8:

Today's question is from Kenny Labbe and he says it's easy...

Who was the first North American to wear the Maillot Jaune in the Tour de France, and for how long did he wear it?

Answer: Canadian Alex Steida of the 7-Eleven team was the first North American to wear the yellow jersey in the 1986 Tour - he wore it after the morning road stage (Stage 1: Nanterre-Sceaux, 85 km), and lost it that afternoon in the Team Time Trial (Meudon-St Quentin en Yveline, 56 km TTT), a tough stage for 7-Eleven because of a crash. This was a great question that nearly everyone answered correctly.

Craig Webb - Jersey

4 March - Trivia Question #7:

This question is courtesy of John Wordin:

What team did Jamie Paolinetti ride for prior to LA Sheriffs?

Answer: In Jamie's words - "This is a tough question. The year was 1990, and I had ridden for American Commerce the year before, then started with them, doing an international stage race called the Tour of Americas, (my soon to be teammate, Malcolm Elliott won like 5 stages), but upon returning I signed with McNall Sports in my first captain's role."

This question seemed to have stumped people, and no one got it one correct (good question, John)! However, we are going to award a jersey to the first answer received.

Andrew Nolan - Jersey

3 March - Trivia Question #6:

What did the cities of Blackpool (UK) and Trenton (USA) have in common in 1999?

Answer: George Hincapie won races in both these towns in 1999 - a stage of the Pru Tour in Blackpool, England, and the First Union Classic in Trenton.

We received all correct answers from our cycling aficionados to this question from podofdonny. Well done!

Gary Cohen - Jersey
Lee Maloy - Invitation

2 March - Trivia Question #5:

Here's another question from Frankie Andreu...

What year did Frankie Andreu win his first US National Championships?

Answer: 1984, in the Junior Nationals Pursuit in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.

His first nationals were in 1976. In those days, he says his two sisters (also cyclists) were more well-known than he was (but that sure changed!). Thanks, Frankie!

Joshua Lee - Jersey
Rod Palomino - Invitation

1 March - Trivia Question #4:

Today's question is from none other than Jeff Pierce...

Name the five finishers on the first US team to compete in the Tour de France.

Answer: Alex Steida 120th, Raoul Alcala 114th, Ron Kiefel 96th, Jeff Pierce 80th, Bob Roll 63rd, on the 7-Eleven Team in the 1986 edition of the Tour de France.

Some of our contestants named Andy Hampsten, who finished 4th that year, but he was a member of the La Vie Claire team which was registered in France, not in the US. The other members of the 7-Eleven Tdf roster were Chris Carmichael, Alexi Grewal, Eric Heiden, Davis Phinney and Doug Shapiro. Thanks to Jeff Pierce for a tricky question!

Michael Helmstadter - Jersey

28 February - Trivia Question #3:

Best American finish in the Omloop Het Volk?

Answer: Greg Lemond, 1985 - 5th or 4th place (reports vary).

This question, from podofdonny, who provided live coverage of the Omloop Het Volk, was a good one! We had only one correct answer. The rest of the contestants named either George Hincapie, who placed 27th in 1995, or Frankie Andreu who finished 7th in 1993 and 22nd in 1997.

Tony Szurly - Jersey

27 February - Trivia Question #2:

This question is provided by none other than Frankie Andreu...

On the 7-Eleven Team, Scott McKinley won his first race as a pro in Europe. What was it?

Answer: The first stage of the Etoille des Besseges in Southern France.
Scott McKinley is a currently a member of the US Postal Master's Team, rode for 7-Eleven, Motorola, Coors and Saturn alongside other US greats such as Heiden, Roll, Knickman, Phinney, Hampsten, Andreu, Rodriguez and on and on, and competed in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

The Cycling Contest Gods did not smile upon us for our second trivia game day - in league with our website and mail server, they wreaked havoc today. Apologies for the frustration this must have caused you. Let us hope the game goes much more smoothly from now on...This also seemed not an easy question either as we only had one winner, but a good one nonetheless, Frankie. Thanks!

Craig Cheeseman - Jersey

26 February - Trivia Question #1:

Who was the only American Olympic Gold Medallist to win the USPRO Championship road race outright?

Answer: Eric Heiden, who won five Olympic Gold medals for speed skating at the 1980 Winter Olympics, and the US Pro Core States Championship road race in Philadelphia in 1985.

This was a "trick" question from Jamie Paolinetti, and we had three main responses: Heiden, Alexi Grewal, who won the Olympic Road Race in 1984 and Steve Hegg, who won gold and silver in the 1984 Olympics and whose major cycling victories were Redlands Bicycle Classic, Tour DuPont, K-Mart and Cascade Classics, and Thrift Drug.

Mark Allebach - Jersey
Laura Weislo - Invitation

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