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Pomona Stage 2 Women's Results
By Becky Leidy
Date: 3/8/2003
Pomona Stage 2 Women's Results
San Dimas, California, March 7, 2003 – Canadian Geneviève Jeanson, of Team RONA Esker, earned her second stage victory in a row and consolidated her lead in the Pomona Valley Stage Race, held near Los Angeles until Sunday. She outsprinted her ex-teammate, American Nicole Freedman (Team Basis), and fellow Canadian Lyne Bessette (Saturn), who respectively came in second and third in the stage.

In general classification, Jeanson leads American Amber Neben (T-Mobile) by 2 minutes 11 seconds. Canadians Sue Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba/FFCC) and Manon Jutras (Saturn) still rank third and fourth respectively.

Today’s stage was a 90-minute race on a 4-km circuit – almost a criterium, but not quite. The women's race began quietly with the group compact for the initial time bonus and point sprint. Nicole Freedman claimed the first sprint, and managed to string out what had been a subdued field for the initial 30 minutes of the 90 minute race. After the sprint, a two woman break of Saturn's Laura Van Gilder and Katrina Grove (T-Mobile) cleared the field. Working together the two opened a gap, but with a wide open course, and Karen Bockel and Kristen LaSasso of Rona chasing steadily behind, the largest time split was 25 seconds. At the one hour mark, the second time bonus sprint brought the field together.

Shortly thereafter, Van Gilder crashed into one of the pylons on the road, but after a trip to the hospital was left with road rash, a well earned broken helmet and only a slight bump on her head. In the final laps, T-Mobile tried to escape, to no avail. Nicole Freedman launched the sprint at the 200-meter line. Bessette took her wheel and Jeanson took Bessette’s. At the 100-meter mark Jeanson passed her two rivals and finished a good bicycle length in front of them.

"I was patient and it served me well," beamed Geneviève Jeanson after her victory. "In the last two km it was attack after attack, but I waited for the right one. I think that Nicole (Freedman) may have launched her sprint a little too early. I knew Lyne (Bessete) would go because her whole team had been leading her out. But what really helped me was that Nicole and Lyne attacked on the left of the road, into the wind, so they completely shielded me on the right. Well protected as I was it was almost easy to pass them."

For Saturday:
Stage 3 Puddingstone Road Race

A 7.8 mile loop of rolling terrain around Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, this stage has been part of the race since it's inception. Beginning in LaVerne, the course circles the Puddingstone Reservoir passing through Pomona and San Dimas. The course, which offers enough difficulty to give a breakaway a chance, but also offers long stretches of flat straights where chasers can lift the pace for capture, and a long, flat, finishing straight over smooth roads. This stage offers an opportunity for thrilling racing, and an unpredictable finish. Last year’s winners were Miguel Meza of Team Dare/Colpack Pro and Anne Samplonius of the now defunct Talgo America Team.

Stage 2 Results: KB Home Circuit Race (1 hour 30 minutes)
1 Jeanson, Genevieve Rona/Esker 1:28:21
2 Freedman, Nicole Team Basis s.t.
3 Bessette, Lyne Saturn s.t.
4 Gaggioli, Lynn s.t.
5 Eyerman, Jenny Women First/Red 5 Racing s.t.
6 Wynter, Iona Genesis Scuba/FFCC s.t.
7 Cowden, Dotsie Team T-Mobile USA s.t.
8 Bockell, Karen Rona/Esker s.t.
9 Curi, Katheryn LGBRC s.t.
10 Kelly, Helen TDS Womens Cycling Team s.t.
11 Koehler, Carla Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange s.t.
12 Campbell, Rook Hi Tech Bikes/Harbour Lites s.t.
13 Benassi, Maatje Intermountain Cycling Organization s.t.
14 Henderson-Anderson, April Helens/Trek/VW s.t.
15 Cole, Heather Fairfield Toyota s.t.
16 McAlpine, Riley Helens/Trek/VW s.t.
17 Bell, Patricia Team Tailwinds s.t.
18 Cooke, Rebecca Landis/Trek/VW s.t.
19 Moore, Amy Saturn s.t.
20 Kroepsch, Lara Team T-Mobile USA s.t.

General Classification after Stage 2
1 Jeanson, Genevieve (Canada) Rona/Esker 2:00:44
2 Neben, Amber (Irvine, CA) Team T-Mobile USA +2:11
3 Palmer-Komar, Susan (Hamilton, Ontario) Genesis Scuba/FFCC +2:36
4 Jutras, Manon (Victoria, BC, Canada) Saturn +2:48
5 Bessette, Lyne (Knowlton, QC, Canada) Saturn +3:37
6 Bockell, Karen (CO) Rona/Esker +3:39
7 Gaggioli, Lynn (Santa Rosa, CA) +3:41
8 Dunlap, Alison (Colorado Springs, CO) Team T-Mobile USA +4:01
9 Greer, Felicia (Fresno, CA) Women First/Red 5 Racing +4:23
10 Grove, Katrina (Ft. Collins, CO) Team T-Mobile USA +4:43
11 Cowden, Dotsie (Santa Monica, CA) Team T-Mobile USA +5:26
12 Whiteside, Julia (Placentia, CA) Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange +5:39
13 Despas, Jane (San Jose, CA) Team Bioc +5:48
14 Quick, Rhonda (San Diego, CA) Women First/Red 5 Racing +6:14
15 Lasasso, Kristen (Los Angeles, CA) Rona/Esker +6:15
16 Curi, Katheryn (Danville, CA) LGBRC +6:18
17 Moore, Amy (Mississauga, ON, Canada) Saturn +6:18
18 Wilson, Joan (Ramona, CA) TDS Womens Cycling Team +6:31
19 McAlpine, Riley (Santa Monica, CA) Helens/Trek/VW +6:36
20 Eyerman, Jenny (Encinitas, CA) Women First/Red 5 Racing +6:47

Thanks to:
The official Pomona Valley Stage Race website for results and stage information.
Giana Roberge, of Saturn Cycling and Daniel Larouche of Rona/Esker for the fabulous race reports.

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