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Driedaagse van Westvlaanderen
By Anita van Crey
Date: 3/6/2003
Driedaagse van Westvlaanderen
When cycling starts in Belgium for the first time in season, it really rolls faster and faster. The weekend after the seasonsopener 'T Volk West-Flanders hosts a three days race. Being two seperate races of its own in recent years it got combined two a two day race and this season for the first time a three days event, called Driedaagse van WestVlaanderen. The first stage (start and finish in the town of Bellegem, near Kortrijk close to he Belgian-French border) will be a 6,6 km long timetrail. It is followed on Saturday with the Handzame-Koksijde-Handzame stage, on Sunday the tradional Omloop der Vlaamse Ardennen (Tour de Flemish Ardennes) will finish off the three days.

Recent winners

First stage: Coen Boerman (Hol)
Second stage: Johan Museeuw (Bel)
Third stage: Erik Dekker (Hol)
Overall: Erik Dekker (Hol)

First stage: Erik Dekker (Hol)
Second stage: Janek Tombak (Est)
Overall: Erik Dekker (Hol)

First stage: Servais Knaven (Hol)
Second stage: Roger Hammond (Gbr)
Overall: Servais Knaven

First stage: Tristan Hoffman (Hol)
Second stage: Wilfried Peeters (Bel)
Overall: Wilfried Peeters (Bel)

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