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Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne - UPDATED
By Podofdonny
Date: 3/2/2003
Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne - UPDATED


An eight man breakaway, a brave chase by three riders and the peloton containing all the favourites a long way behind.

Quite a race - read all about it!

11.45 - 190 km - Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne begins with essentially the same teams as yesterday's Omloop Het Volk. How will the peloton react to the Quick Step- demonstration of yesterday?

12.00 - Jaan Kirsipuu, last year's winner and the recent member of the 100 victories club, is participating again this year, as is Sven Nys, who is riding for Rabobank.

12.45 - Lotto-Domo will be determined for some sort of revenge today - Marc Sergaent was not overimpressed by his team yesterday. Robbie McEwen will be there, great hope if it is a sprint finish. Museeuw is riding once again for the Quickstep.

12.15 - Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne is slightly easier than the Het Volk; there are only seven obstacles for the riders to negotiate:

The Edelareberg, La Houppe, the Kanarieberg, the Kruisberg, the Oude Kwaremont, the Kluisberg and the Tiegemberg.

13:30 - 180 riders are competing today, covering the 190 kilometres on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

13:45 - an early break, which went away at the 35 kilometre mark, of 9 men, have quickly gained a lead of 6'15 on the peloton; they are Leif Hoste (Lotto-Domo), Davide Bramati (Quick Step), Jimmy Casper (, Antonio Cruz (US Postal), Andy Flickinger (AG2r), Vincent Van der Kooij (Bankgiroloterij), Volker Ordowski (Gerlosteiner), Penne and Van der Kooij.

14:00 - 5 riders have left the peloton and are trying to bridge the gap - they are 5'50 behind the nine leaders while the peloton is now 9’30’’ behind.

14.10 - 110 km to go - Frank Vandenbroucke did not start this morning; he was replaced Cretskens. Ludo Dierckxsens, who had been sick during the week has abandoned after 30 kilometres.

14:20 - 105 km to go, the nine leaders battle in the wind and the rain = Hoste, Cruz, Bramati, Sentjens, Ordowski, Flickinger, Casper, Penne and Van der Kooij -they still have 5 minutes on the chasers who include Geert Omloop. The peloton is still a long way back.

14.26 - Peter Van Petegem (Lotto Domo) has been picked by his DS Marc sergeant as the man to win today, he was bitterly disappointed yesterday at Omloop Het Volk and is determined for revenge - plus he is “wind resistant.”

14.33 - The 9 leaders now have more than 10 minutes on the peloton. Meanwhile the 5 chasers, with Geert Omloop in fine form, are catching up they are now 3'35 behind.

14:46 - the five chasing men are Geert Omloop, Johan Coenen, Geoffrey Demeyere, Stijn Devolder and Rik Reinerink.

14.52 - 79kms to go - all the favourites are still in the peloton 10 minutes behind - the weather must surely make their task of chasing down the escapees very difficult, but if they want to make an impression on the race they must pick up the pace soon.

15:00 - 75 km to go; Bert De Waele attacks the peloton which is still a long way behind.

15:00 - 75 km to go - the leaders are on the Oude Kwaremont - Jimmy Casper seems to be having a mechanical problem.

15:20 - 62 km to go. Casper has been dropped on the Oude Kwaremont, so now we have 8 leaders - Hoste, Penne, Flickinger, Cruz, Bramati, Ordowski, Flickinger and Van der Kooij. Of the five chasing men, 2 have attacked Omloop and Coenen; they are still closing the gap though it is now down to three minutes.

15:25 - 60 km to go. Ordowski (Gerolsteiner) has attacked the escapees on the Kluisberg - he gains an immediate gap.

15:30 - 57 km to go, Ordowski has managed to get a 33 second advantage on the front group. He is riding hard and strong - meanwhile the peloton is still far behind. Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne will not be won by a favourite this year.

15:35 - 54 km to go - Ordowski is pulled back by the pelotom so 8 men still lead the race.

15:40 - 51 km to go, the two chasers have caught up with Jimmy Casper. So now Geert Omloop, Johan Coenen and Jimmy Casper are the chasers; they are still closing the gap on the 8 men but very slowly, they are now 1'55 behind.

15:46 - 50 km to go. Van der Kooij (Bankgiroloterij) attacks the leading group on the last climb of the day the Tiegemberg. His effort does not succeed.

15:49 - 48 km to go - Casper, Coenen and Omloop are still around 2 minutes behind the 8 leaders - one of whom will surely win the race.

15:53 - 45 km to go - who will win the race? It is between Ordowski (Gerolsteiner), Hoste (Lotto), Penne(Palmans), Cruz(USPostal), Van der Kooij (BANKGIROLOTERIJ), Sentjens (Rabobank), Flickinger(AG2R) and Bramati (Quickstep).

16:04 - 36 km - for the second time Vincent Van der Kooij attacks the leading group but is pulled back.

16:11 - 31 km - Casper , Omloop (Palmans) and Coenen (Marlux) are now 1’14’’ from the leading group of 8 men - the peloton is over ten minutes behind still.

16.18 - 26 km to go - Jimmy Casper is powering on the three chasers - he knows he has the best sprint - if only he can close the gap - it is still falling but very slowly - now at 44 seconds.

16:25 - 22 km to go - Andy Flickinger (AG2R) tries an early attack on the peloton - he is pulled back.

16:27 - 21 km to go - 8 become 5 - concerned by the charge of Casper behind, Bramati has attacked in the leading group; only 4 men were strong enough to keep with him: Penne (Palmans), Cruz (US Postal) and Van der Kooij (Bankgiroloterij) have not been able to hold the pace.

16:30 - 19 km to go - 5 leaders. Who will win -Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne? Leif Hoste (Lotto), Flickinger, Ordowski, Sentjens or Bramati (Quick Step)? Penne, Van der Kooij and Cruz are now 14 behind. Casper, Coenenand Omloop at 44 seconds. The peloton a very long way back .

16:39 - 12 km to go - the 5 leaders are still together - it will be from those men - the peloton is still 8 minutes back.

16:43 - 9 km to go - Hoste, Bramati, Sentjens, Flickinger and Odrowski are nearing the finish - who will win?

16:47 - 5 km to go - Hoste and Bramati both try attacks but are pulled back by Ordowski.

16:50 - 4.5 km to go. Leif Hoste again tries to break the group down, he is unsuccessful; if it comes to the sprint, Sentjens should be the most dangerous.

16:52 - 3 km to go - Hoste and Bramati continue to attack.

16:55 - It's Sentjens who wins Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne! The young Rabobank rider has scored a spectacular victory!

Race Notes

Chris Peers Hurt

Early reports of a bad crash involving Chris Peers (Cofidis)in today's race, he was immediately taken to hospital in Renaix. The rider has two suspected broken ribs.

Roy Sentjens

“I am really pleased with this victory. Absolutely delighted. In the Omloop Het Volk yesterday I was also good but missed out due to inexperience, I was too far back at the critical time. After Omloop Het Volk yesterday the team was really fed up - today we have put that right.”

Oddly the youngster (22 years old) considered his lack of experience in the pro ranks an advantage. "As a second year pro without a huge amount of experience, as the race continued I rode with the idea, 'What I can do I will.' I kept my cool and waited for the right moment to attack. Incredibly I succeeded!" (Rabobank site)


1. Roy Sentjens (Hol - Rabobank) - 14h52'49"

2. Leif Hoste (Bel - Lotto-Domo) - at 18"

3. Volker Ordowski (Ger - Gerolsteiner) - at 18"

4. Davide Bramati (Ita - Quick Step-Davitamon) - at 18"

5. Andy Flickinger (Fra - AG2r Prévoyance) - at 18"

6. Jimmy Casper (Fra - - at 01'52"

7. Johan Coenen (Bel - Landbouwkrediet-Colnago) - at 01'52"

8. Geert Omloop (Bel - Palmans-Collstrop) - at 01'52"

9. Vincent van der Kooij (Hol - Bankgiroloterij Cycling Team) - at 02'13"

10. Antonio Cruz (Usa - USPS) - at 02'13"

12. Luca Paolini (Ita) à 4:53;

13. Gerben Lowik (P-B);

14. Nico Mattan;

15. Bobbie Traksel (P-B);

16. Benoit Joachim (Lux);

17. Philippe Gilbert (Fra);

18. Rik Reinerink (P-B) 5:31;

19. Wilfried Cretskens;

20. Serge Baguet;

21. Bert De Waele;

22. George Hincapie (USA);

23. Kevin De Weert;

24. Geoffrey Demeyere à 8:32;

25. Paolo Bettini (Ita);

Interviews, etc., to follow...

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