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Help us celebrate our first anniversary and win!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 2/25/2003
Help us celebrate our first anniversary and win!

Hi there race fans! Next week is the Daily Peloton's first anniversary in our new "virtual" location, and to celebrate we have something fun for you...

You may remember reading about a documentary film by the now-retired pro Jamie Paolinetti, who managed Schroeder Iron last year, and had a long career riding for NetZero, Chevrolet-LA Sheriffs and others. The Daily Peloton did a three part interview with him at the end of the year that discusses the film; the article links are below.

Well...Jamie's film premieres in an exclusive showing at the Oakley Interplanetary Headquarters on March 8th, and you have the chance to join cycling-world luminaries viewing the film for the first time!

The film is called The Hard Road, and follows the upstart NetZero team through an entire season as they experience the high highs and low lows that are pro cycling.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to break into the pro ranks, you will see it in this film - neo pros, full of dreams, who jump into heavy competitions like the US Pro Championship Road Race and the US Pro Criterium Championships. Though this may not be what you usually hear about, even in rider diaries, pro cycling is indeed a tough life, and you will see just how tough.

You will see what it's like for these men to toe the line next to riders like Jonas Carney, George Hincapie, Freddie Rodriguez, Trent Klasna; all the best and brightest on the US circuit. Not only that, but this film features cycling greats like Graeme Miller and Frankie Andreu.

Like anything truly worth doing, the life of a pro cyclist is a hard road... and you can win two invitations to this private screening!

Each day for the next week we will post a trivia question (some from pro riders, so brush up) here in the "Just In" area at the top of the Daily Peloton home page. The first person to answer each day's question will have the choice of one of two prizes.

The first choice is being added to the invitation-only guest list (you and a guest) for the premiere of The Hard Road at the Oakley Headquarters in Southern California (details are below), but since I know a lot of you are NOT near Los Angeles, if you cannot make it to the premiere, you can opt instead to receive a NetZero team jersey!

Here are the game details:

Check the Hard Road Trivia Game article each day for the newest trivia question. We are looking for a winner for each question. To answer the question, send an email to with your answer, and be sure to specify "premiere" or "jersey." We will announce the winner for each question the next day - the first correct email answer we receive is the winner - and we will be in touch with the winners via email.

The first question will be posted Wednesday, so stay tuned, and good luck!

The Hard Road World Premiere:

Oakley Interplanetary Headquarters
Foothill Ranch, California

Saturday, March 8, 2003, 6:30 pm

Three part interview with Jamie Paolinetti:

Part One: End of the Road - Jamie Paolinetti Hangs it Up
Part Two: Looking back - Jamie Paolinetti on his Years in the Saddle
Part Three: An Honest Day's Work - Jamie Paolinetti on his Film

Additional article:

Doing the Math with Jamie Paolinetti

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