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Laura Weislo - Squadra Coppi
By Becky Leidy
Date: 2/12/2003
Laura Weislo - Squadra Coppi
Laura Weislo

Laura Weislo, courtesy of
Mitchell Clinton photography.

Team: Squadra Coppi
Birthdate: 12/20/1966 Age: 36
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 116 lbs
Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: Michigan State University with a BS in Biology, North Carolina State University, MS in Genetics
Years racing: 4
Top 2002 Finishes: 1st Wake Habitat Cycling Challenge (Cary, NC), 1st Giro di Coppi Time Trial, 3rd Omnium, 2nd NC/SC Master's women Road Race Championship (1st NC), 2nd French Broad Cycling Classic Time Trial, 3rd Omnium

Becky Leidy: What was family life for you growing up?

Laura Weislo: I have two older sisters and one older brother. Being the youngest, I always pushed myself to do the things that they were doing. I didn't want to be left behind! We were all pretty active. This was before the age of the video game.

BL: Were you always athletic?

LW: I swam competitively when I was young, starting at age 10 and competing until my senior year of high school. I was captain of the high school swim team and a lifeguard. I slacked off in college and didn't do anything athletic. When I tried to pick up swimming again in grad school, I was so slow compared to when I was younger that it became too discouraging. Then I got into the local music scene and mostly hung out in bars until all hours.

BL: How did you get started in cycling and then racing?

LW: I picked up cycling because I was turning into a couch potato. I really needed something to keep me active, and running on a treadmill like a gerbil just didn't interest me. My father-in-law got me started by fixing up an old bike for me to ride. He wanted me to ride the MS 150 charity ride with him. I started racing when my co-worker, Rene, talked me into doing a time trial series. I did OK the first time, and wanted to go faster the second time. It just ballooned from there.

BL: What is your "day job?"

LW: I work for Syngenta doing biotechnology research. Mostly I work on the computer, building databases and web applications.

BL: What do you do when you aren't on the bike? Do you have any hobbies?

LW: Sleep. I like sleep. It's my favorite pastime. And my cat. I can spend hours playing with him. I read some, watch stupid TV shows and movies. Oh yeah, and I have this writing habit.

BL: How do you fit training in with the rest of your life? Do you train with your husband?

LW: My lack of hobbies reveals a lot of how I fit training in with the rest of my life! Getting my husband into cycling helped a lot. Now we actually spend time together on the weekends. We train together quite a bit; sometimes this is a good thing, other times we can get pretty competitive with each other. We have to be careful not to push each other on the recovery days.

BL: What is your training like? Do you hit the gym a lot?

LW: North Carolina has pretty temperate winters, and you can ride outside most of the time, it's just not very much fun when it's below 40 degrees. As long as there's no ice, I'll ride in any temperature because I hate the trainer. I tolerate the gym. It's great for weights, but I hate stationary machines! I want to get moving and feel the wind on my face! When it's too cold for the road, I hit the trails on the mountain bike, sometimes quite literally. I'm not a very good mountain biker.

BL: What is your diet like?

LW: High in carbohydrates, mostly pasta, bean burritos, any kind of Asian food, and a daily dose of chocolate. I pretty much eat whatever my body is craving. Sometimes it's good, other times it wants french fries. I go out to eat a lot because I'm too lazy to cook.

Thank you so much Laura! We’ll be looking for you and the rest of the Squadra Coppi team this season.

Stay tuned for Laura’s rider diary here at the Daily Peloton!

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