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Holiday Quiz - Winners and Answers
By Podofdonny
Date: 2/10/2003
Holiday Quiz - Winners and Answers

Holiday Quiz!

Big thanks to all those who took part!

Nobody got 100% but a few came very near, on reflection maybe we should have had a "pro" and "amateur" contest since those on or near the podium in the mens competition all seemed to run sites of their own. After due deliberation Tony Szurly, webmaster of the Andrea Tafi site, just won the final sprint - though it was a photo finish and the judges had to look closely at tyre widths.

The woman's contest was equally hard fought, but an early solo effort from Janna was caught with just a few metres to go and a deserved victory went to Julie, Magpie & Sharon. Well done girls, the magic worked! (Interestingly the girls seemed to team up to answer the questions; the men reverted to humour.)

The final decision between Tony of "Team Tafi" and Julie, Magpie and Sharon of "Team Coven" went to the girls!

So congratulations to the winners of the Daily Peloton Quiz 2003 and a big thank you to all who took part.


Common errors were Question 40 - Who retired from racing after breaking his femur in the 1936 Milan-San Remo? No, all of you who answered Fabio were incorrect, he retired from racing long before that. Neither was it Paul Sherwin b.t.w.!

The Photo Question 18 also caused a great deal of haphazard guess work - the best answer (though incorrect) was probably "Marty "the gas-light" Nothstein, known for foul smelling eruptions from his rear during sprints" from Cpw2. Incorrect. Btw neither is it Manolo Saiz!

Interestingly enough, two entrants had the same answer to Question 14: "Whose statue is on the Kwaremont" - Teddy Roosevelt. Obviously an incorrect answer as Teddy was a Stage race specialist. Sadly the answer "The Kwaremont Statue" also received nil points.

Some answers were impossible to verify and could be true - Question 15 - Paul Deman was sentenced to death during World War 1 when caught on a secret mission in Holland. What happened to him? Well, he may have "drunk Stella Artois brewery dry" but that was not the answer we were looking for.

Some answers showed inspiration Q 19) Johan Museeuw is known as "De Leeuw van Vlaanderen" - i.e. "The Lion of Flanders" but who was the first rider to have this nickname? - Richard Lyman nearly got bonus points for his Hendrik Conscience answer (he wrote the book De Leeuw van Vlaanderen, the Belgium national epic in 1838)

Question 45 - Which rider retired in 1957 but made a comeback 17 years later to win the 1974 British Sprint Championship? Couple of good answers for this one, but it was not Max Sciandri or Sean Yates!

Thanks once again for all those who took the time to enter, and rest assured the Holiday Quiz will be back next year!

If you Scored -

45 - 50:- You should be writing articles for the Daily Peloton!

35 - 45:- You could co commentate with Phil and Paul!

25 - 35:- You could co commentate with David Duffield (provided you know something about cooking)

15 - 25:- You probably are a Euro-Sport stand by commentator

0 - 15:- You got the e-mail address wrong and answered the wrong quiz


1) - The “race of the falling leaves” is the name given to which race?

Giro Lombardia

2) - Who is the “lion king?”

Mario Cipollini

3) - Primavera - which race is this?

Milan san Remo - many other Italian races claim the name but it has only one rightful owner

4) - Name the race and riders in the above photo.

US Lance Armstrong, center, jubilates on the podium of the Tour de Suisse 2001 as the overall winner, between Italians Gilberto Simoni as second, left, and Wladimir Belli as third, Thursday, June 28, 2001 in Lausanne

5) - Which race has the longest non-stop run of any Classic in the calender?

Tour of Flanders - not the oldest Classic but it has run non stop since 1919

6) - La Flèche Wallonne - what is La Flèche?

The arrow

7) - Name the rider winning in the above photo

It is Daily Peloton favourite - Marc Wauters.

8) First year and winner of Paris Rouxbaix?

1896 - It was one by race favourite Josef Fischer - no German has won the race since although there will, for sure be a lot of Telekom fans roadside this year hoping that Wesemann can alter that.

9) - The first editions of Paris Roubaix were paced by a) bicycle b) car 3) horse 4) motorbike - select the correct two.

a) bicycle b) car

10) - Which two riders were awarded equal first in Paris Roubaix and why?

Serge Coppi and Andre Mahe were awarded equal first place after a mix up. Mahe was in the leading group of three who were directed the wrong way near the finish. They eventually were forced to carry their bikes in through a turn style. The judges decided an equal first was the fairest result.

11) - Between 1968 and 1977 which nation dominated Paris Roubaix?


12) - Ronde van Vlaanderen is also known as?

The Tour of Flanders.

13) - Who is seen winning in Paris in the photo above?

Jan Svorada

14) - Whose statue is on the Kwaremont?

Karel Van Wijnengaerde also known as Karel Steyaert

15) - The very first winner of Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paul Deman was sentenced to death during World War 1 when caught on a secret mission in Holland. What happened to him?

Before the execution could take place the Armistice was declared - thus saving his live. He was rewarded by French, British and Belgian medals for his bravery.

16) - Tom Simpson won Ronde van Vlaanderen in 1961 when his Italian Rival misjudged the line and had his arms raised in victory - who was the unfortunate Italian?

Nino Defillipis

17) - Which rider was nicknamed “the professor”?

Well my answer was Fignon - I had overlooked Jonathon Vaughters, Arie Van Vliet, and Jan Janssen any of these were accepted.

18) - Name the rider in the above photo?

Oscar Egg - probably the question most people got wrong. Ironic really, you look closely on the "torpedo" his name is written on it!

19) - Johan Museeuw is known as "De Leeuw van Vlaanderen" - i.e. "The Lion of Flanders" but who was the first rider to have this nickname?

Cyrille Van Hauwaert (also nicknamed Ventr'ouvert by French Fans)

20) - The Cipressa is part of which race?

Milan San Remo

21) - The Jaizkibel is part of what race?

San Sebastian

22) - What race includes the Waseberg?

Hew Cyclassics

23) - Chris Boardman retired at the end of the 2000 season, but how many times did he win the Tour de France prologue in his career?


24) - When Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France in 1999, only one other rider wore the leader's yellow jersey in the entire race. Who was it?

Jaan Kirsipuu

25) - Poulidor was known as the “eternal second” which rider was nicknamed the “ Italian Poulidor”?

Italo Zilioli

26) - Who holds the record for second placings in the Tour de France?

Joop Zoetemelk

27) - Name the three riders in the above photo

Bettini bridges to Di Luca and Angel Vicioso Arcos

28) - Who finished the 2000 season 1st in the UCI standings for male road cyclists?

Francesco Casagrande

29) - Which cyclist won three gold medals and one silver at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

Leontien Zijlaard / Van Moorsel the 30 year old Dutch rider had an outstanding Olympic performance, winning medals on the road and at the velodrome. She won gold in Individual Pursuit, the women's road race, and the road time trial, and a silver in the Points race.

30) - The Via Appia is associated with which race?

The Giro del Lazio

31) - San Remo has seen how many stage finishes of the Giro d'Italia?

N.B. - finishes of the Giro d'Italia not the MSR - Eleven

32) - Born in Villava on July 16th, 1964. It was in this small village in the province of Navarre where he started cycling as a member of the "Club Ciclista Villavés". Who is this?

Miguel Indurain -(btw nicknamed Le Roi (the King) by French fans)

33) - What is considered the “lucky“ dossard number in the Tour de France?

Number 51. It is considered lucky in most other races too.

34 - How many riders from the USA have competed in the Tour de France?

29 - 30 would have been accepted since on some official lists Bob Roll is also down as Bob Rool.

35) - Which riders injuries in 2001 included a monkey bite?

Paolo Bettini in the Tour de Langkawi

36) - This photo is from which race?

Very topical - Tour de Qatar

37) - Who rode a victory lap holding his son after the 2000 Olympic men's track sprint?

Marty Nothstein

38) - In what year did Australians first compete in the Tour de France?


39) - Who was the first rider to win the Vuelta a Espana three times in a row?

Tony Rominger

40 ) - Who retired from racing after breaking his femur in the 1936 Milan-San Remo?

Alfredo Binda

41) - Name the riders who have won all of the five monuments in cycling (Paris-Roubaix, Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Tour of Lombardy).

Merckx, Van Looy, De Vlaeminck

42) - Name the mountain biker who was the Olympic Mountain Bike champ, World Champion, and World Cup Champion in 2000?

Miguel Martinez

43) - Name the riders and race in the above photo. Gianluca Bortolami, Erik Dekker, Denis Zanette (were the three.

Gianluca Bortolami, Erik Dekker and Denis Zanette (were the three names required)

44) - "Le petit ramoneur" is the nickname given to which rider?

Maurice Garin

45) - Which rider retired in 1957 but made a comeback 17 years later to win the 1974 British Sprint Championship?

Reg Harris

46) - Which two riders have both won the Redlands Bicycle Classic twice?

Including Ladies, Chris Horner Malcolm Elliot - Genevieve Jeanson

47) - Who is the only person to win the Trofeo Luis Puig three times?

Actually two riders have done this feat - Erik Zabel and Noél Dejonckheere - bonus point for both!

48) Which African rider won an Italian Cat 1.3 single day race in March 2002?

No African rider did win - Tim Jones did in 2001

49) - Name the rider in this photo.

Roman Vainsteins

50) - How many times has a rider from the USA worn the Polka dot jersey in the Tour de France?

None. A surprise really.

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