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The first rainbowjersey - Juniors
By Anita van Crey
Date: 2/1/2003
The first rainbowjersey - Juniors
10.57 CET
All night it rained in Monopoli. It made the course of 2.7 km a lap slippery and wet. The town in Puglia today more looks like a Belgian enclave with lots of Belgian supporters who made the trip to Italia. In a few minutes the start will take place.

11.00 CET
The start. Mountain high favorite Dutchman Lars Boom took of well. The first one in the field is home rider Zampedri. Boom follows attentenivly. Vanthourenhout, one of the Belgians told before he planned to let the Dutch and the Azzuri make the race.

11.04 CET
Lars Boom takes over the lead. In the front the other Dutch racer IJzendoorn is present too. The site is a typical Italian one to see, with all lanes to ride nicely devided with bright yellow ribbon. After passing the finishline for the first time Boom makes his Italian companion take over the lead in the break.

11.08 CET
Langeveld and Van Ijzendoorn make it together with Boom all orange in the front. As usual at a junior race their are too Czech riders present. Riders like this Pituch are most of the time good at the juniors and than have difficulties to make the switch to amateurs or pros.
Tall national champion Boom this season won about everything there was to win. He now finds himself in a breakaway with six (Boom, Langeveld, Van IJzendoorn, Stybar). Dieter Vanthourenhout and Niels Albers from Belgium are allready 15" behind the leaders in the first lap. In this first lap Lars Boom decides it is time to place another demarrage. The others have problems to follow him.

11.13 CET
Third lap, the second lap took over 6 minutes. The other Dutch riders in the background protect the break of Boom. The man coming from the southern town of Vlijmen this season so far allready won 15 races. Last year at the world championships cyclocross in Zolder he too was one of the big favorites, but fall down right after the start and saw his chances all blow up in smoke. With six laps to go the racers of the other big cyclocrosscountry Belgium loose more and more contact with the leaders. Boom builds his gap to his countryman Eddy van IJzendoorn, a fast sprinter, to 17" in this lap.

11.20 CET, in the fourth lap
The ocean near the course makes it wet all over when the rain starts to pour down harder and harder The order on which they passed by the finishline: Boom, Van IJzendoorn, Stybar, Villa, Langeveld and Sel. Van IJzendoorn did race a good race at the Koppenbergcross in Belgium, but suffered a fall there and got beaten by Vanthourenhout. This time its Vanthourenhout who falls. Boom only got beaten at an international race. Frenchman Villa got the better of him at the worldcup race in Frankfurt.

11.25 CET, with 2 laps to go
Lars Boom flies towards the rainbowjersey. He has a constant pace a little over 6 minutes per lap. He keeps his rythmn on a high level each lap. Lars's dad was a good racer too, so he got all the genes of riding at his birth. At all races too he is accompanied by his mother. His mother who could not keep her eyes dry when the national hymn Wilhelmus was played for her son at the nationals. It looks she will get an even harder time today with her son on its way to the rainbowjersey. Behind Boom Czech Sel fights his own battle to regain a place on the podium. He finds severe competition in the other Dutch racers Van IJzendoorn and Langeveld. On national level Lars Boom was unbeatable. On 30 december he turned 17, so he has a long future in cycling ahead. He not only is a good cyclocrosser, he too does well on the road.

11.32 CET, last lap
Lars Boom enters the last lap in leading position. He is followed by Eddy van IJzendoorn (Tiel, turns 18 in a fews months, 3rd at the nationals)and Czech Stybar. Sebastian Langeveld tries hard to catch Stybar and make it a one-two-three on the podium. The last Dutch worldchampion with the juniors was Gretienus Gommers in 1994 in Koksijde.

11.35 CET Lars Boom seems to have a easy going ride towards victory. He knows exactly how to prepare himself best for such a thing. At the double pitlane Lars Boom sees his fellow medal winner Van IJzendoorn at the other side. To see the circumstances changed so much compared to the last days it makes the other categories wonder what will happen in their ride.
It is a fact, Boom is World Champion. Eddy van IJzendoorn wins the silver medal. Czech Stybar wins the bronze, just before Sebastiaan Langeveld. Boom: "The start went well, thats important, I went into the field second I had time to recover, and take of fin the second lap. Sure I dream of a carreer as a professional. But I know too only one succeed in this from juniors on and that is Richard Groenendaal." Lars Boom is the fourth Dutch world champion cyclocross juniors. In 1994 there was Gretienus Gommers in Koksijde (Belgium), in 1989 in Pontchateau (France) Richard Groenendaal took home the victoryflowers. The year after Groenendaal won in Spanish Getxo Erik Boezewinkel stepped on the highest step of the podium.

1. Boom (Hol)
2. Van IJzendoorn (Hol)
3. Stybvar (Cze)
4. Langeveld (Hol)
5. Villa (Fra)
6. Sel (Ita)
7. Albert (Bel)
8. Klouchek (Cze)

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