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Ben Duke: diary from the Cycling Center
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 1/31/2003
Ben Duke: diary from the Cycling Center
On Christmas day

As the training camp is getting closer, other riders at the Cycling Center are starting their diaries.  The first diaries of the year are being posted now so it's time to hop on the train and read more about it, go to our Cycling Center hub for all the links. 

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Ben Duke
Ben Duke is a 25-year old from Boulder, Colorado and he came to the Cycling Center because he loves Europe and cycling and what better way to reach your potential as a cyclist in the Cycling Center under Bernard Moerman's wing.  On the Cycling Center website he explains what he likes about Belgium (except the obvious cycling) and that's the bakery!  he quotes "If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting Belgium, then you'd know what I'm talking about... YUM"   If you want to email him your encouragements, please do so at this address:


Winter Training

Well, the 2003 season is now upon us, and we are preparing with much enthusiasm. I simply can not wait to get back to Europe and start racing. I've been training longer and harder than ever before so that I will this time be prepared to go to war. Results are the focus for this season, and I think we have a very strong squad returning to Belgium to help achieve our goals. We will have more experience and better fitness, and I hope to make the best of it.

Pete and I have been training together since Jan 1st. He flew out to Denver. We skied a bit in Steamboat (my hometown) first, and then we hit the road. A beautiful ride through Arches National Monument in Moab, UT started out our 32hr week. We then headed on toward Vegas where we rode around Lake Mead to the Hoover Dam. After Vegas, we drove out to Death Valley, CA (Lowest Elevation in the country... almost 300ft bellow sea level). We got in a good ride there before continuing on to sunny California. We stayed with my Brother Ryan in Ventura for two weeks. The riding was warm and spectacular. Tons of climbing and great training were had. Then it was on to San Diego to meet up with another teammate, Matt. We rode there for a week getting in some epic rides including the famous Kevin Livingston loop which goes over Mt. Palomar (a 5000ft peak).
And now, we are here in Phoenix, AZ starting our training camp with the team. 80 degree weahter raises no complaints out of me!

I'm fit and I'm begining to get the itch to race. This Sun will be my first race of the season here in Phoenix. An 85 mile race over Usery Pass. I cant wait! I hope to do well so that I'll something exciting to write next time.

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