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News Roundup: 28 January 2003
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 1/28/2003
News Roundup: 28 January 2003

Di Luca - not classical

Danilo Di Luca (Saeco) will not aim for a traditional spring this season. The 27 year old rider has decided to shift his preparation for long term aims. "I will start this season carefully", commented on Danilo Di Luca at the end of a ten days training course in Terracina.

"That means that I will not have reached my best level for the Spring Classics. I will take part in Milan-San Remo, with the Tour of Flandres, Amstel Gold Race and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. The team Saeco-Longoni Sport is stronger than ever. We recruited some important riders and we have already created a formidable collective spirit. Dario Pieri will be our leader for the Tour of Flandres, a race which I will discover for the first time. Therefore I do not expect to ride for a very long time by his side."

Change of name for Team Saeco - contract with Longoni Sport ends

Press Release: After a meeting in the last few days, the Saeco cycling team has agreed to end their contract for 2002 and 2003 with second sponsor Longoni Sport. The agreement comes after the new owners of Longoni Sport ­Giacomelli Sport, had indicated that they had wanted to end the sponsorship.

After several meetings, Saeco team manager Claudio Corti reached an agreement with Giacomelli Sport meaning that the Longoni Sport name will not appear on the Saeco team jersey during the 2003 season. Corti is currently studying several interesting proposals for the second name on the team jersey. If these proposals are not defined in the short term, the team will start the season with the name "Team Saeco".


Bo Hamburger's permanent UCI suspension for doping has been lifted by the Danish Federation of Cycling Appeals Committee. Exactly one year ago today Hamburger was acquitted by the Sports Arbitration Tribunal for a positive EPO control in the 2001 Fleche Wallone, but the UCI leveled a lifetime ban on the rider in spite of a contra-analysis failing to verify the first positive result. The Danish appeals committee declared the UCI ban void and illegal. (Cycling World, Marca)

Austrian pro-rider Mathias Buxhofer, formerly of Phonak has been suspended by the Antidoping-Commission of the Austrian Cycling Federation for 18 months, until 14th August 2004. Buxhofer can appeal. (Cycling4All)

Stive Vermaut

Stive Vermaut, who retired this fall due to heart problems, hopes to return to cycling and is trying to track down the source of his physical problem. He is undergoing dental testing to see if there is a link. Related item here. (

Tim Jones back to Amore e Vita

Zimbabwean rider Tim Jones will again ride with Amore e Vita this year, after being dismissed from that team in 1999 after a high hematocrit at the Tour of Switzerland. Jones, 27, rode with Mercury last year. Jones won the 2001 Trofeo dell'Etna (1.4), the Tour of Slovenia in 1999, was 7th overall in the 1999 Giro del Trentino, 9th overall at the 2000 First Union Invitational,  and 9th overall at the 1998 Tour du Vaucluse. (Kataweb)

Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria returns

After a five year absence, the 58th edition of the Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria returns this March 8. The roughly 200 km race that will be competed at the far southern tip of Italy, will be organized by RCS, the parent company of Gazzetta dello Sport. (Kataweb)

Index-Alexia won't ride Langkawi

The Index Alexia team will not ride in the Tour de Langkawi, as it is still awaiting a decision from the UCI regarding its 2003 registration. The UCI decision is due the 31st of January, the day the tour begins, so the team has opted not to compete. (Gazzetta)

UCI registers more riders

Mariano Piccoli and Raimondas Rumsas are now registered with Lampre. (UCI)

Spanish zebras still waiting

With their season starting only three days away, Spanish riders, Santos Gonzalez, Martin Perdiguero and Ruben Lobato have not received payment yet for the months of November and December of last year (2002 season) from Domina Vacanza.

Gonzalez and Perdiguero are also awaiting money for their image contracts. And the amounts are high. Lobato is owed around 7.200 euros; Gonzalez, 36.000 and Perdiguero, a massive 60.000 euros. To add insult to injury, Domina Vacanza (last year's Acqua & Sapone) presented smaller contracts than the ones previously arranged with the riders to the UCI. In spite of this, the riders will ride with the team at the Tour of Langkawi starting this Friday.

Angel Buenache, who represents the riders (and also Aitor Gonzalez, who is in a contract dispute with Domina Vacanza), talked to them about the issue. "I advised them to denounce the team with the tribunals and I don't know why they don't do it, although I also understand the fear that one might have of losing his job." (

Team Barloworld debuts next month

The South African Team Barloworld will ride its first race at the Nylstroom Classic on 8 February. The team is missing Jacques Fullard, who is waiting out a ban, but the Barloworld riders taking part include Hilton Clarke, Sean Sullivan, Eric Berthou and Sylvain Calzati. (Supercycling)

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