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Gilberto Simoni Interview
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 1/25/2003
Gilberto Simoni Interview

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Gilberto Simoni: “I feel it. This will be my year. It must be my year. I have some revenge to take; in February I’ll become father of Sofia and I’m determined like never before in my career. I’d like to start hard and go on like this till the end”.

Simoni spoke recently with La Gazzetta dello Sport about his programs and “Operation Qatar.” Saeco will be present at the Tour of Qatar at the end of January, organised by the Tour de France (a very important fact as Saeco-Longoni is hoping for a Tour wild card).

Simoni: “I’m already in good condition and will participate in the Tour of Qatar without forcing. Thinking to make a good “tempo” and nothing more. Then I’m going to Paris-Nice or Tirreno, I will decide after looking to the most interesting run; after this Pais Vasco, Fleche Wallonne, Giro del Trentino and Romandie, before the main goal, the Giro. There Garzelli and Casagrande are my favourites.

"Pantani? Before talking I wanna see him race. I know what you need to win a Giro, very strong legs and very strong head”.

Gazzetta: It’s a voracious Simoni for 2003…

Simoni: “I’m not the one who uses fantasy or talk just to see big titles on the newspapers. I just say what I feel and this year I’m feeling that I can have a great season. I know what I want during my training, I know it when I make programs, that’s the reason for I’m expecting a lot from this 2003!”

Gazzetta: They declare Simoni totally innocent in the “cocaine affair”

Simoni: “They stole one year from me. What I lost nobody will give me back. That’s why this is an important year, the most important of my career. Nothing has to go wrong”.

Gazzetta: Gibo is thinner compared to the same period in 2002. He’s ahead with his preparation and he even changed the position on his aluminum Cannondale CAAD7.

Simoni: “I shortened the frame and went a centimetre back with my position. This seems to make the bike more sensible turning and downhill. And uphill I’m more comfortable”.

Gazzetta: Simoni’s goal is the Giro but he even thinks to the Tour de France and World Championships. A really full season…

Simoni: “Giro has a very good run, I like it. I yet saw some important climbs and in the next days I’m going one more time on the Terminillo (Middle Italian Climb). I will think to the Tour only after getting the invitation; I could do well even there. And I’m even looking toward the Hamilton race!

"Yes, I’ll make a lot of races, but I prefer racing than training and when a season is good, it starts and ends good. So I wanna begin very well”.

Thank you to Francesco for the translation.

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