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Jed Schneider (ABC-Aitos/Cycling Center) back in action
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 1/22/2003
Jed Schneider (ABC-Aitos/Cycling Center) back in action
On Christmas day

As the training camp is getting closer, other riders at the Cycling Center are starting their diaries.  The first diary of the year was posted 5th January bu Pete Barlin, check it out here.  If you want to learn more about the Cycling Center, be sure to read our previous articles or visit the Cycling Center hub for all the links. 

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Or you can also visit the Cycling Center website for more information.

Jed Schneider
Jed is a 25-year old amateur coming from Albequerque, New Mexico.  He was at the Cycling Center last year together with Pete Barlin and many others and he's looking forward to another year in Belgium.  In his last diary for 2002 he takes a look back and says "I am walking out of this season fulfilled, eager, and realistic."  Let's hope this reflection will help him through the 2003 season where we will see him do his best in order to fulfil his dream.  If you want to email him your encouragements, please do so at this address:

The new year starts

Well, I'm taking the first official rest day of the year to write my first diary. I've been living in Athens, GA for the last few weeks and hope to continue being here for a while. Some people describe the town as the Boulder of the South, I prefer to describe it as one of the best cycling places in the US. Besides being the hometown of the B-52's, REM, and basically Widespead Panic, it also has a great cycling history and fantastic roads. There is a winter ride series here called the WBL, or Winter Bike League. There are cash sprints and cash prizes to the winner every week! The rides turn out around 100 people weekly, so it is good fun. Beyond that, I have been riding the singlespeed mountain bike a bit and hanging out with Theresa.
I am just coming off a pretty big week on the bike, so I am fairly tired, but the training is going great and I am confident that this year will be a totally different game than last. Happy New Year all,

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