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By Fabio
Date: 1/9/2003

After visiting Fausto Coppi’s native house and museum, the “cyber-tour” continues right out of the building, as we move towards the Campionissimo’s grave and mausoleum, (which you still can visit, unlike the “documentation center” I talked of in the first part of this report), located behind the house.

What you can see here is the grave of the Coppi brothers: Fausto (on the left) and Serse (right). They were originally buried in the little graveyard of Castellanía town, but as the steady pilgrimage of their fans was creating some problems to such a small place, in 1968 were taken to a new spot, near the house and the “trophies room” hosting relics (jerseys, trophies, bikes and more) belonging to Fausto and/or many other riders and fans who sent them here as an hommage to the “Campionissimo”.

"Fausto e Serse vivono con noi" ("Fausto and Serse live with us"). This is the carved inscription the above stone, brought to Castellanía by GS Butese (a small amateur team based in a Tuscan town, not far from Pisa), carries. It’s a further proof of the affection steadily surrounding those legendary figures of Italian cycling. And so are the nearby stones, one of them coming from the city of Perugia.

Among Fausto and Serse fans were not just Italians, but many cycling “suivers” from all over the world, French in particular. And a few months after Coppi’s death some of them, coming from the town of Briançon (who has hosted plenty of Giro and Tour stages) made this particular “gift” to the Campionissimo’s memory, taking an urn containing “holy ground” of the Izoard and Galibier, historical climbs where Fausto Coppi wrote some of the best pages of his legend, to Castellanía.

Near the Coppis grave, and a small church where religious ceremonies in memory of Fausto are held each 2nd of January (and in a few other occasions), you can find the above mentioned “trophies room”, which contains many, many images, paintings, trophies and more stuff belonging (or related) to the man and his career. And you can see even the frame of a bike the Heron used during some of his successful rides.

In the same room there are more and more things, belonging not only to Castellanía’s most known townsman, but also to other riders who gave them to the “Associazione Fausto & Serse Coppi” as a tribute to Fausto. The yellow jersey you can see in the pic above dates back to the 1998 Tour de France, and all DP readers who followed the race should have no difficulties in finding out who wore this “maillot jaune”.

Another tribute a French fan paid to Fausto and Serse Coppi. A plate hung on a wall close to the mausoleum, whose inscription says “A mes chers amis qui sont toujours présents dans le coeur des foules” (“To my dear friends who still are in the heart of the people”)

Italian Road Champion, Individual Pursuit Champion, Winner of Giro della Toscana, Emilia, Veneto etc.: a list of Coppi’s victories has been carved on this plate located near the mausoleum.

And besides the previous one, there’s another plate, reminding visitors of the man’s greatest victories (Giro stage and overall classifications, Tours, World Championships, Hour Records, Classics and so on …). If you want to see Fausto Coppi’s detailed Palmares just CLICK HERE TO GET ACCESS TO THE NEXT PAGE, the last of this special report.

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