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2003 Jayco Geelong Bay Cycling Classic
By Jaime Nichols
Date: 1/7/2003
2003 Jayco Geelong Bay Cycling Classic
2003 Jayco Geelong Bay Cycling Classic

Billed as the ultimate grudge match between Australian green jersey men Robbie McEwen and Stuart O'Grady, the Geelong Bay Cycling Classic criterium series promises some real bike racing thrills. In addition to O'Grady and McEwen, the contenders include a strong field of native talent including FDJeux's Baden Cooke, previous Bay Classic winners David McKenzie and Brett Aitken, as well as Hilton Clarke, who has shown some good form recently, beating O'Grady and McEwen to the line in the Launceton Classic. US Pro-Cycling Tour champion Henk Vogels and criterium legend Roberto Gaggioli hit the road as well.

The action promises to be fast and furious. Race director John Trevorrow told the Herald Sun that this year, the Bay Classic has attracted the strongest contingent of European-based Australian riders in the event's 10-year history.

"There was a time when we relied on overseas riders to lift the quality of the field, but Australians are performing so strongly internationally they are now recognised among the world's best," Trevorrow said. "The racing is as good as you will see anywhere."

The series also features an international women's event, and will be contested by a strong field including Australia's top female competitors. In addition to 2002 women's classic winner Rochelle Gilmour, 2001 Australian road champion Katie Mactier, Anna Millward, Sara Carrigan, and former triathelete Emma Carney will race as well.

The Classic is a 5 race series, held on 5 consecutive days on a short, fast courses. Each day the first 10 finishers receive points towards the prestigious overall victory, and the top three teams overall are honored as well. The points leader wears the series' Yellow Jersey. There is also a Sprint Ace Award intermediate sprints each day that also count towards the overall ranking. The rider leading the Sprint Ace competition wears the green jersey.

Daily Results to come on the Daily Peloton.

Race 1 - January 8: Rye

Race 2 - January 9: Portarlington

Race 3 - January 10: Geelong - Ritchie Boulevard

Race 4 - January 11: Geelong - Botanic Gardens

Race 5 - January 12: Crown Casino

Full Start List - Men's

1 Robbie McEwen (AUS)
2 Nick Gates (AUS)
3 Jason Phillips (AUS)
4 Luke Stockwell (AUS)
5 Jay Stockwell (AUS)

6 Baden Cooke (AUS)
7 Matthew Wilson (AUS)
8 Simon Gerrans (AUS)
9 David Pell (AUS)
10 David Tanner (AUS)

11 Craig McCartney (AUS)
12 Tim Wilson (AUS)
13 Damien Cranage (AUS)
14 Cody Stevenson (AUS)
15 Brett Lancaster (AUS)

16 Stuart O'Grady (AUS)
17 Corey Sweet (AUS)
18 Jay Sweet (AUS)
19 B.J. McIntosh (AUS)
20 Paul Redenbach (AUS)

21 Dave McKenzie (AUS)
22 Jamie Drew (AUS)
23 Alan Iacuone (AUS)
24 Trent Wilson (AUS)
25 Jurgen Landrie (BEL)

Fitzroy Cycles
26 Andrew Torney (AUS)
27 Peter Cottam (AUS)
28 Matt Chessum (AUS)
29 Tod Wilksch (AUS)
30 Peter Milostic (AUS)

31 Hilton Clarke (AUS)
32 Jeremy Hunt (GBR)
33 Nathan O'Neil (AUS)
34 Gregg Henderson (NZL)
35 Johnny Clarke (AUS)

36 Rodney McGee (AUS)
37 Mark Renshaw (AUS)
38 Stephen Wooldridge (AUS)
39 Chris Sutton (AUS)
40 Chris Pascoe (AUS)

Bicycle Superstore/Victorian State Home Loans
41 Henk Vogels (AUS)
42 Tom Leaper (AUS)
43 Tim Decker (AUS)
44 Andrew Graham (AUS)
45 Simon Walker (AUS)

Promotion Cycles/Carnegie Caulfield
46 Robert Tighello (AUS)
47 Matt Goold (AUS)
48 Leigh Deluca (AUS)
49 Luke Weir (AUS)
50 Chris Tymms (AUS)

TAC/ Victoria Police
51 Rob Crowe (AUS)
52 Chris Teakle (AUS)
53 Chris Carr (AUS)
54 Ben Jackson (AUS)
55 Rob Wilson (AUS)

Drapac Property/Beasley Cycles
56 Brett Aitken (AUS)
57 Ben Brooks (AUS)
58 Brent Dawson (AUS)
59 Mark Jamieson (AUS)
60 Adam Murchie (AUS)

Giant/CBD Cycles
61 Dan Moore (GBR)
62 Chris Bradford (AUS)
63 William Walker (AUS)
64 Brad Anderson (AUS)
65 Jonathon Cantwell (AUS)

Hundred Tree Hill Wines/Great Britain
66 Steve Cummings (GBR)
67 Tom Southam (GBR)
68 Tony Gibb (GBR)
69 Kristian House (GBR)
70 Russell Anderson (GBR)

Dolce Vita US
71 Roberto Gaggioli (ITA)
72 Cameron Hughes (AUS)
73 Chad Gerlach (USA)
74 Martin Garrido (ARG)
75 Bart Duraj (AUS)

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