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The first Cycling Center diary of the new year!
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 1/5/2003
The first Cycling Center diary of the new year!
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On Christmas day, I already announced that we would again follow the riders at the Cycling Center in Oostende, Belgium in 2003 and the first one to write his diary is Pete Barlin.  Pete was part of the ABC-Aitos team (the cycling team connected to the Cycling Center) last year and will spend the upcoming season trying to get closer to his goal, which is the same as every other member of ABC-Aitos (and probably some of you as well): becoming a professional cyclist.  Here, at the Daily Peloton, we will be following those riders around all year and provide you with pictures, diaries and interviews.

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Pete Barlin
Pete is a 26-year old amateur from New York and the reason why he applied for a place in the Cycling Center with Bernard (manager/director sportif of ABC-Aitos) is to find out what his real potential is.  Before 2002 he never raced full-time and he was eager to see what would happen with proper training, rest and intense racing.  He seemed to have liked it as he is back for another year.  If you want to email him your encouragements, please do so at this address:

Christmas is over

The busy season is over and itís time to get to work.  I have been saving money by doing odd-jobs such as painting and landscape work.  Today, the day after Christmas, I began sorting out and packing for my flight to Denver on New Yearís Eve.  Ben Duke and I will be training together for the next two months.  We will stay in Steamboat Springs for a week or so and then we begin the road trip.  Our plan is to visit his brother in Santa Barbara, California, train for a while, then possibly visit Matt in San Diego and finally finish up in Phoenix for the month-long training camp, set up by Barney King.   

Flying to Denver

Iím on my way to Colorado and I am really looking forward to beginning the New Year.  From now on everyday will be focused towards training.  However, I will be sure to spend a few days on the mountain since I will be staying with the Dukes who live in Steamboat Springs.  I really want to thank all who have helped me get here, especially Dermot and Margarette Quinn.  Without working with Dermot this past off-season all of this would not be possible.  It was also fun working outdoors and spending everyday with their dog, Jake, who I think is probably the coolest dog ever.  George and Andrea Suter also helped me a ton.  I was able to do some work for Andreaís fatherís company which provided me with a big chunk of money that I will need to support myself this coming season.  Finally I would like to thank Ed from Tulip Bicycle and Pro Shop in Floral Park, New York who is truly a good friend.  Please go visit him if you live in the New York area.

Iím not sure what to expect for the next couple of months but I canít wait.  This is definitely going to be somewhat of an adventure.  Smartwool is sponsoring us again this year and they are huge part of these first months.  We will be traveling in Benís Smartwool van all over the west, so keep your eyes peeled.

New Yearís in Boulder

I made it here OK and we had a great time last night.  Iíll always remember bringing in 2003 here in Boulder.  Today I took my Quattro Assi for its first ride of the New Year in a completely new place.  Now itís off to Steamboat Springs!

Pete's last radio check at GP Dourges 2002



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