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Cycling Center update: the new year is coming
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 12/25/2002
Cycling Center update: the new year is coming
In 2002, the Daily Peloton started following a group of amateur riders, residing at the Cycling Center in Oostende. This year, we will do the same but follow them even more up close with not only diaries but interviews and race reports and lots of pictures of course.

For those not familiar with the Cycling Center, it is a projoect set up by Bernard Moerman and his wife Ann to welcome mostly American riders in Belgium and give them the opportunity to become the best cyclist they can be. They will be part of the ABC-Aitos team with a great support all around them to guide them. Pro riders who started of at the Cycling Center are Jeff Louder, Brian Sheedy, Benjamin Sharp and some others. If you want to find out more about this, we have published some interviews last year which explain everything to the bone:

How it all began
A day at the races: Antwerpen-Tielen
Interview with Bernard Moerman

For those links, you can also click on the "Teams and riders" link on the left on the page here and then choose "The Cycling Center - Oostende, Belgium".

The members of the cycling center team will be announced to you once we have the information and an introduction will be made to you later on in 2003, but in the mean time we would just like to let you know that they are all ready to start the new year/season and do their absolute best.

There are several teams within the Cycling Center as you have the backbone, the riders who are there all year long, and then there are riders who only come for a part of the season to see how they would cope in Belgium far away from their familie, friends and cycling on Belgian soil.

The training camp will be held in Arizona on January 26th for the backbone and February 2nd for the other selected riders.

A few riders will be coming back from last year like Pete Barlin and Ben Duke who will be starting their diary on the Cycling Center website in the first week of January. Make sure to visit them! If you want to wish them luck in the new season, you can also do that by leaving a message in their guestbook.

The Daily Peloton will be following those riders from up close all year, with more info than last year so be sure not to miss a thing about the Cycling Center.

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