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Cycling Quotes 2002
By Podofdonny
Date: 12/21/2002
Cycling Quotes 2002

Daily Peloton Quotes of 2002

Mario Cipollini

“This season I am aiming for Milan San Remo and Zolder.”

"I feel like I'm in another world. I have made a lot of sacrifices to reach this point. This is the best moment of my career. Milan-San Remo, I have thought about it always." --On winning Milan-San Remo

"If a Dutchman of 39 years [Joop Zoetemelk] was able to win the championship in Italy, why can't an Italian of 35 win the championship in Belgium?"

"For most of the race I was in a trance, and I think just now I still am. I can't believe I've won." --'Super' Mario Cipollini after taking the world road race title

Andrea Tafi

It was only when I went under the red kite that I was really sure that I had enough advantage over my rivals." -- on winning the Tour of Flanders

"This year will be totally different for me, because I have already won on Sunday. Alone or in a group, that does not change anything. In this race (Paris Roubaix), the best will always win."

”I finished as a point of honour on my part." --After Paris Roubaix

Johan Museeuw

"Everyone thinks this is my last year, but I'm going to surprise a lot of people later on this season!"

"I really am very disappointed. I attacked on several occasions on the climbs thinking I could gain a few meters advantage and then rely on my power. But Tafi and Nardello clung on. I gave everything." --after the Tour of Flanders

”Everyone knows me as a solid rider.” --After winning Paris Roubaix

"In my career I haven't won so many races in Germany - two or three maybe. This is very important. It's my 11th World Cup win” --on winning the HEWcyclassics

Paolo Bettini

"I had an exceptional team and in the finale a fantastic Garzelli.” (Liege Bastogne Liege)

“When the team rides well, things can only go well." (Meisterschaft von Zürich)

"This jersey has always been my target, since the start of the season. But I knew that I could win only after a tight battle. Nobody in the peloton makes you any concession and gifts during the World Cup.”

"I must thank Bartoli for congratulating me, and I'm happy he won this race too."

Michele Bartoli

"Yes, this is the win I've been waiting for …Ferretti gave us good instructions for the the break. (After winning Amstel Gold)

Paolo Savoldelli "I am Italian, and the Giro is above the Tour for me. To combine the both, you have to have the right head. I doubt I've got that. Don't forget I came to the Giro to win a stage! Look at who can win more than one big stage race: Indurain could do it. I am Paolo Savoldelli; a good athlete but no Armstrong. He is a cyclist with superior qualities; otherwise you wouldn't overcome cancer and return to win multiple Tours."

Lance Armstrong

“Regardless of having one, two, or four victories - however many. There’s never been a (Tour de France) victory by a cancer survivor. This is a fact that hopefully I’ll be remembered for.”

“This is what I dedicate my entire life to. If I lost this race I would be extremely disappointed. Much more disappointed than anybody knows.”

Jan Ullrich

"I had a fair bit to drink. Then a guy who I didn't know gave me the pills assuring me that they were to cure depression. At that precise moment I did not even reflect on the fact I was in the middle of doing something stupid or bad."

"I want nothing less than a second Tour de France crown. I have the enthusiasm of a rookie, though one with eight years experience in the saddle." --Ullrich in November.

Robbie McEwen

"I'm not going to say it, but if you (journalists) want to call me the best sprinter in the world, that's fine by me."

"Us Australians, we are adventurers, men who will do anything for their job."

Raimondas Rumsas

"My wife was taking them to Lithuania for my mother-in-law."

"I never said they belonged to my mother. I said they had been in my sick mother's house in Lithuania. A lot of people have been to that apartment which is only normal because she is on her own, and she hasn't got a husband or any other children." --Edita Rumsas

"This is in fact a hostage drama." --Gintautas Umaras, Lithuanian cyclist and bronze medal winner at the Seoul Olympics

Laurent Jalabert

“I’m popular not because I never won the Tour, but because I stayed a simple guy who just went about his business on a bike and gave everything he had to the sport.”

“I hope I will be spoken to as “Jaja” in thirty years from now, like Poulidor is still named “PouPou” by the public. That is the nicest proof of having done something good."

"I prefer to retire with my head held high.” --on winning San Sebastian

Tom Boonen

"It was unbelievable that I felt so strong. It was bad that George Hincapie did not feel similarly strong.

“I want to speak to the team management - I have had offers from other teams.” (July 2002)

Aitor Gonzalez

"I dedicate this stage to everyone who supported me."

"I saw myself winning when I got the time gap of 50 seconds. I was confident that if I did not suffer any mechanical problem I would have a great chance to win."

"I came to this race to win it. Although in three weeks a lot can happen and a lot of different factors come into play."

Vicente Belda (Kelme DS)

"In this Vuelta I have had difficult times because to maintain peace in a chicken coop when two roosters are fighting is very difficult. It was clear that this Vuelta could be won by Kelme and that the road would decide things. For me the stage of the Angliru was decisive, and put each rider in his place."

"I am sorry for Oscar Sevilla because he was not able to make the podium, and because he has not had a good year. He could not do well in the Tour due to stomach problems and in the Vuelta he was not at the physical level that we expected.

Marco Pantani "I don't want to get into an argument, but for me Armstrong is nothing special."

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